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7 Most Romantic Places in Sweden for Couples

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The Midnight Sun in Swedish Lapland

The Midnight Sun in Swedish Lapland. Photo courtesy of Tomas Utsi / Visit Sweden

Known as a country of forests and lakes, intrigue and beauty, it is easy to uncover the most romantic places in Sweden for couples.

From gentle strolls through city squares to quiet hikes within the magical tree-lined countryside, there are plenty of exciting and unique experiences for couples eager to enjoy the romance of the scenery and the charms that emerge in historical towns and coastal gems.

Discover the true passion and spirit of Sweden with a glorious getaway steeped in romance, one that’s often overlooked by travelers, as the land, culture, and ambiance capture your heart and leave you with precious memories.

  1. 1. Lidingo Island
  2. 2. Stockholm
  3. 3. Lapland
  4. 4. Malmo
  5. 5. Gothenburg
  6. 6. Visby
  7. 7. Sigtuna
  8. Explore the Most Romantic Places in Sweden for Couples

1. Lidingo Island

Seasonal flowers and small cabin by the lake in Lidingo Island, Sweden

Lidingo Island, Sweden

The island of Lidingo lies northeast of Stockholm and boasts an affluent neighborhood with a beautiful layout that houses the intriguing Millesgarden.

The sculptures and statues in this unique outdoor gallery paint a romantic scene, with flowing water and picturesque flowerbeds, each corner supporting the perfect setting for a couple’s stroll. Lidingo offers you a chance to relax at a waterside cafe and watch a dramatic sunset unfold.

Highlights: Millesgarden • Lidingo Church • Askrikevagen Runes • Dalangen Runes

2. Stockholm

Gamla Stan District in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

A vibrant city that lends itself perfectly to exploration, Stockholm, one of Sweden’s top destinations, is the perfect romantic place to visit.

With a spirited tone that sets the scene in various neighborhoods and on inner islands, you can stroll along waterside trails or down streets brimming with architectural charm, as the wonders of the Old Town come to life.

Quaint cafes and wine bars are inviting and provide scenic views of the city, while visiting the edge of the lake is a perfect way to end a romantic day in and around the Swedish capital.

Highlights: Gamla Stan • Isbladkarret Royal National Park Trail Walk • Yasuragi Spa Baths • Monteliusvagen Walkway

3. Lapland

Ice Hotel interior in Kiruna, Sweden

Photo courtesy of ICEHOTEL in Kiruna, Sweden

Home to two of the most phenomenal events, the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, Lapland comprises mountains, forests, and an abundance of lakes that create endless opportunities for romantic experiences.

Explore the winter wonderland or embrace a summer escape in intimate style when you visit Sweden’s Arctic corner. Hiking, relaxing in nature, or experiencing a unique accommodation such as the Ice Hotel or a tree house will leave you yearning to return for another escape into iconic scenery.

Highlights: Ice Hotel • Northern Lights • Midnight Sun • Authentic Sami Culture • Kiruna

4. Malmo

Malmo in Sweden

Malmo, Sweden

Friendly, charming, and vibrant, Malmo offers you romance on a stroll down cobbled streets or dinner along the canals, a cocktail in a popular square or a simple walk within a historical ambiance.

Discover areas rich in history and Gothic architecture that lead to eco-friendly neighborhoods in which you can embrace the warm welcome of locals. Sweden’s third-largest city has been wooing couples since the 12th century and continues to attract romantic visitors from around the world.

Highlights: Gamla Staden  Lilla Torg, Small Square • St Peter’s Church • Turning Torso Building • Kungsparken • Malmo Old Lighthouse

5. Gothenburg

Aerial view of Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden. Photo courtesy of Per Pixel Petersson / Visit Sweden

One of Sweden’s larger cities, Gothenburg is the ideal place to get a true feel of history and culture, intertwined with modern-day romantic life. Charm and character fill bustling neighborhoods, while bridges and canals create a romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy traditional cuisine at a restaurant overlooking cobblestone streets or stroll through one of the many parks that can temporarily whisk you away from the bustling city. Embrace the west coast gem and share in its romantic air.

Highlights: Taste Swedish Fika • Vallgatan • Sightseeing Boat Ride • Skansen Kronan Fortification

6. Visby

Medieval alley in Visby, Sweden

Visby, Sweden

Take a ferry across to the island of Gotland to discover one of the world’s best-preserved walled cities, a charming blend of history and beauty in a wonderful setting.

Churches and medieval ruins run onto cobblestone streets that host cafes and restaurants worth visiting on a romantic adventure. The fortification creates a dramatic setting against the surrounding landscape, while elements of Visby’s architecture pre-date the Vikings.

Highlights: St Mary’s Church • Ruins of St Nicolai and St Karin • Stora Torget Square

7. Sigtuna

St. Olaf's Church Ruins in Sigtuna, Sweden

St. Olaf's Church Ruins in Sigtuna, Sweden

Sigtuna is Sweden’s oldest town and much of its charm has been preserved, allowing for a romantic opportunity in a beautiful old-world haven. A harbor adjoins the coastal town and a boardwalk runs along the water, offering the perfect place for peace and quiet.

Church ruins and castles bring medieval drama, the reflections of buildings bouncing off the water to create a mesmerizing mirror and unforgettable memories of an overlooked romantic treasure.

Highlights: Sigtuna Boardwalk • St Olaf's Church Ruins • Nearby Skokloster Castle • St Per’s Church Ruins

Explore the Most Romantic Places in Sweden for Couples

Skeppsholm Bridge in Stockholm, Sweden

Skeppsholm Bridge in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is a country that delights in charming and entertaining romantic couples through culture and quaint cities and towns that boast old-town neighborhoods, enhancing any romantic getaway. Discover how history and beauty blend on islands and in capitals, inviting you to step into a destination that’s truly unique.

For more helpful tips and inspiration, take a look at our Sweden travel guide or start planning today with our featured Sweden tours and vacations.

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