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4 Tips for Travel to Australia in 2022

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Sunrise at Ayers Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Sunrise at Ayers Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Australia is a dreamscape of ancient culture and fantastical scenery, and our four tips for travel to Australia in 2022 can help you navigate where, when, and how to visit.

With exceptional beaches and distinctive scenery that underpin the diverse collection of cultures, the Land Down Under can connect you to the remote desert and thriving city life. Ancient culture, urban charm, endless adventures, quirky wildlife, and a relaxed ambiance bring together the surprising wonders of the world’s smallest continent.

We also shed light on the top things to do while visiting Australia, the best time to visit Australia, must-see places, and more.

Consider What You Want to See and Do

The Whitsundays on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia

The Whitsundays on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia

With access to famous beaches, the world’s largest barrier reef, the world’s oldest culture, and unique experiences from the Outback to the rainforest, Australia can easily capture your imagination. Understanding the specific reasons you want to visit Australia can make the biggest impact on your trip and overall experience, whether you prefer to sip wine at a luxury vineyard or venture to a remote corner of the western continent to witness an exciting spectacle of nature. It can be challenging to narrow down your choices, and a Zicasso travel specialist can help you decide.

“We get to guide people on their ideas and to places we think they’d like, where to get the good coffee, the good guides, and more. Our work adds to the overall experience people have while making it very personal to them,” says Dick, an Australian travel specialist for Zicasso.

With the borders remaining closed for travelers now, you can start planning your trip to Australia early to ensure you book the right trip for you and your preferences. “It is nearly guaranteed that the borders will not open this year,” says Penny, another Australian travel specialist. “As people have time to talk and discuss experiences and locations, there is no better time than now to map out that perfect plan.”

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Engage in Planning Your Perfect Vacation

King George River Gorge in the Kimberly, Western Australia's northernmost territory

King George River Gorge in the Kimberly, Western Australia's northernmost territory

Many travelers are eager to get back on the road, into the air, or on the sea and do not want to wait for another two to three years before taking their dream trip to Australia. “Whenever the borders do open, there are so many people from planned 2020 trips sitting on credits, along with domestic interest and new international demand. It will be more complex to get the experience you dream of,” says Dick.

“Book early,” adds Penny. “Interest in Australia is as strong as ever. When it opens, it will go from drought to flood.” Even if you have to change your travel dates, you can lock in your activities and accommodations. Whether eager to enjoy the fresh seafood, visit the famous winelands, or enjoy a safari in search of kangaroos and cassowaries, Australia entices travelers eager to enjoy the highlights and explore the natural and cultural splendor off the beaten path.

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Go Off the Beaten Path

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Many travelers to Australia have a preconceived idea of what they want to see or the destinations they wish to visit. As travel returns to Australia, the demand may impact the capacity of different accommodations, guides, transfers, or tours. Working with a travel specialist can introduce you to the highlights around Australia for the trip you want but in a more exciting way. Whether visiting with locals or stepping away from a city center could open your eyes to new possibilities, ideas, and perspectives.

“Look at accommodation options like B&B styles,” suggests Penny. “Smaller properties give you a chance to see what’s around, come around the fire and talk about the experience of living in a particular area, or what you found during the day. We know a spot on Kangaroo Island where guides take people around the island during the day and sit around the kitchen at night and chat.”

A new perspective can give you a completely different experience in Australia. “For example, the best perspective of the Great Barrier Reef is from the air. The colors on a sunny day, the channels, the magnitude, the great perspective of its size,” adds Dick. Many consider seeing the reef by boat the only option, but by opening up how you visit and where you visit in Australia, you can experience a different view of the character, the charm, and the beauty.

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Connect with an Australia Travel Specialist

Vineyards in Hunter Valley, Australia

Vineyards in Hunter Valley, Australia

Whether you are eager to visit the Top End in search of surreal landscapes, explore the historical rock art or are interested in sailing between the Whitsundays with a BBQ on the back of the boat, a travel specialist can design the trip you want. Take the time to talk about your desired experiences so you can work together to map out your perfect plan.

“Only about 25 million people live in Australia, and sixty percent of that are in Sydney or Melbourne. You may have to fly to a major city to then transfer somewhere else to reach that end destination, but in these situations, you don’t just go for a day. Go for a week and soak it all up,” suggests Dick. “Witness a camel train in the Outback. Swim with whales on the west coast. Take a helicopter ride over the Kimberley to see the horizontal falls and experience the deep wilderness.”

Australia’s dreamscape is waiting, from the Blue Mountains to the cafes of Melbourne, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart to the antique vineyards of the Hunter Valley. Australia’s beauty and wonder spread far beyond a singular definition and instead radiate an ineffable charisma.

For more information and helpful tips on encountering the world down under, you can visit our Australia Travel Guide. To connect with an Australia travel specialist, you can fill out a Trip Request or call our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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