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How to Plan a Trip to Sweden: Frequently Asked Questions

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Kyrkesund, Sweden

Kyrkesund, Sweden

Sweden promises many things, among them deep-blue archipelagos and the dancing colors of the Northern Lights, and we have the answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

From ancient rune stones to indigenous communities, Viking ships and contemporary architectural style, Sweden is magnetic and unspoiled. Let the Scandinavian destination sweep you off your feet as you explore the best it has to offer by following our insight and helpful travel tips.

We cover everything you need to know in this FAQ on how to plan the perfect trip, whether you are interested in history or outdoor adventures.

  1. What is Sweden known for?
  2. When is the best time to visit Sweden?
  3. How long should I spend in Sweden?
  4. What are the most popular places in Sweden?
  5. What should I do on my trip to Sweden?
  6. Where is Sweden?
  7. Is Sweden part of Scandinavia?
  8. Is Lapland in Sweden?
  9. What is Lapland?
  10. Is there IKEA in Sweden?
  11. Which airports should I be looking at?
  12. How do I get around Sweden?
  13. How and where can I see the Northern Lights?
  14. Is Sweden a good destination for families?
  15. Is Sweden a good destination for seniors?
  16. Is Sweden suitable for couples or honeymooners?
  17. What food should I try in Sweden?
  18. What is FIKA?
  19. Can you go hiking and cycling in Sweden?
  20. What language do they speak in Sweden?
  21. What currency do they use in Sweden?
  22. Should I tip when traveling in Sweden?
  23. What vaccinations do I need to visit Sweden?
  24. Is Sweden safe for travel?
  25. How can Zicasso help me plan my trip to Sweden?
  26. Where can I find recommended itineraries for my trip?

What is Sweden known for?

Besides being home to famous brands such as Volvo and IKEA, Sweden is famous for its natural beauty, including many forests and lakes.

Music buffs will appreciate Sweden as the home of the famous band ABBA, while foods such as meatballs and herring are must-haves when visiting the country.

Sweden is known for its coffee culture, or FIKA, and staying at the Ice Hotel or witnessing the extraordinary Northern Lights round up a few experiences for which it is known.

When is the best time to visit Sweden?

The best time to visit Sweden is from May to September, as spring becomes summer and the warmer months bring plenty of sunshine and outdoor adventures.

Enjoy open-air museums, hike picturesque trails, relax on Sudersand Beach, and marvel at the Midnight Sun.

During winter, you may be able to see the Northern Lights when visiting Lapland or experience a white Christmas. Sweden is also home to some world-class ski slopes, making it a popular winter sport.

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How long should I spend in Sweden?

One week to 10 days is a good length of time to enjoy Sweden’s highlights. Spend time in historic Stockholm visiting castles and museums, then step back a little with a visit to one of the coastline’s quaint villages.

For visitors looking to experience a little more of Scandinavia, a 10-day itinerary will unveil the wonders of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

What are the most popular places in Sweden?

We have worked alongside our travel specialists to create a list of highlights. The following must-see destinations cover a variety of recommendations on where you should go and what you could enjoy:

  • Stockholm
  • Ystad
  • Visby
  • Gothenburg
  • Marstrand
  • Kalmar
  • Swedish Lapland

The 8 Best Places to Visit in Sweden capture the diversity of the country and offer different experiences based on the landscape, activities, and heritage. From colorful fishing homes to open woodlands, each region has its own personality and charm.

What should I do on my trip to Sweden?

Sweden is a destination that inspires through its history, architecture, and natural beauty, and there are many things you can do in the country. Here are some activities to consider:

  • Wander through Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum, to experience the mix of urban and rural culture that covers the 18th- to mid-20th centuries.
  • Take in the colorful charm of Stockholm’s Old Town, a medieval enclave offering narrow lanes, open squares, and vibrant merchants’ houses
  • Explore the expansive tundra of Lapland in summer to experience the famous Midnight Sun or, in winter, to view the Northern Lights
  • Witness the quality and creativity of goods made by artisan craftspeople in the galleries at Marstrand
  • Pamper yourself with a spa getaway in Ystad, which offers some of the most captivating sea views in Sweden
  • Cycle around the small island of Ven, situated in the Oresund strait
  • Delight in the architecture of Kalmar Castle, where you will find over 800 years of Swedish history

Our list highlights some of the best things to do in Sweden, but there are plenty of other options that you can uncover to find what makes each special with our Top 6 Things to Do in Sweden.

