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Australia exists in a category of its own with so many amazing places to visit. The Land Down Under offers intriguing wildlife in some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth all while being complemented by numerous things to do. Embark on an Australian adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime with a tailor-made itinerary from Zicasso.

Sample Itineraries

You can have any trip tailor made for your private travel.


Australia Travel Post Covid-19

Nearly every traveler has Australia on their bucket list. From the Outback to the Daintree Forest, the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru, there is space for everyone to relax and explore. As the world begins to emerge from Covid-19 over the next few months, one of our Australia travel specialists, Kate, knows that any who venture down under will find peace and quiet, and a lot of fun, too.

To date, Australia’s borders are closed to travelers, and no plans have yet been announced for how they will reopen. Looking into 2021 is recommended, and your Zicasso travel specialist can let you know when the time is right to confirm your trip. Without questions, an Australian travel expert is best positioned to give you advice and navigate the many possibilities for the future.

Planning your trip can happen anytime. It costs nothing to fill out a Trip Request with Zicasso and learn more. Booking your trip can happen when you are comfortable to do so, as our Zicasso team can offer flexibility based on real-time global events. A customized trip with Zicasso has many advantages, as your local specialist is positioned to ensure your health and safety while you enjoy an itinerary designed specifically for you. Local knowledge and connections matter, as does the agility of a travel specialist to shift your plans for any reason.

Zicasso is here to help you.  Please contact us at 1-888-878-5442, and we are ready to connect you to a local Australia travel specialist today.

How to Book an Australia Tour

Australia is a land of contrasts with spectacular coastal beauty, cosmopolitan cities, secluded coral islands, ancient rainforests, and the rugged lands of the outback all yours to explore. Arranging the right combination of destinations and experiences for the perfect vacation can be a time-consuming and difficult task, but Zicasso is here to help.

There are three ways to plan and book a trip:

1. Get a customized tour planned and booked by a travel professional. Travel independently on your own schedule.

2. Book a group tour. Join an escorted group tour with a fixed departure date.

3. Plan and book a trip yourself.

Zicasso offers the best solution for a customized tour by matching you with top travel specialists who plan and book the trip for you. Our travel agency division, Marageti, specializes in helping you book an escorted group tour. There is no extra cost to you for either service.

Custom Tours

A customized tour is one that is planned by a travel specialist according to your specific interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you desire a family-friendly adventure or a romantic getaway, each of the accommodations, activities, and destinations is tailored to your preferences. The knowledge and experience of your travel specialist makes a big difference. Zicasso has spent thousands of hours vetting the best travel partners. We act as a referral service, matching you with specialists that best meet your goals and priorities.

Escorted Group Tours

A group tour offers the advantage of convenience at a great value. The schedule is fixed, the itinerary is pre-planned, and a dedicated tour director travels with the group throughout the trip. A group tour can be 30 - 50% less expensive than an equivalent customized tour. Out of the many hundreds of group tours, how do you select the right one for you? Our travel agency division, Marageti, has sales agents who specialize in helping travelers weigh the pros and cons of each group tour. We give you personalized recommendations to find the best tour for you.

Goals and Priorities

What are your goals and priorities for the trip? These should drive your decision for either a customized tour or a fixed departure group tour. We are here to help you make the right decisions to make your dream trip a reality.

Must-See Destinations in Australia

Alongside our Australia travel specialists, we have recommendations for any length of trip. A custom Zicasso tour allows you to organize your days however you would like, but the below suggestions offer you a starting point.

Most travelers from the United States spend two weeks in Australia. 14 days of traveling allows time to either travel at a leisurely pace or pack more destinations into your trip, depending on the goals of your Australia vacation. We provide the following recommendations on where you should go, depending on how much time you have.

7 to 9 Day Trips

If you have one week to travel in Australia, we suggest that you visit Sydney or Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, and Uluru. When considering the Great Barrier Reef, your best options are Hamilton Island or Port Douglas, depending on your goals. Organizing your days wisely will give you the most time to see the essential highlights, and your Zicasso travel specialist can help.

