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Why a Travel Specialist is a Must for Your Next Trip

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The temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt

The temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt

The travel experience itself is more precious than ever, and the availability of travel as well as our ability to do so can no longer be taken for granted. Just like the places we visit, a great travel specialist will make their mark on us and reveal the depths of an unfamiliar culture, the overlooked ambiance of a forgotten neighborhood, or the unforgettable energy beneath the surface of a city you thought you had known. The right travel specialist uses their experience, becomes your advocate, has valuable resources, delivers fantastic convenience, adds incredible value, and brings to light exclusive access, all while focusing on the ways you can travel safely.

How does a travel specialist change my vacation?

Roys Peak, New Zealand

Roys Peak, New Zealand

The comforts of a trip designed by a travel specialist contain key elements, such as:

  • Private tours – being apart of a private party and having most of the services associated with your visit created especially for us will relieve some of the burden of traveling to a foreign country post-COVID.
  • Real-time adjustments – the flexibility to adjust schedules and routes to avoid large crowds. Knowing that your agent has taken the necessary steps to keep you safe at all times is an excellent feeling.
  • 24/7 support – for any possible developments. The recent pandemic has made the availability for on-the-ground support more important.

How can I see iconic places in a new way?

Safety is always a priority, particularly when on an adventure. Mahmoud, an Egypt travel specialist says, “We only offer completely private guided tours. This means only the travel party (usually couples, small families, or a small group of friends traveling together) will have their own private guide and private car, which works great in terms of social distancing as only the people who book the trip will not be around strangers they don’t know or share the same car with strangers. Being on your private tour will allow you to avoid direct contact with other travelers, which will result in a safer environment.” When you are clear on your goals, a great travel specialist will find ways to make exceptional travel possible.

How can I discover more remote destinations?

Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

When working with a travel specialist, you have a partner in ensuring an inspiring and engaging exploration off the world’s beaten path of familiar travel destinations. Our New Zealand travel specialist Kate says, "Travel sites are filled with data and information; travel agents are filled with wisdom and ingenuity." Your specialist will organize an authentic travel program that supports the conservation of cultural heritage and natural resources in addition to highlighting the endless wonderment seen in the crystal-clear waters of Abel Tasman National Park or experiencing the sound of crampons digging into the icy surface of Franz Josef Glacier.

How do I connect with a travel specialist?

Our idea of travel has evolved from a belief that luxury means five-star hotels and multi-course dinners. Luxury now implies a desire for exclusive experiences that take us away from the crowds – that immerse us in the indelible charm of a private kitchen in Fez or a unique terrace view from a secluded safari camp in the Okavango Delta. Exceptional travel now requires local insight and expertise, an eye for immersive experiences and connections to make them happen.

Here at Zicasso, our travel specialists are ready to answer your questions as you consider your next trip. As the ways we travel will continue to evolve rapidly, it is essential to have a destination expert in your corner. Your travel specialist will underscore the significance of human connection and will ensure personal support throughout your travel experience. You can start planning your next Zicasso trip by submitting a private Trip Request form, or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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