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Greece in April: Where to Go, What to Do, the Weather & More

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Spring blossoms near the monasteries in Meteora, Greece

Meteora, Greece

April is an ideal time to visit Greece in spring and the following information will share insight into the weather, the best places to visit, and the top experiences to have when traveling during the month.

If you wish to settle into spring on the sandy shores of pearl-white beaches along the Mediterranean coastline or welcome the blossoming season with strolls in botanical gardens alongside magnificent monasteries, then April is the perfect time to visit Greece.

We share the ideal places to hang your hats and kick back in style during your Greece tour in April, as well as what weather to expect and activities to plan for your trip.

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  2. Where to Go in Greece in April
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Weather in Greece in April

Elafonissi beach with pink sand on Crete, Greece

Elafonissi beach on Crete, Greece

Average Temperatures in Athens, Greece: 67°F High • 51°F Low

The start of spring is an excellent time to travel as the weather in Greece is comfortable, and you can expect clear skies for outdoor activities and island-hopping vacations in Greece. The days are not nearly as hot as they are in summer and not as cool as in winter, striking a great balance for spending the days on beaches, exploring the mainland, wandering the cities, and cruising between the islands.

Where to Go in Greece in April

Walkway lined with restaurants and shops in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens, Greece

Plaka neighborhood in Athens, Greece

Crete • Best Place for Great Weather

Crete is a coveted Greek destination, particularly in April, when the weather is milder than in the peak summer months. Also, the lack of crowds before the summer season allows visitors to explore the beautiful island in ideal weather conditions, without getting caught up in the hustle and bustle. Hiking the Samaria Gorge will allow you to watch the flowers bloom, before you paddleboard off the coast of Loutraki Bay or stroll across the pink sands of Elafonissi.

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Athens • Best Place for Families with Children

Travelers who visit Greece during the start of spring in April should make a stop in Athens, the ancient capital of Greece. Athens is far less busy in spring than it is in summer, allowing you and your family to enjoy many exciting experiences, without having to navigate overwhelming crowds. You can find comfort at charming restaurants, tuck into local delicacies, or visit a culinary school to master Mediterranean cuisine.

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Thessaloniki • Best Place to Avoid the Crowds

Your Greece tour in April may take you a few steps back in time as you visit the less-traveled port city of Thessaloniki. Though making it onto fewer itineraries than the popular Grecian destinations above, Thessaloniki is a delightful place that will reward your travels with exquisite dining experiences, marvelous tours of historical museums, and endearing strolls along the sparkling promenade.

Santorini • Best Place for Couples or Honeymooners

Travelers can take advantage of Santorini’s magnificent atmosphere and stunning panoramas during the spring month of April, when the crowds have not yet arrived. During this time of year, dinners overlooking the caldera during sunset or on boats sailing out to sea are the perfect way to end each day. You may also revel in day trips to nearby archeological sites and significant heritage destinations that are as inspiring as they are breathtaking.

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Naxos • Best Greek Island to Visit

Naxos is another popular Greek island that is best visited during spring, when exciting experiences are yours to enjoy without the overwhelming crowds. The island also welcomes great weather in which to spend your time gallivanting along the coruscating coast and in the serene seas. Inland, the rolling hills burst with color as the flowers greet the spring sun and rural villages invite visitors to discover the traditions of ancient Greece.

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What to Do in Greece in April

Ruins of Cleopatras House on the island of Delos, Greece

Delos Island, Greece

Immerse Yourself in Ancient Greece

Ancient heritage and contemporary culture combine in the capital of Greece, Athens, allowing visitors to experience the country’s historical journey from ancient powerhouse to modern Mediterranean getaway. Each destination you visit from Athens boasts unforgettable experiences that will let you explore the centuries-old wonders as you experience one of the best things to do in Athens and Santorini.

Discern the Nuances of Regional Delicacies

Culinary tours of Greece and the Aegean islands will allow you to discover the nuances of regional and island cuisine, from the glamorous restaurants in Athens to the bustling bars of Mykonos, modest family-run eateries of Crete, and breathtaking Santorini wine estates. You will indulge in Greek mezze, an assortment of regional snacks, at each destination and relish the regional cocktails with spectacular views of the cities or seascapes.

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Discover the Origins of Greek Mythology

Greek mythology underpins many of the world’s modern cinematic stories. The ancient Greeks were sensational storytellers whose folklore remains a pivotal part of our contemporary lives. During your Greece tour in April, you may travel through Greek mythology on tours of the magnificent Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods, set sail to Delos Island, the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, and hike the trails on Mount Ida.

Sip Cycladic Wines on Santorini

Greece has a long wine-making history that is most interesting in the Aegean’s Cycladic crown jewel, Santorini. Unique vineyards grow from the volcanic landscape and its geothermal soils, and distinct grape varietals are harvested to produce aromatic and flavorful wines. You may settle in at elite wine estates overlooking the gorgeous green vineyards and the sprawling Aegean Sea while sommeliers share the incredible vintages and iconic varietals.

Cruise the Aegean’s Azure Waters

Whether you set sail from the port city of Thessaloniki or cruise around the sparkling coastline on Mykonos vacations, the Aegean’s azure waters will invite you to glide from the shoreline to hideaway beaches, charming local villages, and stunning snorkeling spots beyond the bustling towns of Greece’s famous hotspots. You may sail during sunrise or sunset for stunning views of the islands or escape the busy beaches for some alone time on castaway sands.

Plan Your Trip to Greece in April

Walled village of Monemvasia in Laconia, Greece on the Peloponnese coast

Monemvasia in Laconia, Greece

From the magnificent seafronts of Mykonos to the charming fortress towns of the Peloponnese peninsula, you can enjoy the spoils of Greece at the start of spring with any of our customizable Greece tours in April.

As you start to plan your trip, consider more information and insight on traveling in Greece by exploring helpful advice and tips in our Greece travel guide.

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