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Top 7 Foods You Should Try When Visiting Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a city of culture and mystique. It attracts tourists from around the world eager to experience the history and tango, but you can also indulge in its fascinating food to truly discover the heritage. Argentina is famous for steak and wine, but the cuisine of the city embodies a rich heritage that combines influences from native ingredients to international flavors.

  1. 1. Asado
  2. 2. Alfajores
  3. 3. Bondiola
  4. 4. Chocotorta
  5. 5. Empanadas
  6. 6. Choripan
  7. 7. Provoleta
  8. Ready to Sample Authentic Buenos Aires Cuisine?

1. Asado

Asado, roasted meat on the grill in Argentina


When a Porteño mentions asado they could be speaking of gathering around a barbecue with friends and family or the cooking method. The marvels of a Buenos Aires asado stem from the multi-step grilling process that can last hours. The asado style of cooking embodies the spirit of Buenos Aires and the country by bringing people together with food. You can find incredible asado in any steakhouse in Buenos Aires, whether hidden gems known only to locals or famous restaurants during a customized parrilla tour of the city.

2. Alfajores

Argentinian cookies, Alfajores


In Buenos Aires, these cookies are as much about Porteños’ sweet life as they are about the culinary traditions locals hold dear. The outer layers are similar to shortbread, with dulce de leche stuffed between them. The recipe dates back to the Spanish Moors. They are customarily eaten for breakfast, dessert or as a snack and are often accompanied by coffee. Gain an understanding of their popularity in the famous cafes and bakeries in the city.

3. Bondiola

Slow cooked pork shoulder in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bondiola is one of Buenos Aires’s most popular street foods. It has its roots in the working class and Italian cucina povera. The dish is typically found at mobile grill carts or kiosks, where flaky, soft bread is filled with slow-cooked pork shoulder. If you order the dish completo a caballo, you’ll find ham, cheese and a fried egg.

4. Chocotorta

Chocotorta, chocolate cake with made with soaked cookies, dolche de leche and cream


The decadent chocotorta, or “chocolate cake”, with its simple, but delicious flavour, is a traditional Argentinian dessert. The cake is not baked, but chilled in a thin pan filled with chocolinas cookies soaked in coffee. However, chefs and home cooks also use Kahlua. Layer upon layer of soaked cookies are topped with dulce de leche and a cream consisting of cream cheese and sour cream. You can sample chocotorta in cafes, restaurants and bakeries across the city.

5. Empanadas

Empanadas from a street vendor in Argentina


Empanadas are a staple in many South American countries, but Argentinians, and specifically those who live in Buenos Aires, have their own twist on the doughy pockets that are stuffed with a variety of ingredients, traditional or exotic. You will find empanadas in stalls all over the city, but when searching for the best, head for restaurants and cafes or bakeries which fill their display windows with a wide selection daily.

6. Choripan

Choripan, Argentinian churizo sausage sandwich


The traditional choripan is one of the city’s most popular street foods. The most common choripan consists of chorizo sausage, caramelized onions, pickled eggplant and green peppers. The bread is often flavored with simple but delicious chimichurri. Choripan is not the most sophisticated dish in Buenos Aires, but its simplicity and accessibility make it one of the most popular, with restaurants, carts and cafes attracting locals eager to sink their teeth into deliciousness.

7. Provoleta

Provoleta, seasoned cheese cooked on a grill until crispy


The proveleta consists of a slice of pungent, sharp cheese seasoned with oregano and chili flakes before it is cooked on the grill. The cheese melts easily, quickly becoming crispy when drizzled with olive oil, which helps accentuate the natural oil. The cheese normally cooks until the outer layer hardens into a crispy shell with a hot, molten interior. Cheese lovers and vegetarians are guaranteed not to forget provoleta, with certain restaurants specializing in the dish to showcase its splendid layers of flavor.

Ready to Sample Authentic Buenos Aires Cuisine?

Argentinian ribs on a metal rack resting after being grilled


Each neighborhood in Buenos Aires tells a unique story, but the food speaks of the city as a whole. Culinarily, Buenos Aires steps beyond the flavors of food by establishing a treasured ambiance in which to enjoy them. Find inspiration for your culinary tour of Argentina with an Argentina travel expert by filling out a Trip Request or call us on 1-888-265-9707.

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