Father and son, hiking in Valle de la Muerte in Atacama Desert, Chile.

Family Vacation Ideas

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The right family vacation idea inspires with promises of adventure, relaxation, and unique experiences with someone for everyone. Our sample itineraries have ideas for every family, from whitewater rafting to a chocolate tour, city tours to treasure hunts. When you are ready to start planning, connect with a Zicasso travel specialist to personalize your experience to your needs and preferences.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Family at the Roman Colosseum in Italy
Multi-Generational Italy Tour: Best of Tuscany and Rome

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,235

Discover Renaissance splendor and picturesque Tuscan countryside, then uncover the secrets of ancient Rome on your eight-day multi-generational Italy itinerary. Walk over Florence's bridges and through its vibrant market, take in the charm of medieval Siena, and relive the glory of gladiators and Papal significance when touring Rome and the Vatican City. A diverse itinerary created for the entire family, highlighting key destinations in central Italy.

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Father and son, walking on black sand beach at beautiful Stokksnes peninsula, enjoying scenery of Vestrahorn mountains in iceland
8-Day Family Iceland Excursion

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,235

Transport your family to a magical world and experience a life-changing adventure amongst the mystical landscapes of Iceland on this 8-day tour. Explore the stunning waterfalls of the country, discover the infamous plane wreck on the black sands, and head for the skies in a helicopter to view powerful geysers. Saunter into the earth’s core in a lava tube, marvel at the icy blue insides of a glacier, spy the other-worldly worm monster for a reward, then dine on fresh succulent seafood. Customize the tour for your family’s desires and create memories of a lifetime on this exploration of Iceland.

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Sea front view to Hell's Island from Hvar, Croatia
9-Day Family Vacation to Croatia

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,845

See a different side of the scenery and country during your active 9-day family Croatia tour. Rush down thundering whitewater and bask in medieval drama. Cycle across rolling hills and discover island beauty. From an ancient Roman palace to sunset cast over soaring town walls, you can balance adventure and relaxation, cultural heritage, and historical exploration as you plunge into Croatia’s captivating depths.

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Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan
Endless Appeal of Japan: Immersive Family Tour

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,783

Discover Japan and its fascinating culture with your family during this immersive 13-day tour leading from the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the beautiful panoramas of Kobe. Along the way, you will learn a great deal about the country and its people while cherishing spectacular scenes cataloged in glossy magazines. From the culinary delights to the spiritual finds, Japan is yours to explore.

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Chania on the Island of Crete in Greece
Athens, Crete, and Santorini Luxury Family Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,575

This luxurious 11-day Greece tour is designed to introduce you to the rich culture, iconic heritage, and mythical origins of this legendary landscape. Make your way from Athens to Crete to Santorini for the culinary and cultural treasures of Greece, which will be yours to enjoy. Any trip to Greece is not complete without a balanced exploration of both the mainland and the scenic island chains across the Aegean Sea.

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A river cruise on the Seine passing by the Eiffel Tower.
Perfect France Family Vacation with Teens

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,142

The scenic beauty and rich culture of Provence and Paris are yours to enjoy on this 11-day tour through some of France's most breathtaking regions. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the scenic banks of the Rhone River, a blend of small-town charm and urban thrills will ensure a balanced exploration of each community you visit.

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Kayaking around the caves at Ponte de Piedade in Algarve, Portugal.
Regal Relaxation Family Portugal Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,235

From the contemporary skyline of Porto to the sun-washed shores of Algarve, there is so much for families to enjoy on this handcrafted 12-day tour of Portugal. You and your family will immerse yourselves in the country’s fascinating history with tours of venerated heritage sites. You can appreciate spectacular seascapes of the Algarve and cherish the luxuriant landscapes of the Douro Valley. Michelin-starred culinary experiences and engaging seaside activities will only elevate your incredible vacation.

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Umbrian Hills in the Midday Sun, Italy
Italy Family Vacation for First Timers

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,217

Immerse yourself in Italy with unique and interactive experiences at every turn. Travel through Italy’s heartland with stops in bustling, metropolitan cities and countryside estates before walking the cobblestone avenues of ancient gladiators, sailing down gentle waterways, and basking in the Tuscan sunshine. The architectural and artistic masterpieces, colorful frescoes, and gorgeous mosaics will give you something to take your breath away before you master the art of Italian cuisine and learn the techniques behind the perfect pizza, creamy gelato, and chocolate delights. Cathedrals, castles, museums, and monuments are waiting to be explored, and expert guidance in addition to customized experiences at each location make this luxurious, 9-day adventure through Italy the perfect family break.