7 Days

Days 1-3: Sydney

Days 4-5: Uluru

Days 6-7: Great Barrier Reef

8 Days

Days 1-4: Sydney

Days 5-6: Uluru

Days 7-8: Great Barrier Reef

9 Days

Days 1-4: Sydney

Days 5-6: Uluru

Days 7-9: Great Barrier Reef

If you have more time (10-16 Days), we recommend:

If you can spend closer to two weeks in Australia, we suggest taking time for unscheduled stops to self-explore and discover. If you can take up to 14 days, you can also divide your time between Sydney, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, and either Melbourne, if you prefer big cities, or Tasmania, if you want to discover beautiful scenery. If you have more than two weeks, we recommend you spend time around Darwin or the Kimberly.

All Zicasso tours are customized to your preferences, but here is how we recommend you spend your time:

10 Days

Days 1-3: Sydney

Days 4-5: Uluru

Days 6-7: Great Barrier Reef

Days 8-10: Melbourne

12 Days

Days 1-4: Sydney

Days 5-6: Uluru

Days 7-9: Great Barrier Reef

Days 10-12: Melbourne or Tasmania

14 Days

Days 1-3: Sydney

Days 4-5: Uluru

Days 6-8: Great Barrier Reef

Days 9-10: Darwin

Days 10-14: Melbourne or Tasmania

15 Days

Days 1-3: Sydney

Days 4-5: Uluru

Days 6-8: Great Barrier Reef

Days 9-11: The Kimberley

Days 12-14: Melbourne or Tasmania

16 days

Days 1-4: Sydney

Days 5-6: Uluru

Days 7-9: Great Barrier Reef

Days 10-13: The Kimberley

Days 14-16: Melbourne or Tasmania

How many days is enough to see Australia?

16 to 19 nights is an ideal length for an Australia trip. Spending nearly three weeks in Australia will allow you more time to explore, discover, and enjoy pockets of leisure time. Australia is an incredibly large country with most destinations requiring at least three days to experience the area. The majority of the population is concentrated on the coasts, which allows you to find spectacular destinations in the middle of nowhere that are embodied in the remoteness of the Crocodile Dundee landscape.

Essential Experiences for the Best Australia Vacation

During your Australia tour, you can wander the streets of a cosmopolitan city or stand in a secluded spot where no one has ever stood before. You can also find excellent beaches, colorful coral, and red sands in the scorching desert in addition to enjoying chic art galleries and swimming with whale sharks.

Best Way to Experience Sydney

Sydney is a remarkable city with a unique national history and heritage that embodies the whole of Australia. Lively cafes, gorgeous beaches, a thriving art scene, and a vibrant boating culture reflect the traditions of the locals.

During your Australia tour, the following are essential activities you must experience when first visiting Sydney:

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Sydney (2-3 days depending on pace):

Sydney Harbour Tour: Cruise Sydney Harbour, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and visit the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Beach Tour: Discover the famous beaches of Sydney, including Bondi Beach and Manly Beach.

Blue Mountains National Park: Find waterfalls, karsts, and trails among the eucalyptus forest.

Best Way to Experience Uluru

Uluru is a unique monolith at the heart of Australia perfect for a captivating visit in the secluded Outback. The following experiences are essential when visiting Uluru.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Uluru (2 days depending on pace):

Uluru Base Walk: Walk around the base of the monolith for historical, topographical, and cultural insight.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park’s Cultural Centre: Explore the heritage and natural history display, and enjoy a local indigenous art gallery.

Sound of Silence Dinner: Dine under the stars accompanied by traditional Aborigine stories.

Best Way to Experience the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an iconic destination known for the coral gardens, islands, and marine life that are steeped in colorful glamour and diversity. The following experiences are essential when visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia:

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in the Great Barrier Reef (2-3 days depending on pace):

Port Douglas: The coastal city north of Cairns offers easy access to the reef and also edges the luscious Daintree Rainforest.

The Whitsunday Islands: A collection of islands sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef with hidden beaches, pristine nature, and endless access to coral gardens and marine life.

Snorkeling: The shallow water, colorful coral, and vibrant marine life will reward you when snorkeling at any of the many destinations along the Great Barrier Reef.

Scuba Diving: The Coral Sea offers fantastic year-round visibility of healthy coral with plenty of colorful and vibrant marine life such as Parrot fish, six types of sea turtles, manta rays, and bull sharks.

Special Interests & Activities in Australia

Traveling with Zicasso provides you with exclusive access to many activities, excursions, and tours for a distinctive experience. The following information offers insight into our recommended experiences and can be tailored to focus on your unique interests.

