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How to Get Around Spain: Best Transportation for Travelers

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Traffic circling Placa d'Espanya in Barcelona, Spain.

Traffic circling Placa d'Espanya in Barcelona, Spain.

From train trips between northern and southern Spain to private transfers for tours of the cities, we share the best ways to travel in Spain for your vacation.

Several options are available, each with advantages and disadvantages. Some transportation is ideal for comfortable private tours of Spain, while others are more efficient for getting from one side of the country to the other, or traveling between Spain and neighboring countries.

While planning your vacation, consider the best ways to travel in Spain and which options are most suitable to your itinerary design.

  1. We Can Help You Get Around Spain
  2. Travel by Plane
  3. Travel by Train
  4. Travel by Private Transfer
  5. Travel by Rental Car
  6. Travel by Bus
  7. Travel by Boat
  8. Travel Using Urban Travel Options
  9. Travel Using Ridesharing Apps
  10. Enjoy the Best Ways to Travel in Spain

We Can Help You Get Around Spain

A Zicasso travel specialist will plan your transportation for your vacation in Spain. Our Spanish partners have destination insight into the best options for our travelers specific needs and preferences. They may suggest trains as a means of crossing the Andalucia countryside if you wish to see the sights or planes as the most efficient way to get from Barcelona to Madrid.

They will work closely with you to select the most appropriate transportation in Spain for your unique itinerary, and plan your transfers for you. From private drivers waiting for you at the airport to luxury catamarans that glide across the Balearic Islands, every transfer is organized for your trip and designed around your travel goals.

Travel by Plane

Spain has more than 50 airports between the islands and the mainland for easy domestic and international connections. Offering arrivals and departures at main international airports like El Prat Airport (BCN) in Barcelona, and swift transfers between cities in Spain, planes offer the widest accessibility for tours in multiple locations.

The number and diversity of airports across Spain also make it much easier to travel long distances quickly, allowing you to make the most of your vacation time. While the logistics of train travel are much more manageable, longer distances or transfers to island destinations, such as Bilbao to Cordoba or Barcelona to Ibiza, are faster and more accessible by plane.

Best for: Travelers wanting the most efficient long-distance transfer from mainland cities to Spain’s island resort towns.

Travel by Train

Train in the Barcelona train station.

Train in the Barcelona train station.

With an extensive network of travel connections from major cities like Madrid to Barcelona or Madrid to Seville, trains are one of the easiest ways to travel between popular cities. High-speed trains travel upwards of 192 miles per hour, bringing you across Spain on Barcelona & Madrid Tours in less than three hours.

Not all trains travel as fast as these, but the former are great for traveling shorter distances to outlying suburbs and towns. Beyond high-speed trains or local routes, Spain also has popular scenic trains that are great for a picturesque journey, such as the Al-Andalus that will take you on a luxury ride through Andalusia, or the Transcantabrico that travels the Santiago de Compostela along the coast to Leon.

Best for: Travelers wanting the most efficient transfer between mainland cities and those wishing to see the Spanish countryside.

Travel by Private Transfer

Drive up to Cap Formentor lighthouse in Mallorca, Spain.

Drive up to Cap Formentor lighthouse in Mallorca, Spain.

Spain is a safe and beautiful country, and private transfers offer a more immersive experience. A driver often acts as a guide, giving you more information on local history, culture, hidden treasures in a city, and when traveling through the countryside on Northern Spain Tours.

Having a driver is an excellent idea for many travelers, whether honeymooners interested in a private excursion or a family interested in convenience. Private drivers usually transfer you from the airport to your accommodation and can offer a degree of personal attention during a private tour or day excursion.

Best for: Travelers wanting the most comfortable and personal transfer in and around Spanish cities and towns, or between two cities or destinations.

Travel by Rental Car

Spain offers one of the most fulfilling driving experiences in Europe, with spectacular scenery to fill your journey as you embrace the freedom of traveling by rental car. Roads in Spain are generally good in the cities and countryside, making rental vehicles a viable option for travelers with international driver’s licenses.

A vast network of highways sprawl outward from Madrid to reach all corners of the country and link to smaller, picturesque roads. Rental cars may not be the best option on Barcelona Tours or during tours in Spain’s major cities as the streets are busy, but they are ideal for coastal cruises on Tours of Southern Spain or for navigating scenic roads at leisure while you search for remote towns.

Best for: Travelers wanting to escape the crowds, see Spain at their own pace, and are comfortable navigating new places.

Travel by Bus

Buses are a scenic alternative for traveling through Spain as some parts of the country are inaccessible to trains. High-end luxury buses are available for panoramic country tours, such as the Sierra de Madrid to the Pyrenees.

Most of these long-route buses have WiFi, air conditioning, and comfortable seating, making long-distance travel much easier to manage, while also offering excellent access to towns, cities, and rural communities that are not connected by the train network.

Best for: Travelers wanting to access parts of Spain that trains do not, while reaping the benefits of a luxury bus.

Travel by Boat

Ferry boat in Spain.

Ferry boat in Spain.

Spain is surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Bay of Biscay, which has made traveling along the coastline by boats or ferries a necessity throughout history.

Boats are not the most efficient way to travel around Spain, but they will give you unique experiences and fantastic coastline views. Boats are also a great way to reach islands like Ibiza, Mallorca, or the Canary Islands, making Spain an excellent island-hopping alternative in the Mediterranean. From catamarans to luxury yachts, speed boats to Phoenician fishing boats, many sea vessels are available to beach-going travelers.

Best for: Travelers wanting to explore the Spanish islands and beaches.

Travel Using Urban Travel Options

Taxis and tourist bus at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

Taxis and tourist bus at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

Licensed taxis and buses are great alternatives to walking around larger cities like Madrid or Barcelona. There are also metro systems across Spain that are reliable and clean, offering quick and easy access across major tourist destinations.

Only some cities in Spain have a metro system, but public transport in popular destinations like Malaga, Bilbao, Seville, and Valencia includes buses, suburban train services, and licensed taxis.

Best for: Travelers who want to keep days in major Spanish cities open for exploring freely, but do not wish to spend most of their time walking.

Travel Using Ridesharing Apps

Spain has adopted ridesharing apps as a part of its transfer options in and around major cities. Cabify and Uber are prevalent in certain Spanish cities, enabling travelers with the apps to hail rides without much hassle.

Ridesharing apps are excellent in a pinch, though they are only sometimes reliable as travelers require a stable mobile connection to use the app. Also, ridesharing services may not be available in some parts of Spain.

Best for: Travelers wanting to hail a ride on the fly in areas of Spain where ridesharing is available.

Enjoy the Best Ways to Travel in Spain

Zahara de la Sierra in the province of Cádiz in the hills of Andalusia, southern Spain

Zahara de la Sierra, Spain

Whether you plan to cross the Spanish countryside on trains bound for the Basque Country or secure private transfers in and around major cities, Zicasso travel specialists will arrange the best transportation for your Spain Tours & Vacations.

With an idea of the transfers available to you, explore our Spain Travel Guide for more tips, helpful information, and recommendations, and start planning your vacation with a travel specialist who can make your dreams possible.

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