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Where is Sweden?

Sweden, officially known as the “Kingdom of Sweden”, is a Nordic country that borders Norway and Finland. It is connected to Denmark by a bridge tunnel built across the Oresund. It is part of Scandinavia.

The country is one of the least populated in the world and comprises forests, mountains, wetlands, and over 1000 lakes. It was one of the first to create a national park and Swedes love spending time outdoors.

Is Sweden part of Scandinavia?

Sweden is part of Scandinavia and shares a border with fellow Scandinavian countries Norway and Denmark. The term “Scandinavia” is derived from the Swedish word “Scandia”, an ancient name for this region. You can visit Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland on our Scandinavia Tours & Vacations.

Is Lapland in Sweden?

Lapland, or Lappland, is in Sweden, covering over 60% of the country. Lapland does occupy parts of Finland and Norway too, so in Sweden, it is often referred to as “Swedish Lapland”.

Home to an expansive region of low-lying land, lakes, and bogs, Lapland is situated in the northern part of the country. It is a region stretching from Sorsele in the north to the very tip of northern Sweden.

What is Lapland?

Lapland is a wonderland of sorts, where open skies create a dramatic canvas in winter and the sun never sets in summer.

Called Lappland after the original name given to the Sami people who inhabit this region, the area is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and reachable by the four rivers that flow through here.

Meet the Sami people who call the “Land of the Midnight Sun” their home, and visit Santa’s Village or the Arktikum Museum, which highlights the Arctic and its people.

Is there IKEA in Sweden?

IKEA is present in Sweden. The IKEA Almhult Showroom is a popular place to visit for travelers from around the world. It stands in the original hometown of the brand and boasts an outdoor play area for children.

There is even an IKEA Hotel and IKEA Museum in Almhult, with the Stockholm Airport a showroom in its own right as each sitting area and even the duty-free store has items with that famous IKEA nametag.

Which airports should I be looking at?

Most visitors will fly into Stockholm Airport. The top airports in Sweden are:

  • Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN), Stockholm
  • Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (GOT), Gothenburg
  • Malmo Sturup Airport (MMX), Malmo
  • Lulea Airport (LLA), Lulea
  • Umea Airport (UME), Umea

How do I get around Sweden?

Traveling around Sweden can be done by various modes of transport. Comprising islands and archipelagos, traveling from place to place by ferry or rail are popular ways to explore the country’s beauty.

Travel by rail will take you through breathtaking countryside and connect you between Stockholm and Gothenburg on the west coast, and to the south with the city of Malmö.

Drive through villages and towns to see castles and monuments, with Sweden’s roads offering a safe and comfortable path to its highlights. Self-drive, private transfer, or public transport are options.

From Arlanda airport in Stockholm, visitors can reach all corners of Sweden, as SAS connects with all major airports in the country.

How and where can I see the Northern Lights?

Traveling to Sweden’s Lapland region will afford visitors the chance to see the Northern Lights on specialized tours or by spending a few days in nearby accommodation, the key being timing it right.

Very little compares to the magical Aurora Borealis and capturing this phenomenon is high on most people’s must-see list. Sun particles charged with energy collide in the Earth’s atmosphere and a show of dancing light is the result.

Visit Swedish Lapland between the end of September and the end of February to catch a glimpse of this magnificent spectacle.

Is Sweden a good destination for families?

With adventure activities, a rich history, and dramatic castles, Sweden is a good destination for families.

Discover Viking culture through hands-on experiences and visits to villages and towns. Visit city museums and monuments, and marvel at the Oresund bridge.

Spend time on one of the many inviting beaches or around lakes and forests, taking to the slopes and Lapland in winter.

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Is Sweden a good destination for seniors?

Sweden is a good destination for seniors, with city delights and countryside havens to experience, all at a leisurely pace.

Traveling by ferry or train will allow senior travelers to experience a lot of what Sweden has to offer, while making the journey comfortable and efficient. Discover city monuments and museums, and spend a day at a castle, taking in rich history and culture wherever you go.

For those wanting to witness the Northern Lights or spend time on one of the islands, consider an escorted tour that specializes in these destinations and, if time allows, extend your trip to Norway and Denmark to conclude the ultimate Scandinavian adventure.

