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Top 10 Things to Do in Greece

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Rock pillars and monestaries of Meteora, a UNESCO world heritage site in Thessaly, Greece.

Meteora, Greece

Greece is a country with countless experiences for travelers and here we highlight the top things to do in Greece on vacation.

From culturally immersive experiences to lounging on the beach, learning the art of artisan crafts to hiking around breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the powerful allure of Greece stretches from the mainland to the islands.

The following information will help you discover the best things to do in Greece and help inspire you as you plan your perfect vacation.

  1. 1. Enjoy Greece’s Ancient History
  2. 2. Get a Taste for the Tradition of Greek Cuisine
  3. 3. Find the Inspiring Mythology of Greece
  4. 4. Sample Prominent Greek Wines
  5. 5. Discover Greece’s Customary Olive Oil
  6. 6. Delve into the Ancient Traditions of Pottery
  7. 7. Take a Hike on the Countryside or Coastline
  8. 8. Set Sail or Cruise Warm Waters
  9. 9. Learn to Dance Like Zorba the Greek
  10. 10. Dive and Snorkel the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian Seas
  11. Experience the Top Things to Do in Greece

1. Enjoy Greece’s Ancient History

Sunset over the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Greece has a remarkable history that offers an endless number of ancient cities, medieval towns, and impressive monuments and relics that are richly connected to distinctive regional traditions.

Take time to walk around the ancient city of Corinth, take in the columns of the Acropolis in Athens, and marvel at the ruins of the ancient city of Kamiros on Rhodes. Visit the Mycenaeans Archeological Site in the eastern Peloponnese and gain a rich understanding of Minoan history when visiting the Palace of Knossos on Crete.

In a country known for a sensational past that stretches back thousands of years, you will find artifacts and architecture, from the Roman period to Byzantine aesthetics, as well as the spirit of reunification when exploring Athens and Santorini vacations.

Best Places for Ancient History: Athens • Santorini • Meteora • Mykonos • Crete • Rhodes

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2. Get a Taste for the Tradition of Greek Cuisine

Freshly caught octopus in Lesvos island, Greece.

Fresh octopus on Lesvos island, Greece

Greek food comprises simple, fresh, and seasonal ingredients combined with rich tradition and passion, culminating in diverse flavors that are famous worldwide. Ancient recipes highlight cultural traditions of regional gastronomy, from celebrated Greek coffee to traditional yogurt.

Cooking classes showcase the best regional cuisine across Greece, as well as the important details that support those recipes, and the best cooking class for you will depend on your culinary preferences and the dishes you wish to learn.

From spanakopita to tzatziki, Greek salad to olive tapenade, tantalize your taste buds with your own creations in private cooking experiences or fun group gatherings in local tavernas, hotels, and cooking schools.

Greece is famous for its flavors and culinary delights, which can become the focus of discovery during personalized Greece food and wine tours.

Best Places for Food Tours: Athens • Crete • Sifnos • Lesvos • Santorini • Rhodes • Mykonos • Nafplio • Corfu

3. Find the Inspiring Mythology of Greece

Ancient ruins in the island of Delos in Cyclades, one of the most important mythological sites in Greece.

Archaeological Site of Delos in Greece

Steeped in ancient mystery and captivating stories, the world has long enjoyed the preserved history of ancient Greece and the wonders of Greek mythology. The latter embodies the heritage of the past, their morality, interests, and inspirations that live on in the modern day.

Take your family on a mythological discovery in Athens as one of the top things to do in Greece with family and learn how the capital city got its name. Visit the Acropolis and continue your journey to the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. Hear tales of gods and goddesses, and how they made their mark in Greek history.

The prized ruins across the nation do not just spark the interest of archaeologists, but share the fascinating tales from which the greater culture of the ancient nation sprang.

Best Places for Mythology: Delos • Crete • Athens • Aegina • Mount Olympus

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4. Sample Prominent Greek Wines

Vew of vineyard near Kastraki village in Thessaly, Greece.

Thessaly, Greece

The diversity of Greece’s wine can shape a great experience that revolves around your preferences, such as the type of textures, aromas, and layered flavors you wish to sample. Greece’s wine heritage dates back 6,500 years, with more than 350 domestic grape varieties.

Spend an afternoon wine tasting in a scenic vineyard, with viticulture lessons on the cards from Attica to Athens, on Santorini or Crete. Discover the joy of wine as part of our best things to do in Greece in June.

Wine represents the country and its diverse landscapes, from pine forests to Mediterranean islands. Wine is significantly associated with Greek culture, with locals enjoying a glass at lunch, dinner, or with an afternoon snack.

Best Places for Wine: Thrace • Santorini • Limnos • Thessaly • Crete

5. Discover Greece’s Customary Olive Oil

Olives harvested for olive oil production in Crete, Greece.

Crete, Greece

Greece is one of the world’s top three producers of olive oil, with a deep-rooted heritage of orchards that span the country, and with fossilized olive leaves that date back approximately 50,000 years.

Explore the layered characteristics of Greece’s finest olive oils when you take to the olive fields to learn about everything from olive tree varieties to cleaning and processing the fruits, and bottling the oil. Enjoy dipping delicious bread into the final result, savoring the unique flavors.

