Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido), Galapagos Islands

Deluxe Galapagos Islands Tour From Quito

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Countries Visited

Galapagos / Ecuador

Places Visited

Quito, Pinchinca Volcano, Baltra Island, North Seymour Island...

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Suggested Duration

10 Days

Travel into the mysterious realm of wildlife with this 10-day deluxe Galapagos Islands tour from Quito. Explore the first ever World Heritage site then cruise through the archipelago of volcanic islands, endemic creatures, and evolutionary brilliance. On the 8-day luxury cruise, you discover the sublime and surreal wildlife of ten different islands, from giant tortoises to blue-footed boobies and diving penguins. It's intimate and authentic, with no interruption to the natural immersion.

Customizable Itinerary

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Trip Highlights

  • Spend eight days exploring the Galapagos on a luxury yacht
  • Start the trip with two days in the first ever World Heritage Site, Quito
  • Enjoy intimate encounters with the many endemic wonders of the Galapagos, like marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins, and surreal birds
  • Visit ten different Galapagos islands and discover how wildlife has evolved separately across the archipelago
  • Explore a vibrant underwater world with a choice of kayaking, snorkeling, and glass-bottomed boat excursions
  • Wander across red-sand beaches filled with the antics of sea lions
  • Come face to face with hundreds of giant tortoises and then find sea turtles beneath the water surface
  • Admire whales and dolphins from the spacious sundeck, stargaze from the yacht's jacuzzi and dine on fabulously fresh food from the ocean

Detailed Description

This handcrafted luxury vacation takes you on the finest of Galapagos tours from Quito, Ecuador. Spend the first two days immersed in the first ever World Heritage Site, sleeping in the converted colonial townhouse of a 17th-century conquistador. Then fly to the archipelago for an 8-day Galapagos tour on a deluxe yacht. Cruise to the isolated western islands and marvel at strange characters like flightless cormorants. As whales follow the boat, you continue to red beaches filled with sea lions, lush highlands covered in giant tortoises, and the nesting sites of rare seabirds. With eight days, you can fully indulge in the surreal and strange wildlife, whether that's on walks across volcanic islands or snorkeling and glass-bottomed boat rides above vivid reefs. With this deluxe Galapagos tour from Quito, you immerse yourself in Ecuador's two premier attractions, mixing the cultural wonder with an unforgettable natural realm.

Ecuador's capital is quick to imbue its charms, especially when your hotel is part of the World Heritage area. From the private balcony, there's a glorious view of Plaza de la Independencia, the presidential palace, and late-16th-century Moorish domes. With its colorful courtyards and serene lanes, this old city provides an easy mix of relaxation and cultural exploration. Churches are completely coated in gold, snow-capped volcanoes twinkle in the distance, and the fresh scents of coffee and cacao mingle on the street. You'll enjoy a full-day guided excursion of the important historical sights before flying to your Galapagos Islands tour from Quito on day three.

The first Galapagos inhabitants were reptiles who arrived on floating trees uprooted from the mainland. Two million years of evolution later and these reptiles are as bizarre as they come, including 550-pound giant tortoises, lava lizards, and endemic marine iguanas that survive off salt water. These are just the start of your wildlife adventure. Board a luxury yacht and head into the Western Galapagos, stopping off at the seabird nesting grounds of North Seymour. Admire the hopping antics of blue-footed boobies and watch magnificent frigates stand proudly with their inflated throat-sacks. It's an ideal introduction to the natural splendor, one that's combined with an elegant first evening on the spacious yacht.

Over the next eight days, you visit ten different islands, each with its particular landscape and wildlife highlights. Discover the nesting sites of sea turtles, get intimate with endemic land iguanas, kayak with sea lions, and watch flamingos wade through brackish lagoons. The itinerary unveils the eclectic splendor of the islands, and there's a wonderful paradox to enjoy. On the one hand, the Galapagos is amongst the planet's greatest wilderness realms. At the same time, the yacht allows you to explore in modern luxury. Adventure blends with tranquility, like when gourmet ceviche is served when you return from a glass-bottomed boat excursion. And there's always a sublime viewing area of the Pacific from the sundeck.

Starting Price

$9,745 per person (excluding international flights)

Your Zicasso trip is fully customizable, and this sample itinerary is a starting place for your travel plans. Actual costs are dynamic, and your selection of accommodations and activities, your season of travel, and other such variables will bring this budget guideline up or down. Throughout your planning experience with your Zicasso specialist, your itinerary is designed around your budget. You can book your trip when you are satisfied with every detail. Planning your trip with a Zicasso travel specialist is a free service.

What's Included

  • Accommodations
  • In-country transportation
  • Some or all activities and tours
  • Expert trip planning
  • 24x7 support during your trip

Your final trip cost will vary based on your selected accommodations, activities, meals, and other trip elements that you opt to include.

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