Is Sweden suitable for couples or honeymooners?

From the drama of the Aurora Borealis to lakes and countryside hideaways, Sweden is a great romantic destination.

Wander around Millesgarden, visiting the many sculptures that lie here, spend time at the lake at Wik’s Castle, and take coastal walks at the Botanical Gulf.

From breathtaking scenery to unique dining options and the ultimate in romantic ambiance, the Northern Lights, Sweden is filled with intimate adventures.

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What food should I try in Sweden?

Swedish food is simple and delicious, with a moderate restaurant culture compared with other parts of Europe. The Swedish meatball is possibly one of the most well-known food items visitors try when in Sweden. However, you can also sample the following:

  • Pickled herring
  • Meatballs
  • Raggmunk, a Swedish pancake
  • Kalops, a slow cooked stew
  • Kanelbulle, a Swedish cinnamon bun
  • Pitepalt, meat-filled potato dumplings
  • Filmjolk, similar to buttermilk in texture and flavor

What is FIKA?

FIKA is the experience of taking time out to meet friends for a chat, coffee, and a bite to eat, usually cake.

In Sweden, FIKA is important and many companies incorporate it into their daily schedules. The point is to stop for a while and experience calm.

It’s about slowing down, a wonderful ritual, and a very good way to experience the greater Swedish culture.

Can you go hiking and cycling in Sweden?

Sweden is a great place to go hiking. Take to the King’s Trail in the north and discover the beauty of Lapland, with a chance to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Laponia.

Hike in central Sweden where the Siljansleden path offers you the option of a day hike or a longer experience. Admire the pristine coastline of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, as you take to the trails at your own pace.

Cycle in cities, along the coastlines, on archipelago paths, or through the mountainous countryside, where a variety of trails await those wishing to explore by bicycle.

Sweden’s Best Hiking and Cycling Routes: Kebnekaise • Hornöberget to Örnsköldsvik • Siljansleden, Darlana • Emigrant Trail, Småland • Cycle the Halland Region • Baltic Sea Cycle Route

What language do they speak in Sweden?

The primary language spoken in Sweden is Swedish.

It is of north Germanic origin and closely resembles Danish and Norwegian. English, which is taught in schools and becoming more prominent, is widely spoken in Sweden.

What currency do they use in Sweden?

The official currency of Sweden is the krone (SEK or KR).

Cash is widely accepted across the country and major credit cards are accepted at restaurants and retail stores. ATMs are well-located as well.

Should I tip when traveling in Sweden?

Tipping is appreciated, but not expected in Sweden.

What vaccinations do I need to visit Sweden?

No specific vaccinations are required for entry into Sweden at this time. For more information about recommended vaccinations, see the CDC Sweden Vaccination Information.

Is Sweden safe for travel?

Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world. As one would anywhere in the world, travelers generally need to exercise basic common sense when in crowded or popular spaces.

Sweden’s health services are renowned for their competency, with no concerns for your general safety when it comes to eating, drinking, or traveling around the country.

How can Zicasso help me plan my trip to Sweden?

Our Sweden Tours & Vacations are a collection of curated trips where you can get a better idea of what your itinerary may look like.

You can select a sample trip that aligns with your ideal vacation, be it a family trip, honeymoon, adventure tour, or something else. These sample trips are often a stepping stone from which our travelers create unique itineraries.

When you are ready, you can complete a Trip Request to begin planning your vacation. We ask for more information on where you would like to go, how long you would like to spend in Sweden, the size of your party, and traveler ages to help streamline your planning.

You can also provide additional ideas and set a travel budget, after which our Travel Care team will contact you to match you with a top Sweden travel specialist. Our Sweden travel specialists will use their expertise and understanding of your preferences to curate your dream vacation.

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Where can I find recommended itineraries for my trip?

Year round IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden

The Icehotel 365 in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Photo courtesy of Asaf Kliger/Visit Sweden

Imperial intrigue, Viking traditions, varied landscapes, and the promise of discovery make Sweden alluring. From contemporary cuisine to the timeless charm of the scenery above the Arctic Circle, unspoiled forests, and majestic glacial waters, Sweden is clean-spirited, with a soft-spoken passion.

Find sample itineraries on our Sweden Tours & Vacations for inspiration for your trip or find more information regarding how or where to enjoy the wonders of the country with our Sweden Travel Guide.

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