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Derived from the Maasai language of Maa, Serengeti refers to the “Endless Plains,” home to a high diversity of habitats and wildlife. Described as one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world, the Great Migration of Serengeti is one of the world’s most spectacular natural phenomena that cannot be aptly captured in words, pictures or descriptions. It must be experienced.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

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A female lion standing in the crook of a tree n Tanzania

Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Show: A Classic Serengeti Safari

9 Day Custom Tour

From $4,045

Welcome to the Serengeti, where lionesses prowl at dawn and thousands of zebra huddle together; where hooves kick up dust as over a million join the great wildebeest migration; where every moment brings an evocative scene. This privately guided luxury safari celebrates the abundance and diversity of the Serengeti, showcasing the famous plains from every different angle. With eclectic activities and luxury accommodations, it’s a perfect journey amongst Africa’s greatest natural show.

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Zebras and wildebeests grazing in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Tanzania Classic Weeklong: Iconic National Parks

8 Day Custom Tour

From $6,155

Northern Tanzania boasts magnificent safari reserves and spectacular conservation areas where landscapes are left untouched and wildlife freely roams the rich environments. From Tarangire National Park’s prolific bushveld to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s luxuriant caldera and the Central Serengeti’s vast savannas, this glamorous 8-day classic Tanzanian safari will show off the country’s remarkable wilderness and the extraordinary wildlife inhabiting it.

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Elephants on the plains of Serengeti in Tanzania

Serengeti Wildlife Safari & Tanzania Cultural Tour

9 Day Custom Tour

From $4,135

Tanzania's land is full of evocative tales and remarkable narratives that reveal an ancient untamed world on this 9-day sample itinerary. The storytellers offer an absorbing experience into the untouched charms of Africa. From local Meru women to lion prides on the Serengeti, indigenous Hadzabe bushmen to the Big Five residents of Ngorongoro, this unique itinerary provides the perfect blend of cultural immersion and safari adventure.

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Male lion in golden grasslands of Serengeti, Africa

From Mufasa to Simba: The Lion King Inspired Safari for Families

11 Day Custom Tour

Perhaps no production has done more to excite children's wildlife imaginations than The Lion King. While the movie is an animation, it's all inspired by the safari destinations of East Africa, such as the Serengeti (Pride Lands) and Olduvai Gorge, where Mufasa was trampled. This family safari follows the journey of the boy who would be king, revealing all the iconic settings. Featuring eleven days of safari, it's a charming immersion in the wildlife world behind the fiction.

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Zanzibar at sunset in Tanzania

Best of Both Worlds: Serengeti Safari & Spice Island Vacation

14 Day Custom Tour

From $6,575

Two of Africa's most vibrant and authentic getaways, the Serengeti and Zanzibar create an indelible mix of safari, beach, and local culture. Both are filled with ancient fables, the tales stretching from iconic grasslands to the spice island. From a million wildebeest rumbling across the grasslands to an evocative maze of Swahili coral houses, lion prides battling with hyenas to empty white beaches that stretch for miles, these legendary World Heritage destinations are unchanged.

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A small family of African elephants cooling down under the shade of a tree in the Tanzania safari lands

Serengeti and Selous Safaris: Contrasts of Tanzania’s Diverse Wildlife

10 Day Custom Tour

From $4,615

Combining four nights in each destination, this Serengeti and Selous safari experience provides a seamless mix of habitats, wildlife, activities, and experiences. Tanzania's wild rhythms are beautifully evoked in the Serengeti and Selous. One is open and expressive, a landscape of staggering wildlife density and the drama of predator versus prey. Majestic and mystical, the other is all about the surprise of an African safari. And in landscapes of such grand scale, you have a private realm that allows for exclusive exploration.

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Buffalo at waterhole

Tanzania Safari from August to December: Serengeti, Grumeti, Namiri

10 Day Custom Tour

From $9,795

The focal point of most Serengeti safaris is the great wildebeest migration. But you don't need to visit during the migration to explore the wonders of these evocative grasslands. Travel between August and December, and the Serengeti experience is equally sublime, a chance to connect with nature, avoid the crowds, and still encounter hundreds of thousands of wild animals. With four distinctive experiences, this 10-day safari showcases how the Serengeti teems with life all year around.

