Young African leopard in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
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The ruined city of Great Zimbabwe exudes an ancient magnificence, having once served as the royal palace. The roaring waters of Victoria Falls inspire those who venture to them, often described as one of the greatest natural spectacles to behold. Expect high levels of privacy and exclusive game drive experiences at Hwange National Park, famous for its large elephant population.

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Elephant reaching to the branches of an Ana Tree in Mana Pools National Park

Best of Zimbabwe for 2022-2023

12 Day Custom Tour

Zimbabwe’s diverse wilderness and rich heritage are yours to discover during this thrilling 12-day adventure in Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Park, and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. Admire the jaw-dropping world wonder Victoria Falls from lofty viewpoints, the immense bushveld veiling Mana Pools, gorgeous glistening channels of the Zambezi River, and inspiring wildlife wandering Malilangwe’s flourishing and nourishing environments along the way.

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Leopard in the African savanna

Best of Zimbabwe Safari: Exclusive Camps and Experiences

13 Day Custom Tour

From $11,045

Zimbabwe has always offered exceptional big-game safari, with intimate encounters with black and white rhinos, thousands of elephants, and exclusive concessions and thrilling game walks. New luxury camps and private reserves have opened in the last few years, as the country’s safari industry has been re-energized. These highlights of Zimbabwe safaris celebrate Zimbabwe’s new and exclusive experiences, including aerial charters, modern luxury camps, and wonderful wildlife encounters.

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Lion cub in Zimbabwe

Signature One-Week Zimbabwe Safari

8 Day Custom Tour

From $7,115

Zimbabwe will take you closer as photography hides abound for your easy viewing as you walk amongst elephants, take a boat with hippos nearby and antelopes run through your camp. Your weeklong safari will explore the heart of the country’s experience with days packed with unique safari activities, breathtaking encounters, and authentic luxury accommodation. There will be hardly anyone else around on your as you discover the big-game beauty of Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Mana Pools, all destinations as distinctive as the country they define.

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Jacaranda trees lining the street in Harare, Zimbabwe

Romantic Zimbabwe Safari for Couples

13 Day Custom Tour

From $11,695

Intimate and indulgent, this couple’s getaway combines Zimbabwe’s safari charm with Indian Ocean island seclusion. Watch elephants from the camp, discover much more than the Big Five, settle into white sand paradise, and celebrate in Southern Africa’s most romantic accommodation. There are three days of relaxed safari on Lake Kariba, four days of exclusive encounters in the private Malilangwe Reserve, and five days of barefoot escapism on Benguerra Island to conclude your safari vacation together.  As you consider your Zimbabwe safari trip, considering browsing some of our other itineraries for further inspiration for you both.

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Elephant and buffaloes by a waterhole in Zimbabwe

Luxury Highlights of Zimbabwe Safari in 10 Days

10 Day Custom Tour

From $9,995

This 10-day Zimbabwe safari is a celebration of everything that Africa offers to its travelers. Enjoy a private luxury reserve with easy Big Five sightings in Malilangwe, take in a world wonder at Victoria Falls, explore a vast unchartered national park with Gonarezhou, be mesmerized by the charms of the wetlands in Mana Pools and then conclude with the drama of the savannah in Hwange. The beauty of mixing game drives with walks and boat safari will bring you an encompassing and expressive 10-days of safari experiences and cast Zimbabwe as Africa’s seductress.

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View of a waterhole in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Dry Season Safari: June to September

12 Day Custom Tour

From $6,235

Wild dogs denning, rhinos roaming, lions and leopards hunting and elephants congregating around parched waterholes abound as you visit Zimbabwe in the dry season.  You can explore some of Africa’s greatest safari scenes at the ultimate time of the year as the months between June to September are prime for exceptional wildlife sightings. However, unlike many other African destinations, Zimbabwe’s dry season is not crowded with tourists, so the region will be like your own wilderness playground.

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Wild dog in the African savanna

Raw Africa: Safari in Zimbabwe’s Unknown Parks

14 Day Custom Tour

From $12,735

Zimbabwe’s national parks redefine adventure as these are Africa’s wild frontiers.  You can walk with rhinos and then disappear into rugged mountains, canoe past hippos and then find carnivores on the ancient plains. This two-week safari explores the country’s mostly unknown and unseen parks with eight distinctive destinations that dance with originality and delight in their wildlife charm. Intrepid and evocative, this is a journey into Africa in ways rarely seen.

