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A charming paradise filled with boundless natural splendor, Slovenia is a land of enchanting beauty. In the iconic Lake Bled, a pilgrimage castle rests on a tiny islet, with the Julian Alps rising majestically in the background. With a winemaking history that precedes the Ancient Romans, enjoy a taste of the sumptuous white wines of the region that pair perfectly with delectable traditional dishes.

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Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

Immersive Highlights of Croatia and Slovenia Tour

Immersive Highlights of Croatia and Slovenia Tour

15 Day Custom Tour

From $2,995

Your fantasies of the Mediterranean will come to life during your custom-tailored 15-day Croatia and Slovenia highlights tour. Marvel at the soaring peaks and tumbling caves scattered across Slovenia, admire the charming bell towers and winding streets of Zadar, experience the natural splendor of Plitvice Lakes National Park, and bask in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. The opulence of the Saint Domnius Cathedral inspires its visitors, and the tides of the Adriatic Sea will provide a tranquil ambiance. Whatever your pleasure, your Croatia and Slovenia trip will showcase the best of the Balkans.


Croatia, Slovenia & Austria Tour of Central Europe

Croatia, Slovenia & Austria Tour of Central Europe...

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,145

The heart of Europe beats with a unique pulse. Cobblestone streets wander through medieval towns and brush up against tall, protective ramparts. Antique minarets rise over modern cafes. Impermeable castles stand atop cliffs and overlook lush foothills. This Croatia, Slovenia and Austria tour takes you through Central Europe, exploring the stunning forests, rugged mountains, brimming rivers, and azure coastlines where medieval cities press against the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. Discover the effects of the past on the present, and witness the welcoming smiles of the locals as you venture through the continent’s irreplaceable center.


Rovinj, Croatia.

Uncompromised Three-Week tour of Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia

Uncompromised Three-Week tour of Croatia, Italy, and...

21 Day Custom Tour

From $5,245

The Adriatic world will be yours to enjoy on this 21-day tour of Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. Make your way along the Dalmatian coast to witness rustic villages and stunning views await, venture to Slovenia for an alpine reverie, and conclude your travels in Venice. This tour ensures a balanced approach to every destination you visit.


Bled Castle in Slovenia.

Wine and Alpine Splendor Tour in Central Europe

Wine and Alpine Splendor Tour in Central Europe

14 Day Custom Tour

From $4,195

Indulge in the grandeur of the alps and the heritage of Central Europe during this 14-day luxury tour of Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland. Regal castles and charming villages capture diverse cultural layers. From sipping premier wine to lounging in an outdoor spa and enjoying a traditional tavern to searching for secluded ibex, this active tour immerses you in the delights of Central Europe's soaring summits and grand imperial palaces.


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia.

Adriatic to the Alps: Gourmet Tour of Croatia, Slovenia & Italy

Adriatic to the Alps: Gourmet Tour of Croatia, Slovenia...

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,695

Taste the unparalleled flavors from the Adriatic to the Alps on this custom tailored tour that will forever more define “gourmet.” From the spectacular Adriatic Sea to the pearled Julian Alps, stretching between Croatia, Slovenia, and northeastern Italy, you will discover the remarkable landscapes and the unforgettable dishes that can no longer be kept secret. Magnificent caves abound and medieval towns decorate the plush countryside. From fabulous truffle hunting to wine tasting in a grand castle, you will venture from the Adriatic to the Alps and find the flavors that will bring you to the top.


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