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East Africa is a hotbed of biodiversity. Here, wildebeest herds of more than a hundred thousand migrate every year, big cats patrol the savanna, and countless species congregate around watering holes. Discover nature’s greatest drama and its actors when you get the very best Kenya and Tanzania safari, which is available to you when you create your itinerary with Zicasso.

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Highlights of East Africa Safari: Kenya and Tanzania

Highlights of East Africa Safari: Kenya and Tanzania...

12 Day Custom Tour

From $5,395

During this 12-day African safari, you will experience two countries and five destinations, which will be the best East Africa has to offer. Imagine elephants beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro in Amboseli and dream of the great wildebeest migration that crosses the Serengeti and Masai Mara plains. Think of baboons and hippos in Lake Manyara, and the eternal Big Five of Ngorongoro. Handcrafted to incorporate East Africa’s five most iconic destinations, this African safari places you in the heart of the action.


A male lion is sitting on the top of the rock in Serengeti nation park, Tanzania.

Unparalleled East Africa Safari Experience

Unparalleled East Africa Safari Experience

16 Day Custom Tour

Find yourself immersed in the drama and prestige of the wilderness during your 16-day luxury African safari through Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Discover the expansive splendor of the Serengeti as you search for golden lions and scour the jungle terrain of Volcanoes National Park to find lounging gorillas. Witness the rolling thunder of the Great Wildebeest Migration and embrace the elegance of giraffes towering above the trees. From opulent lodges to exclusive activities, you will experience the true depth and exceptional personalized service of a custom-tailored African safari during your trip of a lifetime.


Majestic Wildlife of East Africa: Tanzania & Kenya Safari with Zanzibar

Majestic Wildlife of East Africa: Tanzania & Kenya...

14 Day Custom Tour

From $6,575

Handcrafted to celebrate wildlife diversity, this two-week safari offers a very authentic journey through East African nature. You will track chimpanzees in remote Congo Basin forests, discover the Serengeti’s wildebeest herds, snorkel around Zanzibar, and safari on the majestic Ruaha savannah. This is not a classic safari itinerary to Tanzania and Kenya. The focus of this safari is on rare nature and unique wildlife, specifically of the kind that cannot be experienced outside East Africa.



Lion King Inspired Family Safari: Pride of Africa

Lion King Inspired Family Safari: Pride of Africa

13 Day Custom Tour

From $5,624

Your 13-day luxury family safari of Kenya and Tanzania will embody the wonders of East Africa and immerse you in the circle of life. You will journey into the wilderness that inspired The Lion King movie where warthogs ramble through the underbrush and lions laze on the savannah. From recognizable landscapes to captivating ancient legends, your family safari will bring the dream of East Africa’s majestic wildlife into reality.Note: Zicasso and “Lion King Inspired Safari: Pride of Africa” are not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, or Fairview Entertainment.


East Africa Culture and Wildlife Safari for Seniors

East Africa Culture and Wildlife Safari for Seniors...

15 Day Custom Tour

From $7,045

Handcrafted for senior travelers, this in-depth adventure will provide you with East Africa’s finest wildlife and cultural experiences. You will explore the Masai Mara with the Masai, tour the Samburu plains with Samburu warriors, and unpick Swahili culture in Zanzibar’s Stone Town. From human history to modern animal conservation, you will experience how culture and safari join hands in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. Expect a slow pace of travel and a focus on all the smaller details during this luxurious, 15-day safari.


Silhouettes of 4 ostriches with the Kenya, Africa sunset behind them

Kenya & Tanzania Safari: Wildebeest Migration Plus Zanzibar

Kenya & Tanzania Safari: Wildebeest Migration Plus...

14 Day Custom Tour

From $12,595

You will witness herds of wildebeest and zebras storming the savannah and relax on sun-soaked beaches during your 14-day Kenya and Tanzania safari. Follow more than 2 million mammals as they journey across borders to reveal the intimate secrets of wildlife on your African safari. Connect with Masai warriors, trail leopards, engage in a search for cheetahs, explore the Ngorongoro Crater, and lounge on the pristine shores of Zanzibar.


Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Primate & Wildlife Safari in 2 Weeks

Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Primate & Wildlife Safari...

14 Day Custom Tour

From $7,135

Define your understanding of the wilderness and wildlife during your 2-week East Africa safari in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and a day in Rwanda. Search for gorillas nestled in dense jungle terrain and travel alongside wildebeest during the Great Migration. Scour the forest for chimpanzees and experience the excitement of big-game safaris. Your Africa safari highlights will open your eyes to the unlimited perspectives of East Africa’s majestic landscapes and wildlife.


"Greatest show on Earth," this safari follows the route of the Great Migration.

Serengeti Great Migration Safari: Nature's Greatest Spectacle

Serengeti Great Migration Safari: Nature's Greatest...

10 Day Custom Tour

From $8,495

The great wildebeest migration in one of the greatest spectacles in nature as two million animals are on the move across the Serengeti. From June to August, track the herds and watch the drama unfold from a mobile camp that follows the migration. This luxury itinerary immerses you in all the intimate wonders, from the dramatic river crossings to the thrilling predatory scenes, complemented by an evocative safari in three other fabled national parks.


East African Luxury and Wildlife Safari: Tanzania, Kenya & Rwanda

East African Luxury and Wildlife Safari: Tanzania,...

13 Day Custom Tour

From $10,395

From Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, to Kenya’s Masai Mara and onwards to the Rwandan highlands, this two-week adventure will profile East Africa’s most impressive landscapes and most celebrated wildlife. Traversing the Serengeti and the Masai Mara will give unprecedented opportunities to watch the Great Wildebeest Migration, as lions, leopards and cheetahs escort the two million ungulates. In Rwanda stand in the midst of mountain gorillas, observing them, and they you. You will experience comfort in the bush by staying in intimate mobile camps away from the crowds. These are some of the continent’s most fantastic properties, offering an experience akin to that of the early explorers


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