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10 Best Places to Visit in Argentina with Family

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Kids enjoying the view of lake and mountains in Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina

The 10 best places to visit in Argentina with family are gateways to culture, cinematic scenery, and unforgettable experiences for travelers of all ages.

Family trips to Argentina are memorable as there are beautiful regions with diverse landscapes, exciting activities in dynamic environments, and cultural customs that inspire. Parents and their children can cruise across the tranquil glacial lakes of the Lake District, see the mighty Iguazu Falls, and watch colorful tango performances in Buenos Aires.

Each destination is unique and your family vacation to these best places to visit in Argentina will introduce you and your children to boundless splendor.

  1. 1. Lake District
  2. 2. Iguazú National Park
  3. 3. Ushuaia
  4. 4. Mendoza
  5. 5. Buenos Aires
  6. 6. El Calafate
  7. 7. El Chalten
  8. 8. Puerto Madryn
  9. 9. Iberá National Park
  10. 10. Salta
  11. Explore the Best Places to Visit in Argentina with Family

1. Lake District

Viewpoint on top of cerro Campanario, Lake District, Argentina

Lake District, Argentina

Argentina’s Lake District is a paradise of glacial lakes and alpine towns where adventure awaits. With views of lush forests and snowy Andes summits, a trip to the region will captivate you and your children.

San Carlos de Bariloche is the central city in the Lake District and a gateway to the natural paradise of Patagonia. You and your children can use the city as a base from which to experience some of the best things to do in Argentina’s great alpine outdoors. White-water rafting is a thrilling activity across rapids through the lush forests and road trips are the perfect way to explore the region.

You can also kayak across the lakes, ride horses across shallow channels and up the mountains, or hike as a family to viewpoints with panoramic mountain vistas.

Highlights: White-water rafting • Road trips • Kayaking • Hiking • Chocolate tasting • Museo de la Patagonia • Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 days

2. Iguazú National Park

 Birdwatching at Iguazú National Park in Argentina

Iguazú National Park, Argentina

Visit Argentina with your family to see one of the natural world’s wonders, Iguazu Falls. Cascading towering cliffs in Iguazu National Park, the impressive display is just one exciting aspect of a trip to this incredible place.

A prolific subtropical rainforest surrounds the immense collection of waterfalls that plunge into the massive canyon. Families visiting the falls also adventure through the greenery to see the curious creatures and beautiful birdlife living within the canopy.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Iguazu as a family. You can take a motorboat to the base of the falls and cheer as the surging waters spray you. You can also journey through the rainforest in a 4x4 to reach secret spots in the leafy woodlands. Finally, your children would love the opportunity to see the tropical scenes and spot the endemic wildlife from an eco-train that navigates the rainforest.

Highlights: Iguazu Falls • Wildlife viewing • Birdwatching • Motorboat cruise to the base of the falls • 4x4 rainforest adventure • Rainforest Ecological Train

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 days

3. Ushuaia

End of the World Train trip, Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is a city in the far southern reaches of Argentina, fondly referred to as the End of the World. Intrepid families flock to the adventure hub to experience the exhilarating mix of outdoor activities in one of the world’s most magnificent frozen regions.

The resort town overlooks the Beagle Channel, is flanked by pearl-white mountains dressed in snow, and is a runway for Antarctica cruises from Argentina. There are unique things to discover in the town as you meander from the port to restaurants, souvenir shops, and museums. Outside of town adventure awaits and families make quick work of it to take full advantage of the remarkable surrounding region.

Family trips to Ushuaia might become your favorite Patagonia experience, as they reveal the unspoiled landscapes of Tierra del Fuego National Park, the history of the Faro Les Éclaireurs lighthouse, and the adorable Magellanic penguins that gather on Isla Martillo. Families can also enjoy the cinematic views from the End of the World Train that trundles through Ushuaia’s idyllic surroundings.

