Sunset at thee Galapagos in Ecuador

Galapagos Islands Wildlife Tour & Scuba Diving: Tortoises, Sea Lions & Seabirds

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Countries Visited

Galapagos / Ecuador

Places Visited

Quito, La Compania, Galapagos Islands, Puerto Ayora...

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Suggested Duration

11 Days

Galapagos beauty dances above and below the water. Hammerhead sharks swarm beside colorful reef walls while strange seabirds mate on volcanic cliffs. Eagle rays and sea turtles cruise through dive sites while giant tortoises and penguins waddle across the islands. Combining four days of diving with five days of island excursions, this Galapagos Islands wildlife tour with scuba diving blends the best of the two worlds, offering a truly eclectic and authentic immersion in the remarkable wildlife...

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Trip Highlights

  • Spend four days diving the Galapagos, including two dives at the famous sites of Gordon Rocks and Cousin Rocks
  • Enjoy five-day excursions to some of the iconic land sites of the archipelago, like North Seymour and Bartolome Islands
  • Sunbathe beside sea lion colonies on remote white-sand beaches
  • Visit the nesting sites of unusual seabirds and admire their mating displays, like the inflated scarlet chests of the magnificent frigate
  • Wander through landscapes of lava flows and gaze into the depths of extinct volcanic craters
  • Discover a marine world that includes schools of hammerhead sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, sea turtles, barracuda, and many different eels
  • Admire endemic species both above and below the surface, like strange cardinal fish and weird marine iguanas
  • Base yourself in one of the archipelago's finest hotels just steps away from eclectic wildlife and a glorious beach

Detailed Description

The Galapagos archipelago is scarcely believable, both above and below the water. Massive schools of hammerhead sharks circle above the strange colors of endemic fish. Blue-footed boobies dance to attract a mate, hopping from foot to foot to display their azure appendages. Manta rays and Galapagos sharks cruise across dive sites while prehistoric reptiles hang out on walking trails. Each island and dive site is unique, formed from its nutrient-rich volcanic soil and the convergence of three distinct ocean currents. Nothing is at it seems and is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else on the planet. Consider reading for yourself other travelers' breathtaking accounts in their Galapagos Islands tour reviews.

This encompassing Galapagos Islands wildlife tour with scuba diving mixes the very best of the archipelago's sites, combining four days of scuba diving with five days of land-based excursions. It's an itinerary for certified divers who wish to discover the complete Galapagos world, rather than merely the sites beneath the water. Because while sea turtles and giant tortoises make for wonderful memories, the archipelago's diversity means that seeing them both is far more emblematic. On the land-based excursions, there's also multiple opportunities to kayak and snorkel, helping bring the delights of sea lions and penguins to your marine exploration. With a luxury Santa Cruz hotel as your base, the whole of the Central Galapagos is explored. And you don't need to go far. Iconic seabirds, strange iguanas, boisterous sea lions, and glorious beaches are within a few steps of the hotel.

You'll make two dives at each of four iconic dive sites. Mosquera Islet offers an eclectic introduction to the marine world while Daphne Minor brings a haven of endemic species and unusual characters. At Cousin Rocks, you'll enjoy the juxtaposition of macro life in the coral covered rocks and giant creatures soaring the depths. Then Gordon Rocks provides the famed sightings of hammerhead schools and huge rays. But this is the Galapagos, so regular encounters with the big sharks and rays is a consistent part of the itinerary. Think of barracuda schools, giant sea turtles, tiger snake eels, eagle rays, sting rays, white-tipped reef sharks, moray eels, and the abundance of hammerheads as you dive the famous sites of the Central Galapagos.

Back on land, daily excursions by yacht and road explore the archipelago's idiosyncrasy. North Seymour is a remarkable breeding ground for boobies and two frigate species. Bartolome is all about walking on a Mars-like terrain and marveling at the relics of volcanic history. Giant tortoises cover the Santa Cruz highlands while endemic reptiles and sea lions greet you at the beach of Santa Fe Island. And just like the eclectic dive sites, strict national park regulations ensure that these sites are free of other tourists. Visits are scheduled so only one group at a time is exploring the site, meaning no diver bubbles interrupting your view and no extra footsteps spoiling the mating scenes of seabirds. Throughout the whole itinerary, you get an exclusive private viewing of the Galapagos world.

Starting Price

$10,720 per person (excluding international flights)

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