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Zebras in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Intimate Two-Week Safari: Serengeti, Katavi & Mahale Chimps

14 Day Custom Tour

From $14,555

Western Tanzania provides an indelible mix for the luxury traveler. It's remote and off the beaten track, with beautiful landscapes defined by wild allure and outstanding lodges providing an opulent base for the wilderness adventure. Then unique experiences provide the out of the ordinary: tracking wild chimpanzees, horseback safari in the Serengeti, luxury mobile camping. Mixing the Serengeti and the western reserves, these two weeks offer an exclusive immersion in Africa.

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Safari tour in the African savanna

Private Serengeti Safari for Wildlife Photographers

10 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

The Serengeti is alive at every angle. Zoom out for expressive shots of the iconic grass plains, then refocus as lions mate nearby and zebras adoringly cuddle. Stay patient to capture a leopard in the trees then shoot a roll a minute as the great wildebeest migration rumbles past. With an expert wildlife photographer guide, this immersive 10-day safari reveals all the vibrant sides to the Serengeti, including two days in a private concession and two days with the migration.

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Horseback ride at Iewa wildlife conservancy, Kenya

Exclusive Serengeti Horse Riding Safari Expedition

9 Day Custom Tour

From $9,895

Hooves kick up dust in the Serengeti, not just those of migratory wildebeest but also those of your own horse. Taking you deep into the wild plains, this exhilarating horse riding safari reveals the Serengeti from a new and exclusive angle. Ride with the herds, gallop across the grasslands and surround yourself with the raw wilderness. Featuring mobile camps and opulent lodges, this 9-day expedition is for intermediate or experienced riders and is available from June to November.

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Gazelle in the African saavanna

A Perfect Serengeti Safari in the Private Concessions

12 Day Custom Tour

From $13,915

The Serengeti plains feel like fiction, the world’s greatest abundance of wild mammals congregating on grasslands that seemingly roll on forever. It’s Africa’s most evocative stage, where the interaction between predator and prey continues like it has done for millennia. And in the private concessions, you’re the only one in the theater. With five exceptional stops, this exclusive safari showcases the Serengeti’s private concessions, revealing wildlife drama that nobody else will see.

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Baby monkey in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Opulent Serengeti Safari: Finest Camps on Private Reserves

10 Day Custom Tour

From $13,995

Two million mammals on the move, countless predators inspecting the dinner menu, a wonderful mystique drifting across the epic grass plains; it's easy to see why the Serengeti is Africa's most famous safari destination. Natural wonder takes on new definitions here, and many come to see the show. This luxury safari itinerary escapes the crowds, taking you to private concessions and the finest accommodation in the region, offering an exclusive showing of nature's greatest show.

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Best of Serengeti Safari & Zanzibar Beach Getaway

13 Day Custom Tour


Lions lie in wait for wildebeest on evocative grass plains while palm trees flutter from an Indian Ocean breeze on this 13-day sample vacation. The Big Five roam before your eyes, before white sand silkily shifts beneath your feet. Tanzania's landscapes are absolutely untouched, whether you're on a Serengeti safari or lounging on the beaches of Zanzibar. This luxury itinerary connects the paradigms, connecting bush with beach using light aircraft. Surreal and sublime, the journey takes you through Tanzania's natural wonders.

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Serengeti & Iconic Northern Tanzania Safari for First Timers

9 Day Custom Tour


Tanzania's Northern Circuit takes you on an evocative 9-day safari journey with a classic route to blend the landscapes and habitats to reveal an inspiring ode to nature's ancient realm. This luxury itinerary reveals all, with four days in three diverse parks, before four days of thrilling encounters in the Serengeti. On a private safari, follow Tanzania's iconic route and culminate with the vivid drama of the great wildebeest migration.

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Serengeti and Off the Beaten Track Safari in Tanzania

12 Day Custom Tour


Western Tanzania is where inaccessible parks provide a complete sense of wilderness on this 12-day safari adventure. A safari experience that is far from the tourist norm, you will track chimpanzees and ride horses on wildebeest-dappled plains and then settle in opulent lodges that overlook Africa's biggest buffalo herds. Combined with the iconic Serengeti, this safari provides a luxurious journey through the rarest of wildlife highlights to reveal Tanzania's untouched natural bounty.

