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11 Most Romantic Things to Do in Greece for Couples

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Couple enjoying some wine and the view of Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Colorful, picturesque, and idyllic define the beauty of Greece and the 11 most romantic things to do for couples can immerse you in the majesty of the islands, the wonders of the mainland, and the passion for which the culture is known.

From gorgeous sunsets to marvelous beaches, whitewashed architecture to medieval lanes, the country is enchanting. Whether witnessing ancient ruins or eager to sample wines steeped in tradition, romance informs every moment during your custom-tailored couple’s trip.

Enjoy quiet towns and embrace stunning views as you experience our suggestions for the most romantic things to do during your time in Greece.

  1. 1. Indulge in a Sunset Cruise
  2. 2. Enjoy the Mediterranean Flavors of Greek Cuisine
  3. 3. Cycle the Marvelous Coastline
  4. 4. Embrace the Colors of Melissani Lake Cave
  5. 5. Experience the Wonder at Cape Sounion
  6. 6. Wander Charming Coastal Hills and Lanes
  7. 7. Enjoy Colorful and Historic Mansions
  8. 8. Wander Through Rich Historical Sites
  9. 9. Revel in a Couple’s Pampering at a Spa
  10. 10. Lounge on Famous or Secret Shores
  11. 11. Sample the Diverse, Ancient, and New Flavors of Wine
  12. Experience the Most Romantic Things to Do in Greece for Couples

1. Indulge in a Sunset Cruise

 Catamaran in Santorini at sunset

Santorini Island, Greece

The colorful sunset across Greece is one of the most romantic experiences you can have with your partner and when on a cruise, you can embrace the crystal-clear water as its hues change from your boat to the horizon.

Whether on a private yacht anchored in a bay or a catamaran gliding back to the harbor, a sunset cruise’s layers of color capture dusk’s beauty as you share in panoramas of the coastline and horizon, from Santorini to Mykonos, Crete to Naxos.

Best Places for Sunset Cruises: Santorini • Mykonos • Crete • Naxos • Milos

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2. Enjoy the Mediterranean Flavors of Greek Cuisine

Romantic dinner on the island of Santorini

Santorini Island Greece

Traditional Greek cuisine will give you passion, spirit, and love in every bite, reflecting how tradition imbues romance into the national culture and local customs across the country.

From decadent Mediterranean dishes to clean flavors, the immense layers of history accentuate the enticing flavors and accompanying views, from seaside to cliffs, open plains to ancient ruins, accentuating the unforgettable ambiance.

Whether in an authentic taverna, a charming cafe, or a Michelin-starred restaurant, each new culinary experience instills in you romance.

Best Greek Dishes to Try: Moussaka • Souvlaki • Soutzoukakia • Mezze • Kolokythokeftedes

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3. Cycle the Marvelous Coastline

Couple biking on Lemnos island, Greece

Biking in the Greek islands

While a cycling excursion may not immediately seem like a romantic outing, Greece’s coastline along the islands and mainland provides the perfect destinations to explore marvelous views and secluded corners of the country at your pace.

Romance breathes from the rolling waters, rugged cliffs, or overlooked seaside villages as you discover new ways to enjoy the stunning scenery and historic culture. Navigate through forests, wander up mountains, or weave along beaches as you touch nature and uncover ancient mysteries, while sharing in the joys of the experience.

Whether enjoying vacations in Milos or tours of Naxos, you can find many marvelous coastlines with dramatic sea views for cycling as a couple.

Best Coastlines for Cycling: Cape Sounion • Santorini Caldera • Pelion • Crete • Milos

4. Embrace the Colors of Melissani Lake Cave

Melissani Lake Cave on Kefalonia, Greece

Melissani Lake Cave on Kefalonia, Greece

The covered cave of Melissani Lake on the island of Kefalonia creates a mystical ambiance for couples, with romance exuding from the natural beauty. The rocks, crystal-clear waters, and trees can feel like an undiscovered layer of Earth at the site known as the Cave of Nymphs in Greek mythology.

Light pours down from an opening in the cave to give the water an unparalleled shimmer and undeniable sense of magic. As you cruise through the cave, you can join hands and dive into the water to enjoy a new perspective or simply indulge in viewing the cave, lake, and trees from the boat.

Best Places in Kefalonia: Melissani Cave • Antisamos Beach • Myrtos Beach • Mount Ainos • Drogarati Caves

5. Experience the Wonder at Cape Sounion

Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounion at sunset

Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounion

With the imposing ancient temple of Poseidon perched on a cliff overlooking the coastline, the romance at Cape Sounion is palpable.

Witness the sunset with the temple looming in the foreground or wander through the remains of the massive columns, embrace the views from a local restaurant or find a luxurious spa from which to bask beneath the stars.

No matter how you choose to indulge in the spirit of the coastline close to the bustle of Athens on tours to Athens including Santorini, you can embrace the fifth-century ruins, participate in the grandeur of the Athenian Riviera, or enjoy the magnificent views of the Saronic Gulf.

