Known for the most exceptional cuisine in South America, a fascinating ancient history, and stunning natural wonders, Peru stands as a treasure to be discovered. Allow its enchanting attributes from the citadel at Machu Picchu to the colonial capital of Lima to immerse you in the intriguing culture. Discovery the very best of Peru in 2 weeks with a Zicasso itinerary.

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2 Week Peru Itinerary at a Glance

You can venture to the birthplace of the Inca Empire on your two-week expedition to Peru. During your time in Peru, you will experience the very best of the country’s culture, history, and culinary delights. The country’s bustling city life and tasty ceviche will certainly provide you with an excellent introduction. You can traverse the mystical Sacred Valley and stop at remnants of the Inca Empire en route to Machu Picchu and set out on an awe-inspiring Amazon Rainforest adventure.


Lima is Peru's capital city. The Pacific Ocean is located along the west coast.

Machu Picchu is coveted as a masterpiece of the grand Inca Empire and is located in the Andes Mountains.

Amazon Rainforest is located in the far east region of Peru and includes famous parks, such as Manu National Park and Tambopata.


Temperatures in Peru are fairly mild year-round. Coastal weather is mild and is marked by a dry and warm climate. Weather in the Andean region is marked by warm days and significantly cooler nights. The rainy season lasts from November through March. The weather in the Amazon Rainforest is consistent with a jungle-like atmosphere: it is hot and humid with frequent rainfall.


Peru has a population of about 33 million people.


Roman Catholicism is the primary religion of Peru.


Spanish is the official language of Peru and is spoken in all major cities. Aymara and Quechua are the indigenous languages of Peru and are spoken mostly in rural parts of the country.


The official currency of Peru is the Peruvian Sol.

Where to Visit in 2 Weeks

Lima (1 day)

You can spend your first day in Peru's national capital and uncover the beauty of the ancient, past, and present. You will walk among opulent skyscrapers along the coast, stroll along cobblestone streets, and venture to the ancient Huaca Pucllana pyramid. At sunset, you can indulge in a ceviche dish along the coast.

Paracas (1 day)

You can break away from the city to discover exotic marine and bird life off the coast of Paracas. You can embark on a day-long cruise to the Islas Ballestas, where you will keep watch for the Humboldt penguin, sea lions, and the occasional Humpback whale.

Cusco /Sacred Valley (3 days)

First, you will experience the frenetic energy of Cusco's outdoor markets and sample deliciously fresh fruit. Then, you will traverse the mystical Sacred Valley and visit remnants of the Inca Empire, including Tambomachay and Ollantaytambo, en route to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu (2 days)

You should spend two days at the site of the internationally acclaimed ruins to visit acclaimed features, such as the Sacred Rock and Old City Gates. You can also hike to the peak of Huayna Picchu for a bird's-eye view of the citadel and to bask in the medicinal hot springs of Aguas Calientes.

Amazon Rainforest (4 days)

Here, you can take off on the expedition of a lifetime and venture deep within the illustrious beauty of the Amazon Rainforest. You will explore Manu National Park and keep watch for indigenous monkeys and exotic bird species. You will also have the opportunity to sample the local fare and learn about conservation efforts.

Puno/Lake Titicaca (2 days)

You can coast along the water of the highest navigable lake in the world and appreciate its beauty before exploring unparalleled vantage points at Taquile Island. You will also step foot on the Uros Islands, which are artificially constructed islands that were first built by the Uros people hundreds of years ago.

Arequipa (1 day)

You can admire the immaculate Spanish architecture of Arequipa's Plaza de Armas and the Santa Catalina monastery. Then, you can hike around El Misti volcano for impeccable views of the terrain and city.

Best Time to Visit Peru

The best time to visit Peru is between May and September. During these months, travelers can enjoy mild temperatures in the mid-70s Fahrenheit. Visitors will also avoid the rainy season in Peru's Andean region, which takes place from November through March. Although visitors will experience slighter longer lines between May and September, the extra wait times outweigh the risk of foggy weather that can dramatically affect sightseeing opportunities at Machu Picchu.

Essential Experiences

Trek the World-Famous Inca Trail

You can embark on a four or six-day hike through the mystical Sacred Valley en route to the ruins of Machu Picchu. Along the way, you can marvel at the ancient ruins of Ollantaytambo, Tambomachay, and Saqsayhuaman. You will pass sunkissed fields and rolling plains before arriving at the Old City Gates to enter the coveted ancient citadel of the grand Inca Empire.

Bite into Authentic Lemon-Lime Ceviche

You can stroll along the Pacific Coast in Peru's bustling metropolis of Lima. You can also explore the neighborhood of Miraflores and stroll along the cobblestone streets of the downtown area. In the afternoon, you can sit beachside for an authentic ceviche dish while local bands serenade you with traditional Peruvian music.

