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Best Time to Visit the Greek Islands

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Red Beach on Santorini Island, Greece

Red Beach on Santorini Island, Greece

The best time to visit the Greek Islands is from April to October, but it really depends on your goals and preferences during your trip.

The islands across Greece offer diverse beauty, culture, and activities, with each new destination promising a new perspective, no matter the season. Many Greek islands have become year-round destinations for travelers, with promises of romance, adventure, or relaxation beyond the treasured beaches.

Whether looking for an off-the-beaten-path island in summer or the perfect family escape in spring, eager to visit ancient ruins or enticed by a dream of sailing the Aegean, the best time to visit the Greek Islands depends on the experiences you wish to have.

Best Time for Beaches​

The Greek Islands promise gorgeous beaches, with vibrant colors and crystal-clear waters, and the best time to visit is between late May and early October. From the famous coastline of Mykonos to the rainbow-colored shores of Santorini, the secluded corners of Crete to the opulent and serene shelters of Corfu, the beaches across the Greek Islands have different personalities that you can enjoy in the warmth of summer. The crowds and heat swell between July and August, but you can still find the right beaches for the way you wish to experience the islands when visiting from late spring to early fall.

Best Time for Sightseeing

The best time for sightseeing across the Greek Islands is from April to June or September to November. On the edges of summer, the Greek Islands retain their warmth and charm without the heat and crowds that grow in the depth of July and August. Sightseeing on the islands can give you the perfect sunset, uncover essential boutique shops, give you a more authentic look at island culture, or highlight the wonders of unearthed ancient ruins.

Best Time for Sailing

Greece has a long warm season, with the best time for sailing around the Greek Islands lasting from April to November. Across the Mediterranean Sea you can discover flowers blossoming in spring, the waters glistening in summer, and the snorkeling perfect in the fall. With plenty of sunshine and the promise of active exploration or quiet relaxation, you can enjoy the sea breeze and find opulent harbors, secluded marinas, or the expanse of open water on a day trip or an island excursion that lasts weeks on the sea.

Best Time with Family

The best time to visit the Greek islands with the family is May to June or September to October when the weather is hot, but still comfortable for sightseeing. With smaller crowds and warm days, your family can enjoy the famous beaches and the rich archeological history, sail the waters or hike the mountainscapes. When visiting the Greek Islands as a family in early summer and early autumn, you can embrace the best of the land, sea, culture, and communities at your preferred pace.

Best Time for Couples

The best time to visit the Greek Islands for a romantic trip or honeymoon is from April to November. The Greek Islands are diverse and enchanting, where you can get lost in ancient villages, discover opulent seaside promenades, embrace on a sunset cruise, or sample wine while overlooking panoramic cliffs. When visiting for a couples trip in spring to fall, you can experience the difference in the seasons and island cultures as you lounge on the beach in the peak of August or find peaceful solitude at the edge of November.

Spring and Summer Activities

In spring and summer, the Greek Islands soak up the Mediterranean sunlight to reveal the model of an inspiring Greece trip. As the weather warms from spring to summer, crowds grow until they peak in July and August. Whether looking for the perfect beach or excited to walk the unearthed streets of an ancient city once covered in volcanic ash, you can find the best ways to enjoy the Greek Islands in spring and summer according to your preferences.

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Fall and Winter Activities

In fall and winter, the Greek Islands become a quiet escape in contrast to the more popular summer months. As the weather cools, you can still enjoy warm water or explore beyond the beaches to experience more authentic culture and history. From islands famous for ancient ruins to villages celebrated for their art galleries, you can find the best way to discover the Greek Islands in the fall and winter according to your preferences, with an array of possible activities.

Sail | Cooking class | Sightsee | Ancient ruins | Hike | Shop | Horseback ride

Find the Best Time to Visit the Islands for You

The best time to visit the Greek Islands can show you an entirely new side of island heritage, pristine coastline, or essential activities that you can experience. Whether eager to absorb the panoramas along the cliffs of Santorini or bask on the beaches of Corfu, you can find the right time for your visit based on how you prefer to discover the islands. Ready to plan your trip? Speak with a Greek Island specialist free by filling out a Trip Request or by calling 1-888-265-9707.

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