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Serengeti Great Migration Safari: January to March

10 Day Custom Tour


This Serengeti itinerary will immerse you in nature's greatest drama. The great migration cycle starts in January to March, and more than a million wildebeest will congregate and calve. The abundance of defenseless young attracts tens of thousands of predators and no other time or place in Africa can reveal as many hunting scenes. This 10-day great migration safari showcases the wild at its most raw and vehement and takes you off road among the thrills and emotion of a complete predatory cycle.

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Serengeti Great Migration Safari: Nature's Greatest Spectacle

10 Day Custom Tour


The great wildebeest migration in one of the greatest spectacles in nature as two million animals are on the move across the Serengeti. From June to August, track the herds and watch the drama unfold from a mobile camp that follows the migration. This luxury itinerary immerses you in all the intimate wonders, from the dramatic river crossings to the thrilling predatory scenes, complemented by an evocative safari in three other fabled national parks.

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Highlights of East Africa Safari: A Multi-Country Luxury Tour

12 Day Custom Tour


A million wildebeest crossing the Serengeti, gorillas in the mist, Ngorongoro Crater’s animal paradise, big cats chasing zebra in the Masai Mara; explore East Africa’s four legendary destinations in just 12 days with this handcrafted fly-in safari. From savanna to grasslands to mystical rainforests, you explore East Africa’s legendary destinations, getting intimate with its evocative mammals. Three countries, four destinations, and 12 days of contemporary luxury and wildlife charm; enjoy East Africa at its finest.

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Serengeti Luxury Safari with Expert Guides & Deluxe Camps

10 Day Custom Tour


Go beyond the traditional Tanzanian experience with this unique private safari. Experience some of the greatest wildlife and landscapes on the planet, like those at the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Then discover the breathtaking Loliondo Game Reserve, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Park. With deluxe camps and expert guides, this is the private safari adventure of a lifetime.

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Signature Masai Mara & Serengeti Great Migration Safari

9 Day Custom Tour


The iconic Mara River divides the grasslands to separate the Masai Mara from the Serengeti. From June to October, both sides of the river teem with wildlife as the resident mammals are joined by the marauding millions of the great wildebeest migration. Such abundance creates Africa's greatest wildlife spectacle and the signature cycle of predator and prey. Much like the ungulates, this 9-day safari intimately explores both sides of the Mara and East Africa's flagship experience.

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7 Day Tanzania Safari Tour: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara & Olduvai Gorge

7 Day Custom Tour


Tanzania is filled with gold, from its sunrise to its plains. Leopards linger in trees, lions laze in the grass, and elephants parade on the horizon. The wonders, the culture, the sky—grab the riches of Tanzania by giving yourself golden memories. Experience all the treasures that Tanzania offers by exploring its splendors.

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VIP Serengeti Safari at the Finest Tented Camps

11 Day Custom Tour


Mystical calls echo across the camps, herds maraud past the tents, and you’re captivated by all the magical details. Intimate and exclusive, this 11-day VIP safari unravels all the beauty and drama of Africa’s most famous destination. On a safari under a canvas, you become part of the Serengeti, immersed in its wild rhythm and enchanting nuance. Expect the ultimate luxury camping experience, enhanced further by privately guided game drives and decadent extras.

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Private Plane Serengeti Safari for Families & Young Rangers Program

12 Day Custom Tour


Engaging and full of adventure for all ages, this 12-day family safari itinerary will showcase Africa at its finest. To cruise across Tanzania by private plane is an exceptional experience with stunning aerial impressions and incredible perspective while maximizing your family's time on safari. By private plane, you can connect some of the world's best game viewing areas. When you arrive, a young ranger itinerary will offer age-appropriate hands-on activities while also offering a flexible program of game viewing.

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Luxury Romantic Getaway to the Serengeti & Zanzibar

13 Day Custom Tour


Combining tropical beach island bliss with an immersive Big Five safari, this 13-day romantic Tanzania vacation is carefully crafted for couples seeking pure romantic escapism. The twin wonders of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro captivate and enthrall, leaving the two of you alone amongst nature's greatest shows. After the action of safari, idyllic white sand splendor gently lulls you into hibernation, Zanzibar Island unveiling the ultimate in luxuriant beach getaway. Throughout it all, you will experience utter privacy and tranquil romance.

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