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Best Time to Visit Italy

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Summer Tuscany scenery with red poppy flowers and grain fields surrounding cute Vitaleta chapel and Pienza on the hill in Italy

Tuscany, Italy

The best time to visit Italy is in the spring and early summer months, from March through June when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities, and the crowds disperse. September through early November are also excellent months for a visit.

Your travel goals, preferences, who you are traveling with, and what you would like to see and do will also affect the best time for your visit. You may wish to plan a skiing vacation on the powdery slopes of the Dolomites with your family or bask on a pristine Sicilian beach with your loved one.

Travelers can immerse themselves in the culinary culture, heritage, and gorgeous scenery year-round, with wine tasting, Roman ruin exploration, and coastal sightseeing always available for your vacation.

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  2. Best Time for Wine
  3. Best Time for Family Travel
  4. Best Time for Couples
  5. Best Time for Beaches​
  6. Best Time for Spring & Summer Activities
  7. Best Time for Fall & Winter Activities
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Best Time for Sightseeing

Sun shine on a summer day at the historic town of Assisi in Umbria, Italy

Assisi in Umbria, Italy

Best Months: April | May | September | October | Early November

Mid-April to May and mid-September to early November offer the best time for sightseeing in Italy. The late spring and early autumn have pleasant weather, smaller crowds, and great access to authentic culture, which is captured in the daily lives of locals. The better opportunity for experiences will give you access to Italy’s countless museums, ancient ruins, churches, and vineyards.

Outside of the cities, Umbria’s landscape with blossoming flowers in spring or find farmers harvesting grapes in Lombardy in fall. From plump olives to ripe apples, the changing seasons will showcase the landscape and ingredients for which Italy is known.

Best Time for Wine

Vineyards of Serralunga-d-Alba in Piemonte.

Vineyards of Serralunga-d-Alba in Piemonte.

Best Time for Wine Tasting & Tours: March | April | May

March to May will give you the best time for wine tasting and tours in Italy. The variations in the spring weather across Italy keeps the different wine-growing regions distinctive in flavor and image. In spring, the crowds haven’t yet taken to the country roads in search of hidden wine cellars or famous villas, and the vintners have returned to their fields to tend to the new, growing season.

Best Time for Grape Harvesting: September | October

September to October is the best time to experience the grape harvest in Italy. Wine has been an important part of Italian culture since the Roman Republic over two millennia ago with towns, villages, and cities celebrating their heritage of fruitful harvests with exciting festivals. The countryside shimmers with the harvest colors of gold and auburn while each new celebration brings tastings and delicious cuisine that attract locals throughout each region.

Best Time for Meeting the Winemakers: January | February

January and February are the best time to visit winemakers in Italy. During the harvest, winemakers are busy tending their vines or focusing on the process of winemaking. Once the harvest ends, winemakers have more time to visit, share, and help you discover the variety of varietals on their property. Winter often brings slower hours and little to no crowds to reveal a new perspective on the orchards, hilltops, and vines.

Best Time for Family Travel

A mother and daughter overlooking the rooftops of Rome.

A mother and daughter overlooking the rooftops of Rome.

Best Months: May | June | December

Late-May to mid-June is the best time to visit Italy with your family. The mild weather at the start of the season is the perfect chance for you to relax in famous cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence or to visit popular seaside destinations like the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre before the budding crowds.

December is also a great month to visit Italy with family because of the festive holiday ambiance across the country. Holiday markets keep the streets glowing with light and brimming with mouthwatering aromas; many northern cities also exude charm with snow-dusted streets. Winter is the low season for tourism in Italy, which often means smaller crowds.

Best Time for Couples

A young couple shares an embrace at a vineyard in Italy.

A young couple shares an embrace at a vineyard in Italy.

Best Months: April | June | September | October

April and June or mid-September to October are the best months for couples to visit Italy. You can bask in the beauty of romantic coastal resorts or secluded alpine getaways for intimate encounters with Italy’s uncompromising scenery. You can relax with great weather and activities that range from sightseeing to hiking, sunbathing to couple’s spas. The endless opportunities for a luxury cooking class or unforgettable truffle hunt can satisfy the desires of any couple.

Best Time for Beaches​

Peschici, Italy

Peschici, Italy

Best Months: May | September

The end of May or mid-September is the best time to visit beaches in Italy. The weather in Italy warms along the entire coastline by mid-spring, especially along the southern shores. The waters reach their hottest point by July and August, with crowds peaking on the sands of the Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and Adriatic seas.

The majority of resort towns open for the season in May and close late September. In mid-September, the waters along the shoreline in Central and Southern Italy remain warm, and the sands remain hot as the season winds down, providing the same luxurious seclusion as visiting at the opening of the beach season in May.

Best Time for Spring & Summer Activities

Saturnia thermal hot springs in Tuscany, Italy

Saturnia thermal hot springs in Tuscany, Italy

Best Months: April | May | June

April to June is the best time to visit Italy for spring and summer activities. While visiting museums or ancient ruins are year-round activities, a number of excursions in Italy require certain weather to enjoy them fully. The warmer days and cool nights of April, May, and June offer the following exciting excursions:

  • Open-air thermal baths
  • Hiking
  • Cycling the countryside
  • Wine tasting tours
  • Cliff diving adventures
  • Flower art festivals

Best Time for Fall & Winter Activities

Downhill skiing at the Cortina d'Ampezzo ski resort in the Dolomites.

Downhill skiing at the Cortina d'Ampezzo ski resort in the Dolomites.

Best Months: October | January

October and January are the best times to visit Italy for fall and winter activities. The autumn temperatures provide the perfect elements for delighting in the harvest, while the cold in winter brings festive atmosphere. While museums and other historical sites are open year-round, the cooler weather gives way to the following unique excursions:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Truffle hunting
  • Holiday markets
  • Meeting winemaker

More Travel Information & Tips

The different seasons of Italy offer a wonderful diversity of experiences where you can create life-long memories in the country’s most iconic destinations. Make your trip effortless with the aid of a travel specialist who will arrange everything from accommodations, tours, and transportation, and more. Our Italy Travel Guide has helpful information and inspiration to get your process underway. For the full details and to get started planning your itinerary submit a Trip Request or contact the Zicasso Traveler Care team at 1-888-265-9707.

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