The diversity of Greece’s terrain helps make the olive oils so unique. Whether you wish to enjoy the harvest or simply sample renowned varieties, gain an appreciation of the diverse flavors and textures of those used for centuries in classic Greek recipes.

Best Places for Olive Oil: Crete • Thessaloniki • Athens • Corfu

6. Delve into the Ancient Traditions of Pottery

Antique Greek vases from the Minoan culture, located in the ruins of Knossos Palace in Heraklion on Crete island, Greece.

Heraklion on Crete island, Greece

Artisan crafts are a part of Greece’s rich traditions, with pottery dating back to 1000 BC. Stunning creations represent the history of a vibrant nation, with patterns and designs as bold as the artists themselves.

Try your hand at creating your own masterpiece with a pottery class on Zakynthos or learn how to use sculpting tools at a humble workshop in Crete. Take the family out for a fun day with clay in Athens and marvel at the expert creations that have inspired you.

Handmade pieces reflect the pride in heritage that has been passed down through the generations. Different regions use varying techniques offering diverse ceramic aesthetics that depict unique perspectives of Greece. Discover pottery’s artistic aesthetic, craftsmanship, and more with our best Greece itineraries.

Best Places for Artisan Traditions: Athens • Santorini • Delphi • Lesvos • Crete

7. Take a Hike on the Countryside or Coastline

Delphi, Greece

Delphi, Greece

With an attractive landscape that stretches across the mainland to myriad idyllic islands, hiking trails are scattered around crystal coastlines and through mountainous terrain, allowing visitors to soak up the sites and sounds of classic Greece.

Walk the trails around the Unesco World Heritage Site of Delphi, discover the Cyclades, or hike the scenic trails on Skiathos. Hike from Fira to Oia on Santorini or discover the Island’s caldera.

From rocky outlets to narrow trails surrounding architectural heritage, hiking around Greece will immerse you in nature and surprises as you discover the charm and beauty of this Mediterranean gem.

Best Places for Hiking: Delphi • Skiathos • Santorini • Peloponnese • Corfu • Metsoa

8. Set Sail or Cruise Warm Waters

Sunset catamaran cruise on the Santorini coast

Santorini, Greece

The inviting waters of the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean seas offer visitors a chance to set sail or laze on a small cruise ship as they discover the immense beauty of Greece and its islands.

From a sunset sail off the coast of Santorini, beach hopping around Mykonos by water taxi, or embarking on a five-day, small-boat cruise that will take you from island to island, taking to the waters in this European playground is an idyllic way to experience the magic of Greece. Consider our best time to visit the Greek Islands for ideas on when to plan your island adventure.

From popular cruise companies to locals sharing entertaining stories as they steer you around must-see places on famous islands, combining a Greece land escape with a water adventure is the perfect way to discover the country.

Best Places to Sail or Cruise: Mykonos • Santorini •  Patmos •  Monemvasia • Naxos

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9. Learn to Dance Like Zorba the Greek

Cretan dancers wearing traditional costumes in Crete, Greece

Cretan Dancers

Whether you find yourself nestled in a quaint taverna in Plaka, Athens, or enjoying a traditional dinner at your local Greek restaurant at home, when the syrtaki comes on, it’s hard not to want to get up and dance.

Dance nights are popular, with restaurants, cafes, and tavernas encouraging visitors to take to the streets. Learn the history behind Zorba the Greek when on Stavros Beach on Crete and step in time to the beats of the hasapiko, kalamatianos or pentozali dances at a private lesson in Athens.

End your evenings on top of the world in various destinations across Greece, some of which we highlight in the most romantic things to do in Greece for couples, as you create memories and complete your Greek experience with a combination of food, wine, history, and dance.

Best Places for Dance Classes: Athens • Crete • Mykonos • Santorini • Syros

10. Dive and Snorkel the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian Seas

Diver posing with and amphora in the Aegean sea

Diving in the Aegean Sea

Lazing on a white-sand or black-pebbled beach is a highlight of any trip to Greece, while stepping into the crystal-clear waters to discover a world of wonder below is an absolute treat.

Dive and snorkel in small coves alive with coral reefs and discover the wonders of the Blue Cave on Zakynthos. Snorkel clear waters on Santorini or Corfu.

Whether a novice or PADI diver, spend time learning from divemasters at your resort or laze the day away with a leisurely snorkel. Discover the marvelous colors and marine life below the famous waters of the Mediterranean. The best places to dive and snorkel often have a charming ambiance and can quickly become one of the most romantic places in Greece for couples.

Best Places to Dive or Snorkel: Zakynthos • Santorini • Rhodes • Crete • Paros

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Experience the Top Things to Do in Greece

Symi Island, Greece

Symi Island, Greece

There are endless possibilities when it comes to things to do in Greece, from tracing ancient history through architectural discoveries to exploring Greece’s wine route and, of course, relaxing on beaches. Having a clear idea of your top experiences will enhance your Greek adventure and we can answer any remaining questions you may have with our guide on how to plan a trip to Greece.

When you get connected to a local travel specialist through Zicasso, you are able to visit the most famous locations, while allowing your expert to focus on logistics like accommodations and transportation arrangements. Explore the helpful information in our Greece travel guide or take inspiration for your trip from our sample Greece vacations.

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