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A Zimbabwe sunset creating tree silhouettes in the foreground

Into the Wild: Zimbabwe Walking & Canoeing Safari

11 Day Custom Tour

From $8,795

Safari is different in Zimbabwe. Walk across landscapes of rhinos and elephants, canoe through rivers of big game, and feel a deep connection with the wild. Combine a 4-day canoe expedition with days spent walking in the bush, and this exclusive adventure provides a new perspective on African safari. You will find yourself listening, smelling, looking and feeling as all of your senses will be inspired on this intrepid journey into areas that very rarely see people. Celebrate the authenticity and wonder of a big-game world.

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Zambia, Victoria Falls

Multi-Country Zimbabwe and Zambia Safari

12 Day Custom Tour

From $6,295

Both bafflingly beautiful and incredibly remote, there is something ineffable about the Zambezi River and its surroundings. Wilderness and wildlife thrive here as elephants and buffalo are among those that swim between countries. With eight full days of immersion in the world of big-game, this diverse safari explores the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides, from Victoria Falls to lakes of hippos, walks with rhinos to a profusion of big cats. Welcome to untouched Southern Africa, inexpressible until you experience it for yourself.

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Herd of elephants in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Green Season Safari: December to March

10 Day Custom Tour

From $4,095

Embrace the feeling of having wild Africa as your private safari playground by exploring Zimbabwe during the green season. Calves are nurtured on the plains as predators are lurking with big game concentrates in astonishing numbers before each sets off on separate migrations. Victoria Falls gushes with remarkable intensity and from December to March, there is hardly another person in sight as it is just you and some of the very best of an African safari. This 10-day safari will celebrate the best of it all.

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Gorgeous view of Victoria Falls at sunset with a rainbow forming in the mist, Zambia, Africa

Exclusive Zimbabwe Safari: The Best Camps for Africa's Most Authentic Safari

13 Day Custom Tour

From $13,125

Zimbabwe celebrates every element of an authentic African safari. Black and white rhinos march past luxury camps, lions chase the sable antelope along the river, and you will lose track of the number of elephant herds that come into view. Zimbabwe is a country with so many grand natural spectacles that will begin to feel like your own private safari playgrounds. This 13-day safari will handpick the finest camps for Zimbabwe's ultimate big game adventure and immerse all your senses as you visit Victoria Falls, Hwange, Lake Kariba, Matobo Hills and Malilangwe.

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A magestic lion gazes across the land in the savanna

Best of Zimbabwe and Chobe Private Safari

10 Day Custom Tour

From $6,995

Southern Africa is a rich tapestry of landscapes and wilderness that is stitched together by the migration of mammals along infamous rivers. Dramatic spectacles burst from their seams as habitats are dyed their distinctive colors, and nature's fabric weaves from dense, mystical forests to the open savanna. This exclusive safari itinerary journeys to the heart of Africa and connects three of its most diverse experiences: Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, and Hwange National Park.

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Undiscovered Gems of Zimbabwe: Matobo Hills, Malilangwe and Gonarezhou Safari

9 Day Custom Tour


Few people have even heard of Zimbabwe’s side of the Greater Kruger ecosystem. It’s magnificent, brimming with rhinos and lions, combining savannah adventure and dramatic waterside scenes. It has the same wonderful wildlife as in neighboring South Africa, but with enhanced intimacy and without the crowds. This handcrafted safari celebrates this hidden wildlife world, combining enchanting Matobo Hills, luxurious Malilangwe, and incredibly unexplored Gonarezhou.

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Five-Star Zimbabwe Safari For Active Families

11 Day Custom Tour


Intimate and evocative, Zimbabwe reveals the true brilliance of the African wilderness. The country takes you off the standard trail and into a world of safe Big Five encounters and thrilling authenticity, where an outdoors playground is constantly tailored to your interests. Expert family guides lead this three-stop private safari, handcrafting each day to your mood and energy levels, enhancing each destination with some of Africa’s most exclusive encounters.

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Rich Heritage of Africa: A Unique Safari in Zimbabwe & Botswana Itinerary

14 Day Custom Tour


Epic animal migrations, ancient city ruins, exquisite wetlands, stories told through rock art, complex savannahs untouched by time; Zimbabwe is where Africa’s natural and cultural heritage comes together. This 2-week safari celebrates the contrasting angles, immersing you in the narratives that make Africa so special. From experiences with San Bushmen to game drives with over 100 mammal species, it’s a dreamy journey into a continent that both inspires and educates.

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Breathtaking Victoria Falls & Hwange Safari: Luxury Lodges and Intimate Experiences

10 Day Custom Tour


Laid-back and luxurious, this 10-day safari will envelop you in the big-game charms of Zimbabwe’s wilderness. Handpicked lodges provide contemporary comforts, private activities are tailored to your mood, and the leisurely pace ensures that you safely discover the captivating brilliance of an African safari. Expect intimate encounters with the famous mammals and experiences unique to Zimbabwe with beautiful moments of surprise that will celebrate the diversity of the wild.