Best Places in Cape Sounion: The Temple of Poseidon • Sounio Beach • Laurium • Paralia Christea • Athenian Riviera

6. Wander Charming Coastal Hills and Lanes

Couple enjoying and exploring Santorini

Santorini island, Greece

Greece is filled with coastal charms, especially in the towns and villages scattered across the shorelines from the mainland to the islands.

Walkways between towns can provide you with a comfortable and unique experience. Here, you can share the splendid views and embrace the quiet charisma of individual areas as you weave along cliffs to reach medieval architecture or view ancient ruins along the waterfront.

Enjoy the mixture of grand panoramas and imposing structures, soft-spoken moments and undeniable magic as you explore as a couple, experiencing the best things to do in Greece.

Best Places for Walking: Crete Coastline • Oia and Fira in Santorini • Lycabettus Hill, Athens • Menalon Trail, the Peloponnese • Corfu Trail

7. Enjoy Colorful and Historic Mansions

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes on Rhodes island, Greece

The architecture across Greece can immerse you in romance as you find homes painted with vibrant colors and decorated with flower beds along islands and the mainland.

Historic mansions, including palaces and castles, create a grand ambiance on the terraced cliffs, while homes with unique personalities line marbled and cobbled lanes. From Hydra to Santorini, Athenian neighborhoods to Cretan villages, you can enjoy the charismatic ambiance as a couple.

Best Palaces and Castles in Greece: The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes • Knossos Palace • The Fortezza • Castle of Astypalaea • Bourtzi Castle

8. Wander Through Rich Historical Sites

The Caryatids columns in Athens

Athens, Greece

From Athens to Delphi, Crete to Mykonos, the incredible history that spans Greece and its islands turns the past into a passionate getaway that embodies the core tenets of romance.

You and your partner can not only discover ruins from afar, but wander through historic neighborhoods, enjoy restaurants with decades or centuries of history, and experience the beauty of ancient wonders up close.

History is not just a backdrop during your time as a couple in Greece, but becomes a memorable experience in which you can indulge for a breathtaking getaway in the top 12 places to travel to in Greece.

Best Historical Sites in Greece: The Acropolis • The Parthenon • Meteora • The Temple of Olympian Zeus • Delphi

9. Revel in a Couple’s Pampering at a Spa

Couple receiving a massage at a beauty spa in Greece

Athens, Greece

Therapeutic waters have a rich history across Greece and the tradition has taken on exceptional luxury that’s perfect for a romantic escape of any kind.

Whether on a secluded island getaway or traveling across the gorgeous scenery of the mainland, you can find a spa in which you and your partner can indulge to enjoy distinctive hydrotherapy sessions, relaxing massages, and other treatments that celebrate the heritage of soothing waters and demonstrate the opulence of modern methods.

Best Places for Relaxing Spa Treatments: Santorini • Milos • Mykonos • Crete • Naxos

10. Lounge on Famous or Secret Shores

Coulple at Tsigrado Beach on Milos island, Greece

Tsigrado Beach on Milos island, Greece

The beach embodies romance in Greece and whether you prefer the lively ambiance of the famous Mykonos shoreline or a hidden gem on the island of Milos, you can embrace the perfect romantic beach experience.

Stunning resorts, marvelous coves, and hidden coastline that requires a boat or hike to reach can bring the treasures of Greece to life and immerse you in an unforgettable moment as you indulge in exotic sands lined with traditional tavernas or plunge into crystal-clear turquoise waters for a private swim.

During your couple’s vacation, you can explore the hidden gems of Greece and discover some of the best beaches in Greece at these secret locations.

Best Secret Beach Spots in Greece: Gidaki Beach • Platia Ammos • Tsigrado Beach • Glyka Nera beach • Elafonisi Beach

11. Sample the Diverse, Ancient, and New Flavors of Wine

Vineyards in Nemea, Greece

Vineyards of the Neméa appellation in the Peloponnese, Greece

Greece is one of the oldest producers of wine in the world and demonstrates how viticulture can be artistic and romantic.

With nurtured vines perfected over millennia, you can taste the unique flavors shaped by the different terrain of the islands and mainland, while basking in idyllic settings. As you share in your experience, you can find new tastes, while embracing the sensual pleasures that come with using all your senses to sample and enjoy the wine.

It is a perfect way to experience culinary mastery, cultural heritage, and the endless beauty of your surroundings when in Greece.

Best Places for Wine: Crete • Santorini • Macedonia • Paros • The Peloponnese

Experience the Most Romantic Things to Do in Greece for Couples

Couple by infinity pool in Greece

Santorini island, Greece

Enjoy the endless pleasures of Greece as you discover romance around every corner during your passionate trip to the mainland or islands. Whether looking for the perfect beach destination or a sumptuous meal during which you can watch the sunset fade, Greece is one of the world’s most romantic destinations to visit on Greece vacations for couples or honeymoon tours in Greece.

From poetic landscapes to lyrical coastlines, luxurious spas to classic wines, you can immerse yourself in the most romantic things to do in Greece as you explore the best places in Greece for couples trips. For more vacation ideas, visit our Greece travel guide.

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