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The Best Ways to Travel Around Greece

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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Finding your way around Greece is a worry for many travelers, but understanding the different ways to explore Greece can make your trip much more manageable. In the hands of a Zicasso travel specialist for Greece, these logistics are eased by having a local expert involved with your details.

From the usage of a traveler app to a stack of helpful maps, how you want to travel around Greece is a factor in your trip planning decisions.


  1. Best for Long Distances: Trains & Flights
  2. Best for Short Travel: Private Driver and Car Rentals
  3. Best for Urban Travel: Taxis, Buses, and Ridesharing Apps
  4. Best Alternative Travel: Boats
  5. More Travel Information & Tips

Best for Long Distances: Trains & Flights

Airplanes in Greece.

Airplanes in Greece.


Greece’s railway system is limited but of great quality. The two main lines travel from Athens to Alexandroupoli or from Athens to Patra in the Peloponnese. The entire rail network went through a significant overhaul in 2004 before the Olympic games and is well maintained. The trains are not always punctual and do not yet offer ways to crisscross the country with ease; however, they are a viable option for scenic ways to travel short distances around Greece.


Flights make it very easy to transfer long distances in a short amount of time and to avoid uncertain sea conditions when traveling between islands. Small regional airports across Greece dot the mainland and several popular islands, cutting down the travel time needed for a ferry route. Not all the islands have ferries, and some of the more popular destinations on the mainland are not close to a regional airport, so your travel planner can help you determine your best path of travel. Greece has 15 international airports and a total of 46 airports that service local communities, larger cities, and remote islands, making it easy to transfer between destinations like Athens and Santorini or Mykonos and Crete. Many inter-island flights will take you through Athens.

Best for Short Travel: Private Driver and Car Rentals

Couple with parked car enjoying the sunset in Greece.

Driving off road in Greece to find the perfect sunset.

Private Driver:

A private driver is a great way to see specific destinations, partake in a private tour, or make a hotel or airport transfer with ease. Private drivers are also great when exploring islands like Mykonos and Santorini as a private driver understands the local driving culture and the best way to get from point A to point B. A private drive can be costly when traveling long distances but will have a flat cost for a half-day or full-day excursion or when offering you a transfer between destinations, such as from the airport to your hotel.

Car Rental:

Driving in Greece is the best way to travel long distances. The main highways stretch along the coastline throughout the mainland and islands with scenic routes in every direction. Roads are well-marked with English transliteration and consistently updated. Typical country roads are paved with gravel, but the winding streets of Athens protect the delicate dance drivers do when traveling down historic streets or passing speeding scooters.

Best for Urban Travel: Taxis, Buses, and Ridesharing Apps

Taxi in Athens, Greece.

Taxi in Athens, Greece.

Urban Travel: Taxis & Buses

Taxis, local buses, and the metro system are perfect alternatives to a car rental, private driver service, or walking around larger cities across Greece. Athens’s metro system offers great services around the city, especially when exploring different neighborhoods. Taxis remain the most accessible option for traveling around cities and islands alike. Buses can also be alternatives to a private driver when visiting larger islands like Crete.

Ridesharing Apps

Greece does not have ridesharing alternatives. Athens is the only place with a version of Uber, which consists of hailing active taxis through the Uber app. All the available taxis have a set price for scheduled rides to ensure you receive the appropriate price for certain points. Services in Greece, such as the Taxibeat app, make hailing a taxi from your smartphone easy and, like ridesharing services, keep drivers to a high standard by ensuring they maintain a good rating to stay in the program.

Best Alternative Travel: Boats

High speed ferry in Greece.

High speed ferry in Greece.


Greece is surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas making travel by boats or ferries both easy and necessary. While not always efficient in time or speed, transport by ferry does allow you to discover the coastline with stunning views and access to distant destinations like Icaria or Poros. A ferry is the best alternative to flying between islands with access to more corners of Greece than a domestic flight. Unfavorable weather conditions can unravel your best-made ferry plans, but for the most part, the ferries in Greece are comfortable, punctual, and diverse in their routes.

More Travel Information & Tips

Your ability to swiftly and comfortably get around a country plays a big role in your overall experience. Good logistics, paired with the best time to visit and the top attractions of Greece, are all a part of what makes traveling with a destination specialist so much better. To explore a range of information, visit the Greece Travel Guide. Submit a Trip Request or contact us at 1-888-265-9707 when you are ready to make your dream vacation a reality.

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