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How to Get Around Greece: Best Transportation for Travelers

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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Fly from Athens to Santorini, explore the mainland at your pace in a rental car, or cruise the Aegean by catamaran, a few of the best ways to travel around Greece.

How you get around the country will influence your experiences, as some transportation is more comfortable, while some transfers are more suitable for travelers with sufficient time. Your itinerary design and travel preferences will impact the transportation you choose for your trip, and our list offers the best ideas.

From the top options for discovering the Greek islands to ideal transportation for city tours, here are our recommendations for getting around Greece.

  1. We Can Help You Get Around Greece
  2. Travel by Plane
  3. Travel by Train
  4. Travel by Private Transfer
  5. Travel by Rental Car
  6. Travel by Boat
  7. Travel Using Urban Travel Options
  8. Travel Using Ridesharing Apps
  9. Enjoy the Best Ways to Travel in Greece

We Can Help You Get Around Greece

Luxury yachts anchored at Gidaki beach on Ithaca island, Greece

Gidaki beach on Ithaca island, Greece

As you plan your trip to Greece, a Zicasso travel specialist can help you decide the best transportation for your itinerary. They will highlight ideas to make your vacation more enjoyable, while taking into account your preferences and whether anyone in your group has mobility challenges.

Your Greece travel partner will also book your chosen transportation and transfers, easing the planning process for you. As destination experts, they consider every logistical detail and help you navigate the stress of arranging your own transfers. From booking luxury yachts for Greek Island Hopping Itineraries to organizing private transfers to collect you from the airport, your travel specialist will help you every step of the way.

Travel by Plane

Airplanes in Greece.

Airplanes in Greece

Greece has several international airports and a number that service local communities, larger cities, and remote islands, making it easy to transfer between destinations like Athens and Santorini on Athens and Santorini Vacation Packages & Tours, or Mykonos and Crete on island vacations.

Flights in and around mainland Greece or between the islands make it very easy to transfer long distances quickly and avoid uncertain sea conditions when traveling between Greek islands. Your travel specialist can help you find the most efficient plane transfers for your itinerary should you need to travel long distances in Greece.

Best for: Traveling long distances in Greece between mainland cities or islands with airports.

Travel by Train

Though limited compared to other European countries, Greece’s railway system is accessible, with trains of an exceptional standard. The two main lines travel from Athens to Alexandroupoli or from Athens to Patra in the Peloponnese, longer journeys that offer great views of the mainland scenery.

There are also shorter, regional trains with routes to Pelion, Katakolo to Ancient Olympia, and Diakofto to Kalavryta. These relatively quick trips offer stunning country or coastal views for travelers to enjoy as they move from one place to another. While trains are not the most reliable transportation in Greece, they are an alternative for the adventurous traveler.

Best for: Travelers with enough time and a desire to enjoy the Greek mainland scenery from a cozy train cabin.

Travel by Private Transfer

Private transfers are excellent ways to see specific destinations, partake in exclusive tours, or comfortably travel to and from Greece’s airports.

Private drivers are also great when exploring islands like Mykonos on Mykonos Vacations or Santorini on Santorini Vacations, as they understand the local driving culture and the best way to get from points A to B. Beyond ensuring your travels are comfortable, they act as guides, showing you to points of interest or secret local spots.

Zicasso travel specialists arrange private transfers to collect and drop off travelers at the airports and encourage travelers to use private transfers for most city tours or daily excursions. It is the easiest and most comfortable transportation in Greece for international travelers.

Best for: Transfering to and from Greece’s airports, comfortable tours of the cities and towns, and day trips to popular places or unique destinations.

Travel by Rental Car

Couple with parked car enjoying the sunset in Greece.

Driving off road in Greece to find the perfect sunset

Hiring a rental car and driving around Greece at your own pace is one of the most exciting transportation options for adventurous travelers, especially for long-distance road trips.

The main highways stretch along the coastline throughout the mainland and islands with scenic routes in every direction. Roads are well-marked with English transliteration and consistently updated. Typical country roads are paved with gravel, but the winding streets of Athens protect the delicate dance drivers do when traveling down historic streets or passing speeding scooters.

Zicasso travel specialists can arrange the finest rental cars for you to enjoy scenic and comfortable road trips in Greece, providing you with comprehensive directions for efficient travel or trips off the beaten path.

Best for: Scenic road trips in Greece and exploring the mainland or islands at your leisure.

Travel by Boat

High speed ferry in Greece.

High speed ferry in Greece

Greece is surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean seas, making travel by boats easy and necessary. While not always efficient in time or speed, transport by boat does allow you to discover the coastline, with stunning views and access to distant destinations like Icaria or Poros.

Boats available to travelers include yachts, catamarans, speedboats, and options for luxurious cruises. You can enjoy sunset cruises on Corfu Island Vacations or sail between Naxos and Paros on Naxos Vacations & Tours.

While successful boat trips depend on favorable weather conditions, your Zicasso travel specialist will be available to help you make alternative arrangements in the event of inclement weather.

Best for: Greek island-hopping trips, romantic cruises, and family beach vacations.

Travel Using Urban Travel Options

Taxi in Athens, Greece.

Taxi in Athens, Greece

Taxis, buses, and the metro system are alternatives to a car rental, private service, or walking around larger cities across Greece.

Athens’s metro system offers great services around the city, especially when exploring different neighborhoods. Taxis remain the most accessible option for traveling around cities and islands. Buses can also be alternatives to a private driver when visiting larger islands like Crete on Athens, Santorini, and Crete Itineraries.

Best for: Travelers with free time in Greece to explore the cities or towns and those who do not wish to walk.

Travel Using Ridesharing Apps

Uber may be available in Athens when you arrive, but is not widely accessible across the country. Other ridesharing services are available in Greece, making hailing a taxi from your smartphone relatively quick and easy.

Ridesharing apps are an alternative for travelers touring the cities, though we do not recommend relying on them too much. You will require a stable internet connection on your mobile device and rely on ridesharing availability should you wish to use this transportation in Greece. In a pinch, you can contact your Zicasso travel specialist for advice on-the-fly.

Best for: Travelers comfortable navigating Greece without prearranged transfers and where ridesharing is available.

Enjoy the Best Ways to Travel in Greece

Cruising the Greek Islands

Cruising the Greek Islands

Your ability to swiftly and comfortably get around Greece plays a big role in your overall experience. Whether hopping from one island to another or crossing the mainland countryside, your Zicasso travel specialist can help you plan for the best ways to travel in Greece on Greece Vacations & Tours.

As you consider your options, browse our Greece Travel Guide for more destination advice from travel experts and helpful tips for your vacation in Greece.

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