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8 Best Greek Islands for Families to Visit

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Castle Of The Old Town in Rhodes, Greece

Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

A wonderland of ancient mythology, azure waters, and charming villages, the best family-friendly Greek islands can give you lasting memories of slow-paced travel or exciting discoveries.

With so many to choose from, you can find the perfect destination or a combination to visit as you explore colorful beaches, whitewashed villages, unspoiled nature, or wild watersports that capture the entire family’s imagination.

Whether eager to find flavors for the kids or a safe and secluded coastline, interested in tracing the lineage of a Greek myth or shopping in a quiet village, the following islands embody the best destinations you should consider for your family-friendly Greece trip.

  1. 1. Crete
  2. 2. Rhodes
  3. 3. Delos
  4. 4. Paxos
  5. 5. Milos
  6. 6. Santorini
  7. 7. Naxos
  8. 8. Alonissos
  9. Explore the Best Greek Islands for Families to Visit

1. Crete

Knossos Palace in Crete, Greece

Knossos Palace in Crete, Greece

Crete is the ultimate Greek island for families. Parents and their children, young or older, can enjoy the luxuries of one of Greece’s best for families.

With enticing ruins that can immerse you in mythology, exceptional beaches perfect for young children and teens, and engaging activities that can take you deep into gorges or along mountain trails, Crete is a masterpiece of things to do, see, and enjoy.

You can combine a tour of Crete with trips to Athens and Santorini, creating a complete Greek experience that culminates on Crete’s famous sun-washed beaches.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Wander around Venetian forts • Visit the home of the Minotaur at Knossos Palace • Trek the Samaria Gorge • Cooking classes

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

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2. Rhodes

Boy exploring the medieval fortress in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is majestic in its beauty and endless possibilities for families, inviting parents with young children and teenagers to experience breathtaking beaches and ancient Greek history.

Whether looking for fascinating archeological sites or a coastline that can introduce the kids to working fishers or colorful coral, Rhodes is more than a backdrop for radiant family photos, providing endless allure for the entire family.

With activities for young children and catering to parents with babies, Rhodes is a beautiful Greek island for families away from the bustle of other crowded isles.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Visit Unesco-listed Rhodes Town • Wander medieval buildings • Explore secluded Butterfly Valley

Recommended length of stay: 1-2 days

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3. Delos

Delos Ancient Ruins

Delos, Greece

Delos is a step into Greek mythology just beyond the shores of Mykonos and a fantastic island to visit as a family for a tour of ancient Greek mysteries.

As an island off the coast of Mykonos, Delos embodies the Greek isles' former grandeur and the gods' marvels as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. While the temples may no longer stand complete, Delos still feels sacred in giving visitors a vision of what once was.

Exploring the deep connection between modern-day Greece and its ancient counterpart is one of the Top 6 Things to Do in Greece with Family, and there is no place better for it than Delos.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Discover the artifacts in the Archeological Museum • Visit Ornos Beach • Explore the archeological and cultural ruins • Go on an ancient scavenger hunt • Embrace the boat ride to the island

Recommended length of stay: 1 day

4. Paxos

Yacht off the coast of Paxos

Yacht off the coast of Paxos

Paxos is a vision of Mediterranean luxury. Families with young children or teenagers can enjoy the natural landscape emerging from the white-pebbled beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Marked trails connect the three villages that overlook the land and sea. You and your kids can wander the paths to lofty overlooks or find refuge in atmospheric towns where Greek culture shines. Whether looking for a boat excursion or an adventure to the limestone cliffs and sea caves, Paxos still feels relatively hidden, while providing your family with the charm of quintessential Greece.

Indulge in the slower pace of life, bask in the warm Mediterranean waters, or simply enjoy the ambiance of the main square in Gaios village as you embrace one of the 10 Best Greek Islands to Visit.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Relax on family-friendly beaches • Embrace the waters on a boat trip • Explore the inspiring Blue Caves • Wander the main harbor of Gaios • Venture to Agios Nikolaos Castle • Learn about local history and heritage at the Paxos Museum

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

5. Milos

Teenager girl enjoying turquoise waters of the Aegean sea from a paddleboard during summer vacation in Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece

Authentically Greek and endlessly adventurous, Milos is a volcanic island sprinkled with caves, dotted with rock formations, and perfect for the entire family to explore.

The glowing turquoise waters and impressive cliffs stir excitement, while stories of pirate attacks can inspire the kids to jump into the sea with snorkeling gear. Milos is a marvelous Greek island for families escaping the crowds and finding refuge on sun-washed beaches distinctly different from others in the region.

Adventures await families eager to partake in watersports on the sparkling shores or explore the lively atmosphere that sweeps up the towns of Milos.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Enjoy the ambiance of lively beaches • Wander through the world’s third-largest catacombs • Visit hillside towns with ancient ruins connected by winding trails • Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

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6. Santorini

Mom and child on the waterfront, Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Santorini exudes charm and luxury, but the natural beauty and essential history can excite children of all ages.

Layers of natural life emerge along the caldera's edges to demonstrate the active volcano's power. Sailboats glide along the pristine water. Santorini is not just an island of romance, it has revealed itself as a perfect family destination.

Parents can also watch over their children at Red Beach, a shoreline that glows this color because of the volcanic activity shaping the coastline. Other beaches with distinctly colored sands showcase more unique shores in Santorini.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Visiting village boutique shops • Hike the trail that edges the caldera rim • Enjoy the famous sunsets • Sail the caldera waters • Visit the ancient ruins of Akrotiri • Indulge in the colorful coastline of the Black, Red, and White beaches

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

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7. Naxos

Kitesurfing in Naxos, Greece

Naxos, Greece

Celebrated for its beaches, Naxos is one of the best Greek islands on which to find the perfect blend of activities and culture for your family.

The coastline radiates beauty and ancient villages offer a glimpse of authentic culture. The mountains provide pristine panoramas that sweep the island, while the ancient ruins offer a gateway into history.

Whether traveling with young children or active teenagers, Naxos promises your family the right balance of activity and relaxation as you explore Plaka Beach, one of the 15 Best Beaches in Greece, and more of the sun-baked island.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Learn the art of island cuisine • Explore the Temple of Apollo • Lounge on Ana Koufonisi Beach • Take a kitesurfing lesson • Enjoy a mosaic class

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

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8. Alonissos

Sunset, Alonissos

Alonissos, Greece

Alonissos is the perfect Greek Island for your family to play and learn on as you explore sandy beaches and enchanting villages.

The unspoiled nature will bring to life historical and active adventures. Whether from land or sea, you can kayak or hike, search for eagles or enjoy the shoreline on the main island or among the neighboring islets for the perfect family-friendly island experience.

You can cycle around the island trails to see the secrets of Alonissos, bask in the beautiful sunset glow as you cruise around the island, and explore the marine parks that protect magnificent sea life with your kids.

Family-Friendly Highlights: Circle the trails on a bicycle • Visit roaming goats and secluded monasteries in the mountains • Search for passing dolphins and seals in the Alonissos Marine Park • Embrace the colors of a secluded sunset • Kayak along the protected waters

Recommended length of stay: 1-2 days

Explore the Best Greek Islands for Families to Visit

Mother and daughter in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

The bountiful islands of Greece reflect the layered beauty, expansive reach, and remarkable history for which the Mediterranean country is known. No matter the age of your children, you can embrace the legendary ambiance of the crystal-clear sea and historical towns, vast olive groves, and enticing activities on Greece Family Vacations & Tour Packages.

Find more inspiration for your perfect family trip with our Greece Family Travel Guide or discover a suitable island itinerary among our Greek Island Hopping Itineraries.

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