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12 Trips of a Lifetime to Inspire Your Next Vacation

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Aldeyjarfoss in the Highlands of Iceland

Aldeyjarfoss in the Highlands of Iceland

Dive deep into what makes Zicasso's experiences so exceptional with our 12 trips of a lifetime.

As you anticipate your travel plans, explore how you can make strides in discovering the right trip for you, whether embracing the epic beauty of Patagonia and Antarctica, exploring the vast treasures of the Mediterranean, or uncovering the ineffable beauty of nature in Australia and New Zealand.

Your gateway to amazement starts with exploring the vast array of options, and you can read more in our Trips of a Lifetime travel guide.

  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Australia
  3. 3. Spain
  4. 4. Patagonia and Antarctica
  5. 5. Italy, France, and Greece
  6. 6. East Africa Safari
  7. 7. Australia and New Zealand
  8. 8. Galapagos and Peru
  9. 9. Japan
  10. 10. Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia
  11. 11. Southern Africa Safari
  12. 12. Around the World
  13. Make Your Next Trip of a Lifetime Happen

1. Italy

Villa Rufolo’s gardens in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Ravello, Italy

Italy captures the best of Europe, offering a glimpse into a world where the past and present converge. Italy travel specialist Michela designed Elegant Italy: Art, History, Food and Wine tour as an immersive discovery of life’s essential pleasures as you travel from Venice to the Amalfi Coast.

Our trip ideas for the Art Enthusiast can place you in front of some of the most widely regarded masterpieces in the world, but when visiting Italy, you can also explore Rome in a vintage Fiat 500, learn the art of pizza-making from a Neapolitan chef, witness the traditions of the Venetian islands, and walk among the art history of Florence on a tour that intertwines luxury and wonder to reveal a life in which you can truly indulge.

2. Australia

Barossa Valley Estate vineyards in South Australia

Barossa Valley Estate Vineyards. Photo courtesy of South Australia Tourism / Simon Griffiths

Australia is always full of surprises and Immersion into Australia: Outback to Wine Country demonstrates the endless possibilities for luxurious experiences and opulent natural beauty, designed by Stacey, an Australia travel specialist.

From indulging in the foodie culture to embracing the vines in the country’s oldest wine-growing region, enjoying a sumptuous spa, or finding wild kangaroos, this trip gives you an entirely different perspective of the Land Down Under.

Enjoy your introduction to the beauty of the winelands, from New South Wales to southern Australia, Victoria to Tasmania, as you balance the scenery’s beauty and raw power with the welcoming indulgences of an adventurous getaway.

3. Spain

Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

With intoxicating passion and enticing sophistication, Spain can capture your imagination with a simple aroma or a spirited dance, a heartfelt song or a golden beach.

The epic landscape has shaped the heritage and the preserved culture remains part of daily life that you can experience on the 20-Day Traditions of Spain tour, designed by Samuel, a Spain travel specialist. The past and present collide in charming villages and along the streets, with each new destination revealing how the diversity of cultural history has informed the country’s charisma.

Spain is home to some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants and gastronomic history, inspiring new ways to explore trip ideas for the Culinary Traveler. When in the country, you can indulge in the majestic ambiance of the Mediterranean, sample the essential spices of paella, stroll along preserved medieval walls, and journey into surreal dreams brought to life, each day giving you new insight into local and national essence.

4. Patagonia and Antarctica

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Alejandro’s sample itinerary, Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica, is the perfect adventure for nature lovers and those looking for a unique experience far from the crowded city streets. Patagonia's combination of forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and glaciers leads to visions of guanaco, choique, and condor.

Zodiac boats around towering glaciers in Antarctica give way to squawking penguins, breaching whales, or sweeping panoramas of the endless tundra. “We only work with small, luxury lodges and boats, ensuring our clients have a very personalized experience, either privately or in small groups,” says Alejandro, who designed this itinerary for this new chapter of travel.

