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Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for a Milestone Celebration

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Ferry boat in front of Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina

Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina

Our top three milestone experiences of a lifetime celebrate the crossroads, anniversaries, breakthroughs, and discoveries with unforgettable activities that create a memorable connection to any occasion.

Indulge in a scenic multi-course meal. Delight in a remarkable trek across fascinating landscapes. Journey to the remote scenery and untouched corners of the world. When celebrating a milestone, it is not just about the destination, but the adventure that brought you to that point in life. An experience of a lifetime is no different.

Our guide to milestone experiences celebrates the journey, the destination, the exhilaration, and the memories of life as we find new ways to connect to ourselves or our loved ones during a custom trip, no matter the occasion

  1. 1. Visit the World’s Southernmost Volcano
  2. 2. Enjoy a Seven-Course Gastronomical Treat on Switzerland’s Glacier Express
  3. 3. Experience Breathtaking Buckinghamshire in a Unique Way
  4. Planning Your Dream Experiences Can Start Now

1. Visit the World’s Southernmost Volcano

Blue lake on a snowy mountains in Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, Chile

A trek across the secluded landscape of Antarctica can be a romantic adventure or an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday, proposal or graduation.

Beyond the remote borders of the seventh continent stands the point where fire and ice converge at Mt. Erebus, the world’s southernmost volcano. The lava lake glows against the surrounding icy expanse, with temperatures reaching up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, demonstrating the extremes at the edge of the world.

Inspiring, unforgettable, intense, and powerful, visiting Mt. Erebus demonstrates the lengths of the Earth you are willing to travel to and the steps you have already taken, whether for yourself or with a loved one.

Antarctica Trip Idea

Embrace adventure and mystique on this 27-day Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica Trip of a Lifetime that celebrates the natural wonders of the wilderness across the Southern Hemisphere.

Highlights: Witness fascinating wildlife in Antarctica with treks along the upper peninsula • Bask in panoramic views of Torres del Paine, the French Valley takes, and Lake Nordenskjold • Revel in a scenic 4WD exploration of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields • Traverse the undulating surface of Perito Moreno Glacier on a mini trek

2. Enjoy a Seven-Course Gastronomical Treat on Switzerland’s Glacier Express

Matterhorn peak and Gornergrat in Zermatt mountain

Zermatt, Switzerland

Alpine panoramas coupled with robust cuisine can create the perfect ambiance for romance or the best memories of a festive occasion. A seven-course meal on the Glacier Express is an immersion into luxury and legend, with an opulent train car that travels across nearly 300 bridges and through more than 90 tunnels, with views shaped by the grandeur of the infamous Matterhorn.

Culinary splendor only adds to the masterful details of the elaborate decor, with each course paired with a specific wine or cocktail to enhance the tasting experience. Culture, scenic views, gastronomy, and indulgence combine for the perfect milestone experience, no matter the occasion.

Switzerland Trip Idea

Snowy Alps and Emerald Countryside: 15-Day Tour of Austria and Switzerland is a sweeping view of the region’s grand scenery and famous landmarks, accentuated by the exquisite luxuries only the likes of Switzerland and Austria can provide.

Highlights: Journey to the summits of mountains in Stans via traditional trains, an oldtimer funicular rail wagon, and an open-air cable car • Float to the crest of Mount Rigi for unbridled views of Lake Lucerne and the Bernese Alps • Admire the fairytale mountainous scenery from the hillside town of Schilthornbahn • Revel in train trips in and around the mountains of Zermatt • Relish a picture-perfect boat trip in Zurich

3. Experience Breathtaking Buckinghamshire in a Unique Way

Historical village in the Isle of Wight, England

Isle of Wight, England

A slower, more intimate look at the gorgeous landscape and quiet heritage of the Chiltern countryside creates a romantic atmosphere when you follow the trails of an area protected from major development.

With over 324 square miles of rural space, the combination of farmland and woodlands connects grazing sheep with charismatic villages adorned with flint cottages, as well as sparkling streams and lush prairies. Legendary estates, expansive walking trails, and historic landmarks provide excellent opportunities to view blossoming bluebells or the shifting autumn colors, toast with a glass from a local brewery or distillery, and embrace the softer heritage of the English countryside often depicted in cinema or literature.

Far from the bustle of the big cities, the romance of the region shines brightly during a milestone visit as you follow the trails at your pace.

United Kingdom Trip Idea

Time spent visiting the English landscape uncovers a special connection to the bucolic land and rural lifestyle that you can experience during the Historical Exploration Tour of Southern England.

Highlights: Gallivant across the Garden of England, Kent, on a guided insiders tour • Explore landmarks such as Canterbury Cathedral, Rye, Battle, and the White Cliffs of Dover • Explore the magnificent heritage shrouding the South Downs on an exclusive tour of Arundelfortress • Revel in a historic pilgrimage to Beaulieu • Treat yourself to views of Winchester’s Catholic cathedral • Sail the sparkling Solent strait from Lymington to the Isle of Wight

Planning Your Dream Experiences Can Start Now

Zurich center with boat on river Limmat, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

A milestone is a celebration in and of itself, and travel helps commemorate any occasion with a unique experience offered through unknown opportunities. From viewing a steaming volcano to enjoying the English countryside, or sampling a remarkable meal with an unparalleled view, how and where you travel helps capture your reason for celebrating.

Travel how you prefer and bring your desired experiences to the forefront as you engage with your surroundings at your pace. Our Trips of a Lifetime Travel Guide has more information on how you can plan and enjoy your perfect custom trip.

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