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5 Most Romantic Things to Do in Australia for Couples

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Couple enjoying the view of Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Sydney, Australia.

Whether eager to explore a continent revered for adventures or interested in sampling the diverse urban landscapes, the five most romantic things to do in Australia can immerse you in unforgettable experiences for the perfect excursion steeped in passion.

Couples who adventure together stay together, goes the saying, and when planning your perfect passionate escape, you should always consider the type of activities you enjoy as a couple. From hot-air balloon rides to wildlife explorations, pristine beaches to boating tours, the wonders of the continent can emerge through your unparalleled discoveries.

Australia rises to the top of unforgettable experiences, tempting couples who prefer off-beat ideas, sweet sensations, or seductive luxuries.

  1. 1. Discover the Little Penguins Together
  2. 2. Find Spirit in the Fruit of the Vine
  3. 3. Indulge in an Irresistible View
  4. 4. Embrace Romance on a Road Trip
  5. 5. Bask in a Secluded Island Resort
  6. Plan Your Romantic Trip to Australia with Zicasso

1. Discover the Little Penguins Together

Fairi penguin at Phillip Island, Australia.

Phillip Island, Australia.

Witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat is not just a thrilling activity, but one that brings a couple closer together when shared. Australia’s fascinating wildlife includes adorable little penguins, with one of the best opportunities for sightings located on Phillip Island during the Penguin Parade.

Little penguins are the smallest penguins in the world and, due to their size, are sometimes referred to as “fairy penguins”. Show your soft side during the excursion by letting out the expected adoration for the waddling birds as they travel up the sandy coastline to their nests at sunset.

2. Find Spirit in the Fruit of the Vine

Vineyards in Adelaide at sunset, Australia.

Adelaide, Australia.

Australian winemakers have lept to the forefront of worldwide recognition by producing vintages of high quality and wide variety. With so many wine regions, sampling the fruit of the vine is no longer about sipping glass after glass from a local vineyard and instead immerses you deep inside the gorgeous landscape of the diverse regions.

Adelaide hosts the title of the official Great Wine Capital of Australia, which is a network of nine cities across the globe sharing a cultural and economic connection to wine. Even if you prefer grape juice to wine, you can explore picturesque landscapes and indulge in secluded country roads.

3. Indulge in an Irresistible View

Hot air balloons over Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, Australia.

People underestimate the romance of a hot-air balloon ride. The thought immediately conjures majestic images of you and your loved one floating across a serene sky, with the marvelous contours of the landscape visible below.

From a sheet farm to winding trees of a tropical forest, rushing waters of a wide river to steep bluffs of a nearby gorge, the world becomes noticeable from a different perspective. The different types of hot-air balloon rides across Australia offer unique panoramic views of the continent’s indelible and distinct beauty, from the Gold Coast to the Outback, Melbourne to the Hunter Valley.

4. Embrace Romance on a Road Trip

Road with Kata Tjuta in the background, Uluru, Australia.

Uluru, Australia.

Few excursions have been more romanticized around the world than the idea of a couple’s road trip. You can create the soundtrack to the passing landscape as you breathe fresh life into the expansive distances between destinations. A couple’s road trip adheres to the belief that the journey is as important as the destination.

Take the time to stop the car, run through the white sands of an undiscovered beach in Western Australia, or snap a photo at a viewpoint stretching out over the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. A private road trip is perfect for exploration, freedom, and a hint of romance found in the solitude.

5. Bask in a Secluded Island Resort

 Reef View Hotel in Hamilton Island, Australia.

Hamilton Island, Australia.

Australia and romantic island escapes go hand in hand. The continent boasts over 8,000 islands, with a variety celebrated for their tropical luster. A remote island paradise embodies passion with the promise of sunshine, lush greenery, glowing coral reefs, shimmering transparent water, and luxurious amenities.

The relaxed and unhurried ambiance allows you and your partner to settle into unfettered intimate moments. On a number of island escapes, you may be more likely to see a whale swimming offshore than another person relaxing on the beach.

Plan Your Romantic Trip to Australia with Zicasso

Couple walking along Trinity Beach in Cairns, Australia.

Trinity Beach in Cairns, Australia.

From the captivating Australian landscapes to the remote coastlines, the charming ambiance to secluded spirit, you can find more inspiration for your romantic getaway with our handpicked Australia Tours & Vacations.

Whether interested in capturing the passion of wildlife in unique ecosystems or eager to travel along the Great Ocean, each new experience is worth sharing as you create distinctive memories as a couple with a personalized trip.

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