Sea turtle in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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A truly special place for wildlife diversity and discovery, the Galapagos islands consolidate adventure and relaxation for the perfect package. Each island has its unique characteristics suited for vastly different experiences. With the most knowledgeable guides and the best accommodations, a luxury Galapagos tour from Zicasso is one of the most unique vacations available.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

View of two beaches on Bartolome Island in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime with this 18-day Ecuador and Peru tour that will immerse you in the pristine wilderness of secluded islands and the exceptional Inca ruins in the Andes. Travel in complete luxury when searching for blue-footed boobies on rugged shores and trek the trail that winds to Machu Picchu. Bask in the radiant flavors of traditional ingredients that shape contemporary dishes and enjoy dramatic views of Lake Titicaca as you discover, explore, and embrace the unique splendors of Ecuador and Peru, from the Galapagos to Puno.

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Sea lion playing in the Galapagos Islands

All-Inclusive Galapagos Islands Cruise & Tour Package

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $11,695

Fully discover the splendor of the Galapagos Islands with this intimate all-inclusive Galapagos Islands cruise and tour. An 8-day luxury cruise takes you to stunning outlying islands, where seabirds nest in the millions and sea lions cover surreal lava flows. Then settle onto Isabela Island for three days of mystical volcanoes and marine worlds. Seductive, surreal, sublime... this tour package unveils the eclectic splendor of nature's great oasis in the Pacific Ocean.

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Sea lions basking on the beach, Galapagos, Ecuador
Galapagos Tour for Solo Travelers: Island Hopping & Cruise

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,720

On the Galapagos Islands, you're never alone. Sea lions bask on the beaches, seabirds nest in the thousands, and giant tortoises cover the walking trail. Combining two distinct itineraries, this Galapagos tour for solo travelers offers a tailored blend of everything the archipelago can offer an individual adventurer. You'll island hop and enjoy outdoor adventures with the wildlife, then join a 5-day small-group cruise through the remote eastern islands, immersing yourself in the portraits of natural evolution.

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Cormorant bird at the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador
Kid Friendly Galapagos Islands Tour: Luxury Cruise & Guided Tours

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,720

Curious sea lions, waddling penguins and huge giant tortoises always make for a fun family holiday. Handcrafted for inquisitive children and inspired families, this kid-friendly Galapagos Islands tour offers a relaxed mix of tailored family activities, guided excursions, and free time to explore nature's surreal oasis in the Pacific. You'll spend four days exploring Santa Cruz Island from an oceanfront base, then four nights on a luxury cruise that's customized for luxury family vacations.

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View of Cuicocha Crater Lake at Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve.
Best of Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $11,695

Natural and cultural history dance across Ecuador, where endemic Galapagos wildlife mixes with the enchantment of haciendas and heritage cities. Combining the iconic treasures, this best of Ecuador and Galapagos Islands tour wraps Quito and Imbabura around a luxury Galapagos cruise aboard a beautiful yacht. Blue-footed birds, golden churches, inquisitive seals, presidential haciendas, and orange iguanas standing on lava flows will all be on display during these 12 days that blend the unforgettable wonders of both Ecuador and Galapagos.

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Cruise deck at the Galapagos Island. Photo courtesy: Ecuador Sundeck Wellness Retreat

VIP Galapagos Small Boat Tour: Cruising in Luxury

16 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $15,595

Indulge in the solitude and adventure of the Pacific as you enter the mystical natural realm of the Galapagos. You'll explore the archipelago in unrivaled luxury with over two weeks of cruising on a sublime motor yacht. Connect all the remote corners of the archipelago, from red beaches filled with sea lions to millions of seabirds nesting on volcanic cliffs. Luxuriate in the untamed bliss of a small boat Galapagos tour that reveals the islands' incredible wildlife.

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Sea lion on the beach.
14 Day Galapagos Adventure

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $13,645

Experience the ultimate adventure during this 14-day Galapagos, Ecuador, and Peru tour. Discover the wild splendors of the famous Galapagos Islands, traverse the captivating diversity of the Amazon jungle, and witness the architectural marvel of Machu Picchu and the preserved Andean culture of Misminay. From penguins to llamas and from sacred wildlife to the Sacred Valley, uncover the breathtaking heritage of natural history and captivating tradition.

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Giant tortoise and woman tourist on Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos, Ecuador
Private Small Group Tours to Galapagos & Ecuador

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,670

Escape into the sublime natural realm of the Galapagos and enjoy near-exclusive access to its majestic world. Hopping red-footed boobies, endemic waved albatross, giant tortoises, curious sea lions, colorful marine worlds... your 13-day Galapagos and Ecuador tour for private small groups unveils the poetic wonder of the islands and the exemplars of evolution. Before following Darwin's footsteps, you indulge in the resplendent bliss of the Andes and Ecuador's ancient cities.

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Galapagos Liveaboard Cruise: Diving & Land Excursions
Galapagos Liveaboard Cruise: Diving & Land Excursions

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,670

Hammerhead schools swirl and manta rays cruise in the Galapagos. Sea lions swim past juvenile whale sharks while turtles elegantly pass eagle rays and endemic species. This is one of the world's most revered dive destinations, and there's never a dull moment in the water. An 8-day Galapagos liveaboard diving cruise trip takes you to the archipelago's finest dive sites, including four days on Wolf and Darwin Islands. A few days on San Cristobal unveils equally enchanting seabirds and reptiles.

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A buff-winged starfrontlet humming bird in Ecuador
Bird Watchers Tour of Galapagos and Ecuador

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,670

Over 1,600 different birds flutter across Ecuador's sublime landscapes, the country's unusual ecosystems creating a haven for the endemic and endangered. This handcrafted bird watching tour of Galapagos and Ecuador blends the fabulous range of colors, habitats, and mating displays, from the waved albatross to sword-billed hummingbirds and the Andean cock-of-the-rock. You spend seven days in the Andean cloud forest then five days on the Galapagos, with every day exploring a series of birding sites. If interested in adding additional unique experiences to your custom itinerary, consider perusing the Ecuador and Galapagos page for more trip ideas to Galapagos.

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