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Family of capuchin monkeys in a tree
Costa Rica Family Friendly Vacation: Jungle, Wildlife & Beach

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $1,633

Costa Rica is a paradise in every way, known for its tropical weather and lush rainforests, charming people and captivating wildlife. On this 7-day family vacation, you will find something to please everyone. Zip line through the trees to please your adventurous son or horseback ride on the beach to appease your children’s storybook dreams. Trek through monkey-ridden jungles and dive into a coral decorated seafloor. From whale watching to bird watching you will find the blissful pleasure of a happy family on this seamlessly immersive paradise.

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Kids in the Blue Mountains, Australia
Luxury Family Vacation Tour to Australia and New Zealand

16 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $16,635

Feel the magic of a whole continent with this handcrafted luxury family vacation tour to Australia and New Zealand. Each day gently massages a different mood, offering wide-eyed thrills for the children and delightful relaxation for the parents. Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, Hobbiton, helicoptering over the fjords; this itinerary excels in delivering daily wonder with a family orientated twist.

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Tropical sea and blue sky on Koh Samui island, Thailand
Ten-Day Thailand Family Adventure: Culture, Jungles & Islands

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,855

Thailand brings adventure and mystique as an exotic destination that is comfortable for all ages. Elephants hoot in the thick jungle, monks will greet you at sunrise, and the tribe villages will impress an alternative way of life. A jungle camp will immerse you in nature while an island retreat provides sun, sea, and sand. Handcrafted to maximize your family time together, this 10-day Thailand tour avoids the city to create the classic Thai mix of culture, jungle, and island.

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Explore the wildlife on a boat trip outside Christchurch in New Zealand
Luxury New Zealand Family Vacation

16 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,555

Effortlessly blending natural superlatives with child friendly adventure, this custom tailored luxury vacation brings New Zealand to life for the whole family. Tranquility merges with exhilaration, sumptuous lodges hide amongst inspiring landscapes, and every activity holds the attention of both children and adults. Travel time is kept to a bare minimum and each of your four destinations burst with endless opportunity to explore New Zealand at its most authentic.

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Portugal Family Vacation: City & Beach Exploration

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $1,815

Fairytale palaces on a forested hilltop are yours to explore while golden beaches and Mediterranean bays provide perfect places to swim. The evocative capital city is filled with colors and charms as you arrive in Portugal to take it all in as a family in on a one-week vacation handcrafted for families. Mixing three nights in Lisbon with three nights on the Southern Coast, this private tour is enhanced by iconic experiences such as a Fado performance, and a boat trip to caves on the Iberian coast for a relaxed tour suitable for all ages.

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Family Vacation to Spain: Madrid, Seville, Barcelona

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,115

Whether pursuing an active or educational excursion, there is something for your entire family on this 10-day tour of some of Spain’s most essential destinations. The history buff in you will appreciate the abundance of stones that have been worn smooth by centuries of steps. Furthermore, you will enjoy the intricately carved facades that convey the stories of long-dead dynasties and savor the scent of Paella that has been cooked to perfection. This exploration of Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona includes much more, and your family will be able to participate in cooking courses, organized picnics, and plenty of other opportunities to enjoy the benefits and comforts of this shared adventure.

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10-Day Croatia Family Vacation

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,595

Croatia is a country that checks every box on even the pickiest person’s must-have list. Not only is Croatia aesthetically beautiful and rich with historical sites and fascinating culture, which will surely please the adults of the entourage, but this gem of a country also offers a wealth of family-friendly destinations and excursions that will keep your whole family thoroughly entertained on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Taking your family from Dubrovnik and Split to Plitvice National Park and even the capital city of Zagreb, this 10-day luxury tour is filled with perfectly curated adventures that have been specially chosen for you and your family’s utmost enjoyment.

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Perfect Two-Week Australia Family Vacation

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,545

Escape to powdery-white sands and mystical mountains, legends of Dreamtime and visions of hopping kangaroos during your perfect 14-day Australia family vacation. Your excursions and specialist guides will immerse your family in endless adventure to find tropical fish at the Great Barrier Reef and the iconic architecture of Sydney. With tropical islands, diverse wildlife, and lush rainforest, Australia will create endless excitement and priceless memories for the entire family.

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Kenya With Kids: 7 Day Family Safari

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,090

Flock to Kenya in search of the country’s marvelous creatures and spectacular scenes on this tailormade 7-day family safari from Amboseli National Park to Masai Mara Game Reserve. With game drives revealing the wondrous wildlife dwelling in the African bush and spectacular safaris showcasing phenomenal wildlife moments such as the Great Migration, you and your family will be blown away by the remarkable spoils of the Kenyan wilderness.

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Spain and Morocco Explorer Tour for Families

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,637

Indulge in the spirit of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula during this 14-day family Spain and Morocco tour. From the myths of Marrakech to the surreal skyline of Barcelona and the masters displayed in the Prado Museum to the whitewashed homes of Andalusia, this immersive tour celebrates genuine tradition and exciting excursions for an unforgettable family trip.

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