Traverse the Sand Dunes of Huacachina

You can embark on a thrilling dune buggy ride through the steamy desert of Huacachina. You will speed at breathtaking velocities across the undulating terrain of Ica. You can even test your skills at sandboarding before enjoying refreshments along Huacachina's beautiful lagoon.

Travel Considerations


Travelers who plan to visit Peru's Andean region (including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and Cusco) should avoid visiting between November through March. This is considered the rainy season. Inclement weather can affect transportation and sightseeing opportunities in the mountains, especially at Machu Picchu.


Peru makes ground transportation between cities easy with bus and train services that operate frequently. When traveling through the Andes Mountains, travelers are advised not to travel by bus because ground transportation times are significantly longer.

Cities, such as Cusco and Lima, are very walkable. Taxi, combi, and private shuttle services are also available in the city.


You should avoid traveling with roller bags to ease transportation between and within cities. Most of Peru's downtown areas are lined with cobblestones, and rural areas may be unpaved.

Weather Considerations

Temperatures are generally mild in Peru throughout the year.

Tourists who plan to travel to Peru's Andean region between November and March should be aware that this is the rainy season. During this time, weather patterns can change dramatically throughout the day. Tourists should travel with light rain gear and an umbrella.

Electrical Considerations

Peru operates on a 220-voltage and 60-hertz system.

Outlets take two-pronged plugs, which can be flat or round. North American tourists should travel with a plug converter.

Pharmaceutical Considerations

Travelers should bring all prescribed medications with them. Pharmacies are readily available throughout the country in the case that the need for such services arises.

Cultural Considerations

In Peru, it's customary for women to greet one another with a kiss on the check. Men do the same when greeting women. When men greet one another, they omit the kiss and just shake hands.

Restaurants and other hospitality services may operate at a more leisurely pace, which is customary in Peru. Travelers should account for longer wait times when planning logistics.

Travel Insurance

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Travel Documents

Making sure that you carry the appropriate travel documents is essential when visiting Peru. For this reason, you should pack the proper paperwork to ensure the most pleasant and problem-free travel experience. Listed below are some of the most important documents to have on you while traveling in Peru:

  • Personal medical information
  • If you have any medical condition(s), you should carry information regarding your condition from your doctor, especially any medication that you are taking
  • Emergency contact information
  • Passport and visa (if necessary)
  • Proof of airline tickets and reservations
  • Customs forms and documents
  • Hotel or accommodation reservations
  • Travel and medical insurance (see above section regarding this)

Your Zicasso travel specialist will provide you with requirements that are specific to your trip, although responsibility always lies with the traveler to ensure that all is in order. Travel requirements can change with little to no notice, so all are wise to stay updated as your trip nears.

Finances & Tipping

Most restaurants will include a 10% gratuity in the bill. In the case that gratuity is not included, you should leave a small cash tip behind.

Bartering is common in Peru's markets, and it is a vital part of local culture and tradition.

Peru operates largely on a cash economy. ATMs are readily available in most cities.

For any questions related to bartering or tipping, you can speak with your Zicasso trip specialist for specific recommendations.

Safety and Accessibility of Resources

When planning a luxury vacation, every detail matters, which is why our approach is different. We will match you with leading travel specialists who are the most qualified to make your dream trip happen. They know their country better than anyone, and each travel specialist in Zicasso’s network is among the finest travel agents and tour operators, comprising the top tier of the industry. Experience the wonder of an exceptional itinerary crafted just for you.

Crime Rate

Peru's crime rate is at a moderate level.

Things to look out for

Tourists should carry all valuables in a money belt or an inner coat pocket. When traveling by taxi, travelers should only get in officially certified taxis that are well-marked.

Medical & First Aid

Pharmacies and emergency medical services are readily available throughout Peru. In the case that immediate medical attention is required, you can speak with your Zicasso trip specialist for specific recommendations.

It is recommended that all international travelers consult with their primary care physician prior to traveling. This information is not intended to be a substitute for personalized guidance from your doctor.

Water & Food Safety

International travelers should avoid street food or produce that may have been washed in contaminated tap water. Furthermore, travelers should avoid tap water and instead drink bottled or filtered water.

Travel with Zicasso

When planning a luxury vacation, every detail matters, which is why our approach is different. We will match you with leading travel specialists who are the most qualified to make your dream trip happen. They know their country better than anyone, and each travel specialist in Zicasso’s network is among the finest travel agents and tour operators, comprising the top tier of the industry. Experience the wonder of an exceptional itinerary crafted just for you.

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