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7 Things to Do In Argentine Patagonia

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Hiking to Los Cuernos in Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia

Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia

With exceptional landscapes, the top seven things to do in Patagonia can immerse you in culture and the fascinating drama of untouched nature across Chile and Argentina.

Whether maneuvering around soaring icebergs or winding along magnificent trails, searching for signs of wildlife or venturing to a remote corner of the landscape for an authentic taste of life on the pampas, Patagonia’s exceptional scenery will welcome you with jagged mountain peaks, glinting glaciers, and so much more.

With promises of adventure, glamour, and beauty, these seven things to do in Patagonia offer examples of how you can experience the region’s charms.

  1. 1. Witness the Majesty of Glaciers
  2. 2. Find Incredible Wildlife
  3. 3. Take to the Epic Trails
  4. 4. Indulge in Cycling Thrills
  5. 5. Kayak the Crisp Waters
  6. 6. Embrace the Remote Patagonia Lifestyle on an Estancia
  7. 7. Sample Patagonia’s Unique Flavors
  8. Experience the Top Things to Do in Patagonia

1. Witness the Majesty of Glaciers

Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia

Perito Moreno Glacier in PatagoniaPerito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia

The Patagonian Ice Field unveils the iconic image of the Argentinian region, with its glinting glaciers, soaring ice walls, and jagged fields of undulating tundra nestled between mountainscapes.

You can enjoy views of Patagonia’s most recognizable feature as you embark on an adventure to a number of the more than 626 glaciers that wind across the landscape, one that features ice islands, soaring icebergs, glassy lakes, and rushing rivers.

Best Glaciers to See: Perito Moreno • Grey • San Rafael • Mayo • Upsala • Piedras Blancas

2. Find Incredible Wildlife

Rockhopper penguins in Puerto Deseado, Argentinian Patagonia

Puerto Deseado, Argentina

The rugged landscape, granite peaks, and shimmering ice fields provide a home to some of the most majestic wildlife in South America, including approximately 500 animal species.

From endangered deer to rare wildcats, birds to whales, the wildlife of Patagonia is sure to capture your imagination and demonstrate the spirit of untouched nature.

The mixture of ecosystems that range from sea channels to towering mountaintops and sweeping pampas are home to wildlife you can witness during your exploration of this remote region of Argentina and Chile.

Best Wildlife to View: Penguins • Pumas • Whales • Huemul • Sea lions • Guanaco

3. Take to the Epic Trails

Hiking the scenic Los Glaciares National Park landscape to Cerro_Torre in Patagonia

Hiking Cerro Torre in Patagonia

The wonderful trails of Patagonia can immerse you in a multi-day excursion or a day-long hike across jagged mountain slopes, opening to views of the Beagle Channel.

The routes crisscross the landscape to lead you through grasslands and evergreen forests to glacial lakes that offer panoramas of hanging glaciers.

Each trail can give you insight into the marvels of Patagonia as you uncover this remote corner of the world at your pace.

Best Hikes to Explore: The W Trek • El Chalten • Laguna de los Tres • Laguna and Cerro Torre • Nahuel Huapi Traverse • Grey Glacier HIke

4. Indulge in Cycling Thrills

Biker on wooden bridge crossing the Futaleufu river in Northern Patagonia

Futaleufú River Valley in Northern Patagonia

Cycling in Patagonia can give you an extraordinary perspective of the remote region’s mystical ambiance. From finding wildlife along the trails to the contrasts between the Lake District and glacial region, cycling gives you a deeper appreciation of the changing landscape.

Find views of Fitz Roy Massif, circle the edges of Argentino Lake, or follow the forested paths that lead to Bariloche for an experience encompassing cultural and natural beauty.

Best Places for a Cycling Tour: Ushuaia • Bariloche • El Chaltén • Ruta 40 • Carretera Austral • Chiloé

5. Kayak the Crisp Waters

Kayakers at Mascardi Lake in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentinian Patagonia

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

A kayaking adventure in Patagonia not only plunges you into the natural beauty of the region, but also opens you to new areas, often unreachable by land, for a unique experience and fresh perspective.

With fjords, rivers, channels, and glacial lagoons, exploring secluded sections of the region by kayak offers serenity, thrills, and wildlife. Choose a challenging destination, cruise past soaring icebergs, or simply enjoy the remarkable surroundings during your kayak excursion.

Best Places for a Kayaking Adventure: Hope Fjord: Beagle Channel • Nahuel Huapi Lake • Lake Argentino • Serrano River • Futaleufu River • Puerto Aysén

6. Embrace the Remote Patagonia Lifestyle on an Estancia

Gaucho with herd on an Estancia in Patagonia

Gaucho with herd on an Estancia in Patagonia

A visit to an estancia is a quintessential experience, with the remote ranches of Patagonia, in their secluded landscapes and with a traditional lifestyle, birthing the legends of gauchos.

During your stay, you can enjoy the scenery and indulge in the luxuries of the accommodations for an unforgettable experience of unspoiled land and sky. Working ranches capture the setting, while the changing landscape across Patagonia’s regions offers an escape from the bustling pace of contemporary life.

Best Places to Enjoy an Estancia: Lake Region • Glacier Región • Tierra del Fuego • Peninsula Valdés • Torres del Paine • Puerto Natales

7. Sample Patagonia’s Unique Flavors

Lamb chops with vegetables serve at a restaurant in Ushuaia, Argentina

Lamb chops with vegetables

The culinary experiences in Patagonia equal its epic trails and stunning landscapes, but are often overshadowed by the grand scale of the mountaintops and sweeping plains.

The cuisine nods to nature and heritage, as you uncover meats and seafood, or confections such as chocolates and ice cream.

From its natural ingredients to cultural trends brought from Europe, the culinary traditions of Patagonia accentuate its beauty.

Best Places to Indulge in the Cuisine: Bariloche • Ushuaia • El Calafate • Chiloé • Frutillar • Puerto Montt

Experience the Top Things to Do in Patagonia

Horseback riding in Chilean Patagonia

Horseback riding in Chile

Patagonia is a captivating destination where the remote beauty of the natural world meets an independent spirit that exemplifies perseverance.

With exceptional trails, glacial landscapes, and cuisine that embodies the essence of the sweeping scenery, it is easy to become infatuated with the culture and wonders of the secluded region.

For inspiration on how you can experience your preferred trip, see our Patagonia Tours or explore our Patagonia Travel Guide.

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