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Two Week Thailand Island Hopping Itineraries

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The quintessential Thailand vacation has to include its marvelous islands. Dramatic landscapes set in gorgeous clear waters, accompanied by intriguing local traditions, make it a trip to remember. On your two-week Thailand island-hopping itinerary from Zicasso, get exclusive access to secluded retreats and the tantalizing cultural gems that exist there.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service

Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Small tropical island with sand beach near Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Hidden Islands of Thailand Tour: 14 Days Off the Beaten Path

14 Day Custom Tour

From $2,515

On this exclusive 2-week island-hopping journey, you will travel to exquisite resorts located on castaway shores and cherish the impeccable spotlights of natural wonder and culture that abound from this island paradise. Thailand’s islands are adored for their powdery sands, crystalline seas, and limestone cliffs. Among the garden of coveted, tropical destinations are a collection of rarely visited isles that make for a fabulous off-the-beaten-path escape.

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Aerial view of towering limestone cliffs and mangrove forest in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.

14-Day Cultural Tour of Thailand’s Islands

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,075

Explore Thailand’s cultural character, dynamic culinary scene, and captivating history during this handcrafted 14-day tour across the Andaman Sea. Travel to the velvety shores of fabled locations to absorb the diverse aspects of local life and to wallow in the majesty of premier palm tree-lined beaches. Encounter the delectable cuisine, beloved museums, and humble villages.

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Two inflatable kayaks in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Thailand Thrill & Adventure Island Tour for Families

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,075

On this customizable 2-week tour to Thailand’s famed karst islands, nothing separates you and your family from the enthralling activities and enchanting sights. Submerge yourselves in the magical atmosphere that emanates from this culturally rich country as you witness wildlife spectacles from an array of electrifying vantage points. Come immerse yourselves in the decadent flavors of Thai cuisine and the country’s iconic landmarks.

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Gems of Thailand’s Islands for Two Itinerary

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,075

From teasing your palates at Michelin-starred restaurants to soaring across the crystal-clear waters of the sea, there is much to keep the two of you brimming with smiles during your two-week stay. Celebrated for its alluring garden of forested islands that peak out of stretching marine seascapes, Thailand’s islands yearns to be explored by adventurous couples. Observe the spellbinding displays of unspoiled environment and be absorbed by the riveting traditional lifestyle.

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Seniors Vacation to Thailand: 14-Day Adventure

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,075

During this luxurious, 14-day tour for seniors, Thailand’s fascinating heritage will be discovered while set to the backdrop of the pristine, coastal beaches and endless stretches of marine water that encompass its diverse coastline. You will traverse the luscious jungle settings in search of mythical Buddhist statues, dine on delectable and authentic Thai cuisine, and marvel in wonder at the grandiose temples that hold a meaningful place in the hearts of the locals. The coastal destinations that you will explore in complete detail will leave you feeling utterly inspired once you return from this adventurous expedition.

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Wat Chalong in Phuket, Thailand.

Cultural Coastlines of Thailand: Tour for Seniors

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,075

Leave no stone unturned on this 2-week cultural tour through Thailand’s cherished islands. This tour leads you to exalted environments that are teeming with wildlife and cultural landmarks. Escape the hustle and bustle on castaway beaches, unravel Phuket’s industrious heritage, sail across sapphire seas, and submerge yourselves in the country’s complex blend of cultures.

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