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9 Most Romantic Places in Morocco for Couples

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The Secret Garden in Marrakech, Morocco

The Secret Garden in Marrakech, Morocco

The nine most romantic places in Morocco for couples embody heritage, seclusion, and opulence.

With grand palaces, traditional architecture, and natural splendor, Morocco is an incredible destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Lounge in cultural mansions, wander through elaborate gardens, or bask in the beauty of a desert sunset.

Whether looking for a cosmopolitan introduction to imperial cities, eager to explore a colorful marketplace, hoping for the perfect mountain resort, or keen to enjoy the seaside, Morocco is steeped in romantic ambiance.

  1. 1. Erg Chebbi
  2. 2. Ouarzazate
  3. 3. Zaouia d’Ifrane
  4. 4. Marrakech
  5. 5. Fez
  6. 6. Essaouira
  7. 7. Tetouan
  8. 8. Oualidia
  9. 9. Chefchaouen
  10. Explore the Most Romantic Places in Morocco for Couples

1. Erg Chebbi

Luxury desert camp under the stars in Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Desert Luxury Camp in Erg Chebbi, Morocco

The drama of nature and the beauty of seclusion can be found in Erg Chebbi, one of the best places for couples to visit in Morocco. Golden sand dunes roll to the horizon, the hot Sahara sunlight glints against the landscape, and sunset brings fire to the sky.

By finding the best time to visit, you can camp out in style beneath the vast blanket of twinkling stars or embrace the overlooked charms of sunrise, which returns a dazzling array of colors to the desert scenery. Sip hot mint tea, dance under the night sky, or simply enjoy the remoteness in Erg Chebbi.

2. Ouarzazate

Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate, Morocco

Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate, Morocco

As the film set of award-winning movies like Gladiator and The Mummy, Ouarzazate rises out of an oasis like a dream of what you hope a hidden and ancient desert city to be.

Sand-swept streets, swaying date palms, and a touch of seclusion can bring romance to your view of the kasbah and surrounding Draa Valley. Whether walking along the winding alleys or lounging by a desert pool, you can indulge in endless simple pleasures while moving through your day.

3. Zaouia d’Ifrane

 Green slopes of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas mountains, morocco

Ilfrane in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Active couples passionate about nature can discover secluded corners when on the trail through Ifrane National Park, which connects to the tiny village of Zaouia Ifrane.

Instead of a single destination, you can enjoy a collection of settlements in the Middle Atlas Mountains for a retreat into romance. Find stone Berber houses. Uncover cascading waterfalls that splash against rock pools. Witness lush alpine fields and aromatic cedar forests. The romance of nature and tradition will come into focus in Zaouia Ifrane.

4. Marrakech

Djemaa el Fna market in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

The rich reds of the architecture lend to the romantic ambiance of historic Marrakech.

The narrow and medieval lanes of the souk carry a festive air, while antique gardens blossom against preserved regal designs, immersing you in the best places to visit in the city. No matter the season, the streets of the medina feel warm and inviting, with poets, jugglers, and food vendors in Djemaa El Fna Square demonstrating the thrill of a city that has become home to legendary romance.

Vibrant colors, shopping, history, and energy create timeless memories for you and your partner.

5. Fez

Riad courtyard in Fez, Morocco

Riad courtyard in Fez, Morocco

As the spiritual and cultural center of Morocco, Fez embraces its past to create the ambiance of a storybook inside the preserved medina.

Elegant riads capture the returned opulence of past mansions and rooftop cafes provide panoramic views across the imperial city. Walkable lanes lead to ancient universities and fascinating museum galleries. Each new monument highlights the intricate beauty of the past and its preservation as you explore the top things to see in Fez.

Exquisite water features, hidden alleyways bursting with aromatic cuisine, a sea of minarets decorating the skyline, and tireless artisans shaping excellent crafts make it easy to fall in love with Fez.

6. Essaouira

Couple riding camels along the beach in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco

The fabulous mix of relaxation, colonial architecture, and historical culture make Essaouira a popular destination in Morocco for couples looking for romance.

Boutique riads and cheerful beaches set a perfect scene along the Atlantic coastline, punctuated by the walls of the Portuguese fortress. Take a romantic camel ride along the water’s edge or capture the customs of Morocco during a private cooking class.

Find one of the country’s top vineyards to sample mouthwatering wines, with a view of the vineyards. Colorful, lively, and scented with a mixture of spice and sea, Essaouira is endlessly atmospheric.

7. Tetouan

Tetouan, Morocco

Tetouan, Morocco

Tetouan is a perfect destination for a couple’s getaway as you immerse yourself in a jewel at the base of the Rif Mountains. While often overlooked by travelers, the city represents tradition and culture, with deep connections to Spain. Nature captures the wonders of the mountains on the outskirts, while the city reflects historical charm in the whitewashed walls of the medina.

Restored mansions, dramatic fortress walls, colorful shops inside the souk, and incredible Roman and Phoenician artifacts in the archeological museum make Teteouan a quiet escape for couples looking for lesser-known elegance and charisma.

8. Oualidia

Laguna Oualidia, Morocco

Oualidia, Morocco

Coastal beauty and seclusion bring fame to the otherwise quiet shores of Oualidia. The resort town wraps around the crescent-shaped lagoon and features golden sands and relaxing waters, with waves breaking against the rocky edges in the distance.

Excellent restaurants and gorgeous accommodations capture the popularity of the beach as a weekend and summer retreat, while birdwatchers flock to the waters in search of migrating flamingos and storks in the surrounding wetlands.

Oualidia is the perfect escape for couples looking for coastal romance and a touch of Morocco’s diversity.

9. Chefchaouen

Courtyard in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The mystic ambiance of Chefchaouen creates a romantic ambiance along the vibrant streets of the Blue City.

Tucked into the slopes of the Rif Mountains, the city embodies tradition in daily life demonstrated within the blue walls of the medina. Lanes open to vibrant mountain panoramas and the restored kasbah offers touches of Andalusian influence in welcoming cafes and restaurants in Plaza Uta El Hammam.

Venture into the mountains in search of waterfalls or spend time admiring the architecture of the Grand Mosque, enjoy a traditional bakery or embrace the winding trails to find romance.

Explore the Most Romantic Places in Morocco for Couples

Garden courtyard at La Mamounia in Marrakech, Morocco

La Mamounia Ressort in Marrakech, Morocco

From luxurious mansions to antique courtyards, lively marketplaces to enticing squares, you can embrace the spirit of romance during your couple’s trip to Morocco.

Indulge in the views of mountain landscapes or bask in the remote beauty of the Sahara Desert, stroll through gardens that blossom with vibrant flora or enjoy the view of the Atlantic coast as you experience the country’s timeless joys.

Zicasso’s Morocco tours and vacations inspire you to create the right customizable itinerary for your perfect romantic vacation. Speak with a Morocco travel specialist to plan your getaway after exploring more ideas with our honeymoon travel guide.

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