Best Food & Wine Destinations

Australia has grown into one of the world’s top destinations for food and wine, hosting nine Michelin-starred restaurants and more than 60 designated wine regions. When traveling with Zicasso, you will get personalized recommendations on where to eat and which wine regions to visit across the country. The following recommendations highlight some of the best Australian regions for food and wine:

Adelaide: Adelaide is renowned for fresh and delicious local produce that supports the city’s burgeoning gastronomy. Adelaide is also less than 50 miles away from the celebrated Barossa Valley, making it one of the premier Wine Capitals of the World.

Melbourne: Melbourne is consistently voted one of the world’s most livable cities and hosts a fantastic collection of cosmopolitan restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and sweet shops. The city is located less than 20 miles away from the popular Yarra Valley wine region, making it an excellent destination for tasting the complex tones from the surf, volcanic plain, hinterland, and lush valley.

Sydney: Sydney is famous for its variety of casual and fine dining options as well as its award-winning restaurants that highlight the wealth of fresh ingredients from land and sea. The city is located less than 152 miles away from the Hunter Valley wine region, which hosts world-renowned wineries, including vineyards that were established in the mid-19th century.

Kangaroo Island: Kangaroo Island produces a large percentage of Australia’s finest food and wines with intimate restaurants serving locally sourced ingredients from land and sea. The entire island represents the wine region with wineries that specialize in Bordeaux-style blends.

Zicasso’s Exclusive Access to Australia’s Best Wine

Zicasso travel partners can design private tours and exclusive visits to wineries for distinctive tastings and meetings with celebrated vintners. You can also learn more about Australia’s more-than-130 grape varietals and alternative varieties from a sommelier.

Art & History

Art in Australia embodies works from European artists, colonial artisans, traditional Aboriginal masters, and some of the oldest and largest rock art sites in the world. There are more than 1,500 significant rock art sites in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and 5,000 sites in Kakadu National Park. Contemporary works and ancient rock paintings in cities like Melbourne and Sydney make Australia a remarkable destination for art.

Must-See Art Museums & Attractions:

  • One of the oldest Aboriginal rock art and engravings in the world that date back more than 35,000 years – Olary region, South Australia
  • Remote rock art that represents two distinct categories, Wandjina and Gwion Gwion, and dates back between 3,000 and 17,000 years – The Kimberly, West Australia


History in Australia feels both new on the world stage and yet incredibly ancient in culture and tradition. New World discovery juxtaposes Old World heritage with more than 50,000 years of narrative that took place before British colonization. Neighborhoods in Sydney and Melbourne act like living museums with preserved buildings that represent the development of the country, while the natural landscape and preserved rock art helps tell the stories of Aborinigial communities. On a customized Zicasso trip, we can design custom tours with specialized guides, such as members of Aboriginal communities, archeologists with a PhD, or history professors. We can also organize history-focused small-group tours with a certified guide.

Active Tours

An active tour provides a magnificent look at the countryside, coastal charms, and distinctive neighborhoods across Australia at your preferred pace in a unique context. Recommendations for some of the best active tours in Australia include the following:


  • Tasmania: With over 3.7 million acres of designated wilderness heritage, Tasmania has premium hiking experiences, including the first-of-its-kind Aboriginal-owned and operated Bay of Fires walk.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Kangaroo Island - Viewing wild animals in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience on Kangaroo Island. The open trails and conservation areas make it possible to see koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and echidnas. Exmouth - The wildlife of Exmouth on the coast of Western Australia looks at the world from a unique perspective. Here, you can swim with whale sharks, giant manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphins.

Private Excursions and Special Access

Zicasso’s travel specialist partners have insider access to unique experiences that you cannot get any other way. These experiences, customized to your specific interests, can often be your most memorable, turning your trip into the experience of a lifetime. Here are some examples, but the possibilities are endless:

  • Australian luxury lodges are scattered throughout the country with spectacular service, wines, and tailored experiences that can be personalized to you.
  • Helicopter tours of the Great Barrier Reef can land at secluded sand quays at low tide, where you can have a champagne lunch and walk into the water to snorkel the reef.
  • Fly to a remote area in the Kimberley or Top End to find ancient cave art inaccessible by land.

How much is a tour of Australia?

The starting price of a custom-tailored Australia trip is approximately $250 per person, per day.

Guided tours that hit the highlights of Australia are limited. Australia is a large country and you will fly and drive between major destinations, which makes logistics and services more complicated.

