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5 Things to Do in Sweden with Kids

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Family sitting on pier in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm, Sweden.

A country rich in history and beauty, these five things to do in Sweden with kids will give the whole family a wonderful insight into Scandinavian lifestyle, culture, and heritage.

Explore the country from top to bottom, visiting cities, villages, countryside havens, and hidden landscapes that reveal exciting legends. Discover the Viking past through museums and find homages that can lead you through fascinating tales and trails.

Sweden offers young visitors the chance to step into a world that differs in culture, cuisine, and scenery. By knowing how to plan your itinerary, you will create an unforgettable adventure perfect for the entire family.

  1. 1. Discover the City Sights and Cultural Delights
  2. 2. Island Hop across Sweden’s Archipelagos
  3. 3. Uncover Dramatic Castles and Kingdoms
  4. 4. Embrace the Surprises in Architecture and Art
  5. 5. Explore the Great Outdoors
  6. Experience the Top Things to Do in Sweden with Family

1. Discover the City Sights and Cultural Delights

Skansen Open Air Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Skansen Open Air Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

The urban landscape becomes a place of exploration and discovery when young visitors explore Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, as well as other popular and intriguing cities, including Malmo and Gothenburg.

Pedal through the streets to discover architecture that has become part of the established culture and city parks where the family can enjoy a picnic, before walking along historic cobblestone pathways in search of the unique.

It is always a great time of year to embrace Viking and Swedish heritage through museum galleries and fascinating monuments, before uncovering the unforgettable colors and designs of the charming old towns.

Highlights: Skansen Open Air Museum • Vala Museum • Royal Armory • Turning Torso Building

2. Island Hop across Sweden’s Archipelagos

The Old Windmill in Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden.

The islands of Sweden are breathtaking and offer a fascinating escape for the entire family as you explore unique corners of the country for distinctive experiences.

Kid-friendly beaches transform playtime into an adventure, trails and pathways lead to new vistas or introductions to traditional Nordic seafaring vessels.

Explore Viking history through ruins, medieval walls, and traditional festivals, or explore local cultural heritage through delicious cuisine. Swim in quiet coves and discover bike or boat rides around myriad islands, with each new moment offering another perspective of Sweden.

Highlights: Gotland • Branno • Oland • Vaxholm

3. Uncover Dramatic Castles and Kingdoms

Obrero Castle in Obrero, Sweden.

Obrero Castle in Obrero, Sweden.

Whether traveling off the beaten path or following the trail of the best places to visit, Sweden is a land long known for Viking greatness, with a rich history and lore presented through local landmarks. You can easily indulge in the past and uncover the wonders of castles and kingdoms when exploring the country.

Visit some of its most famous castles, run through well-kept gardens, and wander halls that drip with luxurious designs.

From feisty fortresses to majestic royal homes, marvelous citadels to castle islands surrounded by moats, the kids can uncover fairytales and legends that bring power and truth to stories of long ago.

Highlights: Orebro Castle • Uppsala Castle • Gripsholm Castle • Drottningholm Palace • Malmohus Castle

4. Embrace the Surprises in Architecture and Art

Turning Torso, tallest building in Scandinavia, Sweden.

Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden.

In some of Sweden’s most unique buildings, discover beauty and charm that create the country’s charismatic ambiance, from cities to deep within the mythical landscape. Buildings and bridges fascinate visitors from around the world, while the beauty of forests can provide a dazzling natural escape, mixed with whispers of fantasy.

Tall buildings that possess modern twists mix with ancient architecture that gives children the chance to identify and learn about art in various forms as they uncover traditional and modern Swedish design and engineering.

Whether with older teens or younger children, you can enjoy the spectacular Ice Hotel or Tree House, find pieces of ingenious art, uncover a giant apple in a train station, or find dancing fairies on an island, with each new experience capturing an unforgettable, but often hidden side of Sweden.

Highlights: Turning Torso • Oresund Bridge • Newton’s Apple • Millesgarden • On The Way Sculptures • Solar Egg

5. Explore the Great Outdoors

Lapland’s Northern Lights, Sweden.

Lapland’s Northern Lights, Sweden.

Whether you and your family are looking to spend time hiking through forests or are eager to enjoy trails that wind along the coastlines, Sweden’s landscape lends itself perfectly to outdoor adventures.

Kayaking, skiing, and thrilling bike rides provide active options that immerse you in the wonders of the forest or the gorgeous views that span the glistening Nordic waters.

Adventures in nature in Sweden can take you from sailing around the southern islands to venturing deep into Lapland in search of the majestic Northern Lights.

Highlights: Skane • Funäsfjällen • Lapland’s Northern Lights • Stråkenleden

Experience the Top Things to Do in Sweden with Family

Sculptures at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

From hiking to huskies, island hopping to city sights, Sweden is a wonderland of adventure and beauty the entire family can enjoy. Share its rich history with your kids through fascinating designs and displays for one of the most rewarding vacations you can have as a family.

Learn more by taking a look at our Sweden tours & vacations options to find inspiration for your preferred trip or by exploring our Sweden travel guide.

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