Highlights: Tierra del Fuego National Park • Faro Les Éclaireurs lighthouse • Isla Martillo tour to see the Magellanic penguins • End of the World Train trip

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 days

4. Mendoza

Vineyard with the Andes in the background in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is much more than one of Argentina’s wine regions; it is a magical place to visit as it hosts experiences for parents and children of all ages. As one of the best wine regions in Argentina, Mendoza appeals to parents who love fine offerings, while as a hub of art and culture, the city is a dream destination for creative children.

Parents can plan sensational wine-tasting tours to Mendoza’s best estates, with vineyards covering the emerald and golden plateau beneath the Andes Mountains. As they sip exceptional malbecs and learn about the wine-making heritage from sommeliers, children can partake in creative culinary classes or art activities that make Mendoza’s wine route enjoyable and educational for all.

Returning to the city center, families can explore the districts on foot or by bicycle. You can pedal past art deco architecture to floral gardens or visit historic museums and the Cerro de la Gloria memorial monument, to name a few top sightseeing experiences.

Highlights: Wine tasting • Cooking classes • Art and craft classes • Cycling tour • Cerro de la Gloria

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 days

5. Buenos Aires

Tango dancers performing in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is a busy, vibrant, and cultural city in which to introduce your family to the diverse influences spreading across Argentina’s cosmopolitan coast.

Buenos Aires offers a variety of activities for families and the best way to begin your trip in the city is to stroll through famous neighborhoods to acclimate to the vibrant atmosphere. You can watch tango performers twirl on the streets of La Boca, explore the trendy hotspots of Palermo for delicious delicacies, and experience the 17th-century history of San Telmo.

You and your children can also indulge in the fantastic cuisine of Buenos Aires with an authentic Argentine barbeque known as asado, visit the dramatic and beautiful mausoleums of Recoleta Cemetery, or walk within Plaza de Mayo to the iconic Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires.

Highlights: Tango performances • Argentina asado and culinary tour of Palermo • History tour of San Telmo • Recoleta Cemetery • Plaza de Mayo • Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 days

6. El Calafate

Family enjoying the view of the Perito Moreno glacier in El Calafate

El Calafate, Argentina

El Calafate, the gateway to Argentine Patagonia, is a marvelous place to visit as a family as it features the best glaciers in the country. The city is also around the corner from cultural villages and estancias, Argentine cattle ranches.

The main attraction for families visiting El Calafate is the Perito Moreno Glacier. The incredible icy landscape is within the Los Glaciares National Park, a prime destination for hikes and casual walks. Perito Moreno Glacier is a mesmerizing wall of white ice that drips into turquoise waters contrasting the green and yellow forests of El Calafate. Hikes range from easy to difficult, and you can find a trek that is suitable for you and your children.

You can also experience sailing and kayaking, great ways to see the scenery from new perspectives. Finally, you can bring your family to the Glaciarium Patagonian Ice Museum to learn more about the Patagonian Ice Field and its remarkable frozen formations.

Highlights: Estancia tours • Perito Moreno Glacier • Los Glaciares National Park • Hiking • Sailing and kayaking • Glaciarium Patagonian Ice Museum

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 days

7. El Chalten

Laguna de los Tres, El Chalten, Argentina

Laguna de los Tres, El Chalten, Argentina

El Chalten is a village within Los Glaciares National Park that invites you and your family to explore more of the glacial landscapes of Argentine Patagonia. The trekking in El Chalten is some of the best in Patagonia, featuring a combination of casual and challenging hikes to entertain those of all ages.

El Chalten’s breathtaking scenery of rugged mountains, icy peaks, and tranquil lakes is the perfect backdrop for family photographs at panoramic viewpoints. You can circle the towering cliff face of Cerro Torre to view the imposing white-tipped mountains of Fitz Roy, wander the dusty paths to the sparkling waters of Laguna de los Tres, or admire sunsets over Laguna Capri.

Family trips to El Chalten bless travelers with some of the best outdoor experiences in Argentina, revealing the beauty of Patagonia.