5. Italy, France, and Greece

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Europe fascinates travelers with promises of distinctive, yet connected cultures with millennia of history. Many visit countries like France or Italy to experience the different paces of life and the Ultimate European Explorer Tour: Italy, France, Greece was designed to celebrate simple pleasures.

From the taste of morning coffee to the sunlight glinting against the river, this carefully designed 28-day customizable itinerary leaves space to travel with intention. Travel expert Mario says,

“The cultural heritage of [France, Italy, and Greece] are unique. With the contrast in culture, food, art, architecture, and stunning landscapes, this trip will be rich in unforgettable experiences, with each day offering a new perspective.”  Find more ways to enjoy these Mediterranean countries and more with our trip ideas for the Wine Lover.

6. East Africa Safari

A male lion is sitting on the top of the rock in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

“An East African safari provides the soul-shifting experience of getting up close and personal to Africa’s wildlife. To be within arm’s reach of a mountain gorilla or hear a lion roar a mere few feet away – these moments are what lifetime memories are made of,” says Beth, an African safari expert.

Designed by a team of Zicasso safari experts, the Unparalleled East Africa Safari Experience brings the best of safari.

From walking through the wilderness with a specialist guide in search of resting lions to horseback riding alongside sprinting zebras, a private, outdoor bath overlooking the riverbanks to trekking for gorillas in dense jungle terrain, or even following rangers to learn more about conservation efforts to protect the likes of elephants and rhinos, the opportunities are endless. Look for more ways to embrace nature and the natural world with our trip ideas for the Wildlife Enthusiast.

7. Australia and New Zealand

Sunset over Uluru in Australia

Sunset over Uluru in Australia

David’s Oceania Trip of Lifetime: Best Australia and New Zealand Tour is the way to truly experience the mixture of culture, history, and immersive scenery. Australia encompasses the rich jungle terrain of Daintree National Park and offers a peaceful respite amongst the radiant sunshine of Uluru at the Red Centre, with the diversity of the biospheres giving way to intimate connections to ancient local cultures.

David says, “It’s a sad fact that 90 percent of visitors to Australia never meet an Aboriginal person, but almost 100 percent of our clients do! This allows our customers to connect with the local people and helps more of their money to stay in the local economy.”

Beyond heritage, Oceania flows with incredible wine and food, as well as inspiring wildlife experiences, among them koalas nibbling on eucalyptus, kangaroos hopping across open plains, and sightings of New Zealand’s famous flightless kiwis and albatrosses with eight-foot wingspans.

8. Galapagos and Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Nature and the Incan empire's unique history represent distinct perspectives that near their mythological intensity and drama.

Many visit countries like Ecuador and Peru for fascinating endemic wildlife and Incan culture woven into the fabric of the Andes. Designed by a travel expert, the Exceptional Galapagos and Peru Tour of a Lifetime displays the captivating complexities of the ecosystems and massive stone ruins.

Over the course of 18 days, the Galapagos islands will capture your imagination with sea turtles and sea lions as you snorkel in clear-blue waters, while the majestic ambiance of Machu Picchu leads to floating islands and the high-altitude lakeshores of Lake Titicaca in Peru. “A combination trip to Peru and the Galapagos permits you to experience a whole host of emotions and experiences in one trip,” says Paul, who created this trip for our Zicasso travelers. You can find more ways to enjoy an immersive experience among islands, mountains, and more with our trip ideas for the Nature Lover.

9. Japan

Higashiyama District in Kyoto, Japan

Higashiyama District in Kyoto, Japan

Designed by Charlotte and her team for Zicasso, the Premier Enchantments of Japan Tour focuses on the nation’s incredible diversity, whether Tokyo’s ultra-modern ambiance or customary inns in the mountains. “Late October and early November are filled with bright red, yellow, golden, and brown colors,” Charlotte says. “This is the best season to enjoy the stunning colors at every turn.”

Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples dating back to before the construction of Europe’s intricate cathedrals unveil elaborate design and a connection to surrounding nature. Tradition is preserved and celebrated from ceramics to textiles, while cedar groves and cherry trees lead to bubbling hot springs.

Culinary delights embody customs and push new boundaries, constantly changing with the seasons. Through the eyes of the traveler, Japan feels part myth, part treasure, where enchanting gardens highlight antique collaboration and modern boutiques reflect a global and historic perspective.

10. Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia

Woman selling peppers at market in Vietnam

Woman selling peppers at market in Vietnam

Ancient wonder, modern majesty, cultural complexity, and culinary mastery capture the essence of the region with this tour, Culinary Journey of a Lifetime to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. “This foodie itinerary not only offers experiences in authentic local cuisine, but also unique variations that are not widely known,” says Irene, a Southeast Asia travel specialist for Zicasso.

“Travelers can expect rare visits to places where some of the raw ingredients are grown, see Asian organic farming techniques and learn from experts, chefs, or farmers about the different uses of fresh, local produce, herbs, spices, tea, and infusions.” The spectacular scenery of soaring karsts, winding mountains, historic kingdoms, and raw jungle only accentuates the fusion of dramatic flavors.

11. Southern Africa Safari

Elephants roaming as the sun sets in Botswana

Elephants roaming as the sun sets in Botswana

A thrilling puzzle of enticing landscapes, mesmerizing wildlife, and the classic thrill of searching the remote wilderness while indulging in contemporary luxuries embodies the welcome drama of The Best Southern Africa Vacation: Evocative Safari Experiences.

“Botswana and Zimbabwe combine to offer some of the best overall wildlife in the most pristine environments in Africa,” says Simon, who handcrafted this sample safari trip. “The itinerary visits three unique ecosystems, each offering a wide range of activities, from day and night game drives, mokoring, boating, canoeing, tiger fishing, walking, and cultural interactions.”

A specialist guide will offer you a wealth of knowledge as they showcase their skills during a game drive, guided walk, or canoe safari. “You will learn the art of tracking while getting up close to animals like elephants, buffalo, wild dogs, and more,” says Simon. Whether looking for wildlife in its natural habitat or finding inspiration in the trips of others, you can explore Zicasso's Staff Collection to learn where other travelers are interested in visiting.

12. Around the World

Kirkjufellsfoss and Kirkjufell in Iceland

Kirkjufellsfoss and Kirkjufell on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland

The Around the World Trip of a Lifetime fulfills dreams. Designed by Suzie, a global travel specialist for Zicasso, she found inspiration from childhood.

“Even from a young age, we are transported to other lands in our favorite books and movies. We long to see the most incredible mountains, majestic animals, untouched deserts, and private beaches. This trip includes all of that,” she says. This journey around the globe takes you from Iceland to Petra, Mongolia to Nepal, the Maldives to Southern Africa, and Patagonia to Belize.

As we travel the world and find the joys of the clear waters in Belize and the pampas of Patagonia, the open plains of South Africa, and the mists of Victoria Falls, you can take comfort in the mixture of seclusion and luxury when guided by a world travel expert. “No matter your preferences, you will be treated like royalty every step of the way,” says Suzie.

Make Your Next Trip of a Lifetime Happen

Sand dunes in the Gobi desert, Mongolia

Sand dunes in the Gobi desert, Mongolia

Every Zicasso trip is customized for you. Whether seven days or seven weeks, your itinerary is built to your preferences. Being in the hands of a destination expert is essential, as they provide knowledge and access to experiences you may never have known without their localized expertise.

From indulging in the luxuries of the ultimate African safari to embracing the mixture of tropical beauty and ancient history in Southeast Asia, looking to experience trip ideas for a Milestone Celebration or interested in trip ideas for the Romantic Traveler, Zicasso can make your dream trip of a lifetime a reality.

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