The cost of an Australia vacation is dependent on several factors, such as:

  • Length of your trip
  • Season (month) of travel
  • Class of hotel
  • Number of locations/cities you visit
  • Number of guided day tours and activities (e.g., cooking class, wine tasting, etc.)
  • How much you spend on meals, shopping, etc.

A vacation such as this is often the biggest purchase of the year. It will also likely be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. To get the most out of your trip, we highly recommend using an expert Australia travel specialist to plan a customized Australia tour that is tailored to your specific interests and budget. You can also join an escorted group tour so that most travel arrangements are pre-planned for you. This way, you can travel hassle-free and relax while a professional tour director and guide takes care of all logistics and any issues that might arise.

The cost of a tailor-made Australia tour typically starts at $3,500 per person for a 14-day trip, i.e., at $250 per person, per day during the low or mid-season.

This includes:

  • 3-star hotels (shared twin room)
  • Some guided day tours and activities
  • Transportation in Australia such as airport transfers and domestic flights

A 5-star, tailor-made Australia tour, where most services are upgraded and extra unique experiences are included, typically starts at $11,200 per person for a 14-day trip, or $800 per person, per day.

Everyone’s priorities, interests, and preferences are different. Submit a trip request on Zicasso, and we will personally match you with an expert trip planner who will help you customize your dream trip or help you to select the right group tour while also taking your budget into consideration.

Best Time to Visit Australia

The best time to visit Australia is between March and April or from September to October. These months represent the shoulder season in Australia and offer reasonable weather and smaller crowds.

You can enjoy dynamic activities and the welcoming culture year-round. The time of year when you visit Australia will depend greatly on your goals for the trip but each season can offer fun, exciting, and memorable experiences. The climate will vary dramatically between Northern and Southern Australia during the year. The summer is the low season across Northern Australia because the heat in the tropical climate makes cities like Darwin and Cairns uncomfortable. However, the coral spawning that takes place on the Great Barrier Reef from December to February brings a unique riot of colors more vibrant than the rest of the year. Summer in the Northern Territory and Queensland will also see serious downpours.

The southern climate of cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide make them year-round destinations that offer four distinct seasons. Summer, from December to February, is the most popular time of year to visit Sydney and Melbourne with locals and international tourists taking their vacation in the famous cosmopolitan cities. The regions, cities, and national parks in the northern, tropical climate, such as Northern Australia and Queensland, have a wet or dry season. The fall from March to early May results in thinner crowds, less humidity, and lower prices, and more comfortable weather across the country, including in the Outback. Spring from September to November has mild temperatures and small crowds while winter from June to August can see an upswing of snow and cultural exhibitions.

How far in advance should I plan a trip to Australia?

To avoid disappointment and to ensure you spend your hard-earned money on your preferred choices, you should plan your trip a minimum of 3 months ahead but preferably up to 6 months in advance. International and domestic flights are limited during this season, making it wise to book ahead of time. Prices during high season can double, and hotels or activities can fill up quickly due to Australians traveling to coastal destinations and booking their trip nearly a year in advance.

Modes of Transportation in Australia

The best way to see Australia in 10 days is by flying between cities. Train services, long-distance buses, and highways connect the most popular destinations but also require hours upon hours to travel the long distances, including the 545 miles between Sydney and Melbourne or the 1,500 miles between Sydney and Cairns. Flying between cities is quick and efficient when visiting Australia for a limited number of days.


Domestic trains are possible and scenic when traveling between cities but not convenient when pressed for time. Two main railways cross Australia, the Ghan, which travels north and south between Darwin and Adelaide, and the Indian Pacific, which travels east and west between Sydney and Perth. Despite the romance of the long-distance train ride, the traveling takes up too much time when your days are already limited.

Car Rental

Renting a car is possible when traveling in Australia but not recommended. Australia is a large country with over 86 percent of the population living within 35 miles of the coast. Driving in Australia often means not reaching a town between destinations, finding unpaved roads, or not passing another car for two to three days. Driving in Australia also requires you carry a satellite phone, extra gasoline, and extra water in case of car trouble if leaving the coastal regions.

Your Zicasso travel partner ensures that your logistics are as smooth as possible by including private airport transfers and domestic flights between destinations to create a stress-free Australia tour.

What to Consider When Traveling Through Australia

When traveling on an Australia tour, you must consider safety, ease of logistics, and accessibility. The following information offers our recommendations on what to consider.