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Hidden Southern Africa: A Luxury Overland Safari Through Zimbabwe

14 Day Custom Tour


Delight in all the intimate details with an overland journey through the heart of Southern Africa. Crossing famous wildernesses and connecting the highlights of Zimbabwe, this private adventure plots a course to the essence of the African experience. Spot rhinos on foot, discover over a hundred mammal species, explore exotic ecosystems and feel the beauty of an untouched land. From Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, this 2-week journey is what Africa is all about.

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VIP Zimbabwe: Charter Flights, Private Safari, Expert Guides & Exclusive Camps

14 Day Custom Tour


Zimbabwe evokes all the spellbinding brilliance of Africa and big-game safari. This VIP 2-week safari makes it all accessible, with charter flights connecting wildernesses, the country’s best camps and guides, plus exclusive activities like tracking black rhinos on foot. Explore Zimbabwe’s highlights, and you discover Africa’s mosaic of experiences and landscapes, from canoeing iconic wetlands to big cats out hunting. This safari represents Zimbabwe, and Africa, at their best.

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Iconic Zimbabwe Itinerary: Victoria Falls, Hwange, Mana Pools & Lake Kariba

11 Day Custom Tour


Zimbabwe's natural legends delight in their diversity. Gushing Victoria Falls, lions chasing wildebeest on the arid savannah, nomadic elephants swimming across rivers, and wilderness celebrated in contrasting national parks. Such diversity demands a privately guided safari, one that celebrates eclectic activities and captures the essence of Zimbabwe's endless appeal. This 11-day safari flies between the country's four famous natural legends, where private guides help to reveal all.

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Classic Zimbabwe Safari: Victoria Falls, Mana Pools & Hwange

10 Day Custom Tour


Zimbabwe enchants and surprises as visitors are led into dramatic wildlife realms still untouched by mass tourism. A safari in Zimbabwe is as authentic as it gets with an epic wilderness mostly unseen and undocumented by the outside world. Exclusive and luxurious, this 10-day safari is focused on Zimbabwe’s three flagship destinations to reveal an enigmatic land that will keep you entirely engaged. You will see not only the Big Five but also 100 other wild mammal species ranging from vast elephant herds to resplendent hunters.

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Highlights of Zimbabwe: Big-Game Safari, Victoria Falls & Ancient Culture

14 Day Custom Tour


Zimbabwe always enchants as black and white rhinos elegantly move past your safari vehicle, hippos emerge upriver from Victoria Falls, and zebras wander past as you admire ancient San rock art. Home to far more than the Big Five, Zimbabwe is Africa’s often overlooked gem as the country is packed full of unique experiences and the ambiance of authentic Africa. Exploring the highlights on this 2-week safari and you will uncover one of the world’s most evocative travel destinations.

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Weeklong Safari Adventure in Botswana and Zimbabwe

8 Day Custom Tour


Wilderness reigns across Zimbabwe and Botswana, and you will explore these breathtaking destinations during this immersive 8-day safari experience from Victoria Falls to Chobe National Park, and ending in Moremi Game Reserve. Each destination is teeming with wildlife you will discover while partaking in stunning safari activities, from soaring helicopter tours over the staggering Victoria Falls to enchanting boat cruises across the Okavango Delta.

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Best of Cape Town, Cape Winelands and Zimbabwe Safari

14 Day Custom Tour


Southern Africa creates an indulgent medley of experiences, all thread together by a continual feeling of authenticity. Big game safari, verdant vineyards, majestic Victoria Falls, city colors and cultures, San bushmen, cruising past hippos and waking to elephants; your five days in the Cape precede nine days in untouched Zimbabwe. This exclusive 2-week safari connects five distinctive and disparate destinations, epitomizing the region’s fabulous breadth and wealth of experience.

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Best of Botswana & Zimbabwe Safari

11 Day Custom Tour


Safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana and you will never leave the wilderness on this 11-day adventure. You will be truly immersed in a wildlife realm: nature will sing an evening lullaby, animals will graze around the lodges, and you will gain an intimate understanding of wildlife behavior. The four destinations provide beautiful contrasts as you build a detailed picture of safaris in Southern Africa. Victoria Falls is followed by Hwange’s savanna ecosystem before the Chobe woodland contrasts the Okavango Delta. This Botswana and Zimbabwe safari will have you completely immersed in wildlife and nostalgia.

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