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The vibrant Czech Republic brings history to life; its architectural wonderland complimented by the endearing enthusiasm and irrepressible cultural tradition. Nestled between the classic castles and stylized chateaus, you'll find eponymous Bohemia, an ode to the country's commitment to inimitability. And while Prague grabs the attention, it's merely a metaphor for the country’s omnipresent enchantment.

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The town of Rothenburg in Bavaria.

Beacons of Central Europe: Prague, Nuremberg, Berlin Tour

Beacons of Central Europe: Prague, Nuremberg, Berlin...

10 Day Custom Tour

From $3,095

Central Europe is imbued with stunning history, landscapes, and legends, and this 10-day tour of the Czech Republic and Germany has been handcrafted to immerse you in all of it. As you make your way from Prague to Nuremberg and Berlin, you will enjoy a blend of leisure and guided explorations that will ensure a relaxing and adventurous exploration of each region.


Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO Heritage site, near Prague.

Magical Czech and Croatia Tour: City of Spires to Shining Adriatic

Magical Czech and Croatia Tour: City of Spires to Shining...

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,045

Rich culture and unique treasures appear in abundance on this 10-day tour of the Czech Republic and Croatia. You will follow a course that leads from the landlocked beauty of Prague and the banks of the Vltava river to the sun-drenched shores of the Adriatic and Dalmatian coasts. Guided tours and iconic adventures will ensure your appreciation of every region along the way.


Central Europe Tour: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest & More

Central Europe Tour: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest...

17 Day Custom Tour

From $4,330

There is only space for the exceptional on this 17-day journey through the highlights of Central Europe. There is majesty in the medieval stone bridges that link Prague’s shores, while the splendor of the Danube River rushes from Vienna to Budapest. Experience the regal beauty of Potsdam and the diverse history of Berlin. From cities carved in salt mines to lavish opera houses, unique ossuaries to cities rebuilt in their own likeness, you will come to the wonder of Central Europe, highlighted and unforgettable.


Parliament building Budapest, Hungary.

Best of Prague and Budapest Tour

Best of Prague and Budapest Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,691

More than 30 statues border the cobblestone walkway of the Charles Bridge. Look back at Old Town and see the spires of historic buildings towering over the streets. The Astronomical Clock chimes on the hour. In Budapest, the House of Parliament faces the rushing waters of the Danube River. Ancient thermal pools hide in caves in the quiet district of Pest. The elegance of the Austro-Hungarian Empire continues to adorn elements of the city. Discover extravagance and culture, history and legend during your 8-day tour of Prague and Budapest.  


Family Vacation to Europe: Medieval Castles, Storybook Villages, Majestic Alps

Family Vacation to Europe: Medieval Castles, Storybook...

9 Day Custom Tour

From $2,353

Your custom family vacation to Central Europe takes your family through the storybook villages and majestic landscapes from Prague to Vienna, where fairy tales were created, castles are real, and the majesty of daily life continues to grow. You feel the soft dough between your fingers, before twisting it into a pretzel and placing it on a sheet. The cave walls around you are covered in ice, and it looks like you have stepped inside a glacier.  The kids marvel at the grand armory decorating historic castles and highlighting the medieval history of the encompassing mountains.


Connecting Regal Treasures: Berlin, Prague & Vienna Tour

Connecting Regal Treasures: Berlin, Prague & Vienna...

12 Day Custom Tour

From $3,295

The wall separating East and West Berlin once encapsulated division. The Soviet bloc hid the charming streets of Prague. The imperial majesty of Vienna continued to inspire locals and visitors for more than 600 years. Your custom-tailored tour of Berlin, Prague, and Vienna takes you through the heart of Europe, following the glorious battles and tumultuous times filling Central Europe’s history. Each city maintains a tenacity and vivaciousness that will charm you, cast in palaces, gardens, castles, and enchanting labyrinthine streets. You will find the paths of Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic to be uniquely their own, yet undeniably intertwined.


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