Highlights: Trekking • Cerro Torre • Fitz Roy • Laguna de los Tres • Laguna Capri

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 days

8. Puerto Madryn

Magallenic penguins at Punta Tombo in Argentina

Punta Tombo, Argentina

The northern Patagonian coastal city of Puerto Madryn is a marine sanctuary that entertains families of all ages. Sandy beaches, seaside restaurants, and marine wildlife lookout points capture the attention of parents and children.

On a trip to Puerto Madryn, you can spend days in the sunshine and stroll across the soft, white-sand shores. You and your family can tuck into spectacular seafood dishes, partake in water sports at wide beaches, and enjoy cruises from the coast to castaway islands teeming with marine life.

Whale watching from the Peninsula Valdés is an unforgettable experience to embrace as a family, trips to Punta Tombo to walk with the colonies of Magellanic penguins are surreal, and snorkeling with sea lions leaves a lasting impression. The Yellow Submarine experience is also a must for families visiting Puerto Madryn, as the boat’s lower deck, submerged beneath the water’s surface, lets you see whales up close.

Highlights: Snorkeling • Kite surfing • Whale watching at Peninsula Valdés • Walking with Magellanic penguins at Punta Tombo • Snorkeling with sea lions • Yellow Submarine whale-watching experience

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 days

9. Iberá National Park

Marsh deer in Iberá National Park, Argentina

Iberá National Park, Argentina

Argentina’s Iberá National Park is a wildlife sanctuary of wetlands, grasslands, savannas, and forests. Families adore trips to the park as wildlife watching is some of the most impressive in the country.

The slow pace of trips to Iberá National Park lets you relax and unwind after exploring busier parts of Argentina. It is a wildlife haven where South American-style safaris let families venture through the diverse ecosystems in search of endemic animals and birdlife. You can spot rheas, howler monkeys, and capybara. The local rewilding initiatives also increase your chances of seeing the endangered jaguar and green-tipped macaw.

The experiences in Iberá National Park are unique, including, for example, horse-drawn boat trips across the shallow wetlands. You can also visit colonial villages like Concepción or the jaguar breeding center of San Alonso Biological Centre. Wildlife exploration as a family in Iberá National Park is endless.

Highlights: Wildlife viewing • Birdwatching • South American-style safaris • Horse-drawn boat trips • Concepción • San Alonso Biological Centre

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 days

10. Salta

Calchaqui Valley in Salta, Argentina

Salta, Argentina

The city of Salta is a Spanish colonial and Andean cultural hotspot set in the mountains of northwestern Argentina. It is a phenomenal place to visit as a family as it is an epicenter of tradition and a gateway to the surrounding natural beauty of the Andes.

There is a distinct mix of old and new in the city, with modern skyrises alongside colonial architecture, reflecting its unique heritage. As a family, you can tour the city for a taste of tradition, specifically live música folklórica, folk music, and exhibits at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology.

Salta is also a stone’s throw from the Calchaquí Valley, a sensational spot of shifting landscapes and impressive rock formations. Finally, you and your family should visit the Salinas Grandes salt flats to complete a trip to this breathtaking part of Argentina.

Highlights: Música folklórica performances • Museum of High Altitude Archaeology • Basílica de San Francisco • Hiking in the Calchaquí Valley • Exploring the Salinas Grandes salt flats

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 days

Explore the Best Places to Visit in Argentina with Family

Estancia in El Calafate, Argentina

Estancia, El Calafate, Argentina

From the prolific rainforests of Iguazu National Park to the colonial center of Salta, the Patagonian glaciers of El Calafate to the marine sanctuary of Puerto Madryn, our custom Argentina tours & vacations help families explore the best of the country.

Discover the diverse cultural influences and remarkable landscapes of Argentina with your family at the best places to visit. As you begin to plan your dream trip, you can use our Argentina travel guide for more insight and inspiration.

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