Is Australia Safe for Travel?

Australia is very safe for travelers, and Australians are always eager to welcome new people to their unique and inviting environment. Many visitors to Australia fear the infamous wildlife, but using common sense will allow you to avoid any major issues. The wildlife generally leaves people alone, especially when in cities. By staying aware and by not walking through long grass in the summer or digging your hands into hollow logs, you will have no need to worry.

Hydration is a big concern for many Australians because of the heat in the summer, especially when in the Outback, the Red Centre, or in tropical Queensland and the Northern Territory. The Australian Broadcasting Network recommends people drink between 8 to 10 cups of water a day.

Travel Insurance

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

For Families

Australian culture is family-focused, with a range of hospitality and activities for children of all ages. Having a family-friendly guide can help you maximize your time around the country and enhance your experience around the top three family-friendly destinations:

  • Whitsundays/Hamilton Island
  • Sydney
  • Queensland

For Seniors

Walking distances and carrying luggage are a consideration when in Australia, making a knowledgeable Zicasso specialist invaluable by minimizing or eliminating challenges for seniors entirely. Arrangements can be made for drivers to carry your luggage to and from check-in if traveling by domestic flight. Traveling with a small group through Marageti is also an excellent solution. Guided tours that hit the highlights easily account for logistics and specific services.

For Couples

A knowledgeable travel specialist will plan the perfect romantic excursions for a couple to ensure you have an intimate experience at luxury resorts in the rainforest or in small coastal townships with a local feel. Exclusive tours will help create your unforgettable experience in Australia, such as sipping champagne on a sand quay at low tide.

For Travelers with Disabilities

Your Australia travel specialist can help any guests with mobility challenges by focusing on access and alternative arrangements. Our attention to details will ensure that you can enjoy Australia’s monuments, natural sites, accommodations, and restaurants with ease.

Best Airports to Fly In & Out of Australia

The best airport to fly in and out of when visiting Australia is Sydney International Airport (SYD). Sydney is Australia’s largest airport and one of three airports that have direct flights from the United States. Sydney also offers the best options for arriving and departing Australia by plane based on your travel schedule. Other airports around the country can offer similar opportunities for flights arriving in Australia or when traveling domestically.

For most travelers, the most convenient airport is Sydney. The busiest airports in Australia are:

  • Sydney (SYD)
  • Melbourne (MEL)
  • Brisbane (BNE)

Find the Best Flight

When flying in and out of Australia, you do not need to depart from the same airport from which you arrived if visiting Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. If you plan on visiting areas such as Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, or Tasmania, you will most likely have to stop in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane before continuing home.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are the best way to travel around Australia, and flights between certain cities are frequent and easy. Not all domestic airports have flights to every destination. For instance, Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays does not offer flights to Uluru in the Red Centre, but Cairns does. Your travel specialist will help you prioritize your essential destinations by finding the best route for your travel plans.

Flights Via Zicasso

Zicasso Air Desk is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation by employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso. Our competitive flight pricing, 24xX7 Service & Support, and Complimentary Consultation of Routing vs. Pricing with an Expert Flight Specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Recommendations for the Return Traveler

When returning for another Australia tour, you can travel into the depths of the cities and countryside beyond the essential destinations of Sydney, Port Douglas, and Uluru. You can visit areas considered more off-the-beaten-path but equally worthy of your attention. The following list offers our recommendations for where you can visit during your return trip.

Darwin: Darwin is a city bathed in tropical heat and rich in multiculturalism. The city possesses an abundant aboriginal heritage and sits on the doorstep wedged between Asia and the infamous Outback. The city feels removed from greater Australia and its location is closer in proximity to Bali than Sydney. Darwin also acts as the gateway to the pristine Kakadu and Litchfield national parks as well as the exotic Tiwi Islands.

The Kimberly: The Kimberley represents the wild and remote landscape of Western Australia. Known for its sparse population and pristine scenery, the Kimberley is larger than 75 percent of the world’s countries. The distant destination offers a secluded coastline, vast plains decorated with boab trees, desolate mountains, and palm trees fringed with gorges. It embodies the authentic and adventurous spirit of Australia’s Outback.

Exmouth: Exmouth is filled with Australian charm and a relaxing environment. The cityscape gives access to the Ningaloo Reef and attracts visitors eager to see humpback whales and whale sharks. Exmouth is wedged between the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the rocky gorges of Cape Range National Park.

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