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Top 8 Things to Do in the Peloponnese, Greece with Family

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Old Town of Nafplio in Greece

Nafplio, Greece

From glistening waters to feeling like an archeologist, the top eight things to do in the Peloponnese with family demonstrate why the peninsula is best for families visiting Greece to embrace the local spirit and endless wonders that spread across time.

With ancient history that captures epic legends to quiet lapping waters that provide the perfect beach experience, shimmering cities to incredible castles, no matter your travel style and preferences, your family can fulfill its interests when exploring the Peloponnese.

Find adventure, embrace charm, and indulge in the quintessential charisma of Greece without ever leaving the mainland for an easy, accessible, and unforgettable family vacation.

  1. 1. Bring Ancient Legends to Life
  2. 2. Visit Historic Capitals
  3. 3. Experience Ancient Theater
  4. 4. Follow a Guide through the Secrets of the Past
  5. 5. Reach New Heights on Local Trails
  6. 6. Indulge in Your Perfect Beach
  7. 7. Explore the Enchanting Landscape
  8. 8. Bask in Historic and Storybook Towns
  9. Experience the Top Things to Do in the Peloponnese

1. Bring Ancient Legends to Life

Ruins in ancient Olympia in Greece

Olympia, Greece

Whether encouraging future archeologists or eager to explore the myths that inspire children of all ages, the Peloponnese bring legends to life during your family trip to Greece.

Uncover ruins together, explore mysterious temples, enjoy captivating stories of the past, witness an incredible theater that staged stories of gods, and explore a kingdom deeply rooted in the myths of the Iliad and Odyssey.

From battling like Spartans to competing like Olympians, when exploring the ruins around the Peloponnese you will uncover the essential folklore and passion that set the foundations for historic Greece, no matter the time of year you visit.

Highlights: Mycenae • Messene • Sparta • Arcadia • Corinth • Mistras • Olympia

2. Visit Historic Capitals

Ancient ruins of a church in Mystras, Greece

Mystras, Greece

From fortified Byzantine cities to elegant seaside lanes paved with marble, the historic capitals along the Peloponnese tell the story of Greece as divided city-states and a united nation during your family vacation in Greece.

Capture a glimpse of the country as it unified for the first time in the 19th century, explore a former strategic powerhouse along the edge of the isthmus, or capture artifacts that display the heights of an ancient empire.

When visiting the capitals that brim with history across the Peloponnese, your family not only explores the past, but becomes immersed in the life, culture, and heritage each of the best cities to explore possess today.

Highlights: Mystras • Corinth • Nafplio • Sparta

3. Experience Ancient Theater

Epidaurus Theater in Greece

Epidaurus Theater, Greece

Theater in Greece was more than just a way to pass the time, and during your family vacation to Greece, you can experience how it captured new stories and shared impressive legends, some of which have withstood the test of time. No matter the age of your children, you can become storytellers or audience members as you discover the variety of ancient theaters that still stand across the Peloponnese.

From a structure that could hold up to 16,000 spectators to stadium seating in view of defensive walls once designed to keep out invading Spartans, you can explore ruins that remain intact or find traces of history rising out of the earth.

Highlights: Messene • Sicyon • Epidaurus

4. Follow a Guide through the Secrets of the Past

Ruins of temple in Corinth, Greece

Corinth, Greece

Exploring museums while in the Peloponnese provides context to the surrounding ancient ruins, where cities, streets, and remaining architecture can act as open-air galleries.

The right guide carefully unfolds the intrigue of each new destination, with unique artifacts and distinctive information meant for children of all ages.

Whether a scavenger hunt through ancient caves or a performance at a grand, classic theater, with the right guide, your family trip to Greece can bridge the past and present to create historical empathy.

Highlights: Corinth •  Epidaurus • Isthmia • Bassae • Messene

5. Reach New Heights on Local Trails

 Palamidi Fortress and the town of Nafplio in Greece

Palamidi Fortress, Grecce

Beyond the ruins, the Peloponnese are a remarkable demonstration of natural wonder and timeless beauty in Greece. Local trails can give your entire family a new appreciation for nature and ancient history as you connect to sleepy Byzantine villages or find a remote, sandy cove.

Pass steep gorges, embrace vistas of rushing river valleys, or enjoy views of rolling mountain peaks as you partake in a hike that can take your family an hour, a day, or span multiple days along the winding coastline to reach the most southern point of Mainland Greece.

Highlights: Taygetus • Kardamyli • Palamidi Fortress • Menalon Trail • Cape Tainaron

6. Indulge in Your Perfect Beach

beautiful lagoon of Voidokilia in Greece

Lagoon of Voidokilia in Greece

The Peloponnese has a variety of beaches that can provide the perfect backdrop, ambiance, or adventure for your family’s preferences. With some of the most gorgeous coastline in the country, the beaches resemble postcards that display endless stretches of untouched shores pressed against soaring mountains.

Waters, with their shifting shades of blue, glisten and sand dunes roll against the quiet edge of the sea. Find rocky cliffs and sea caves or sunbathing beds and umbrellas for endless opportunities to enjoy Greece’s relaxed coastal lifestyle as you explore some of the top things to do in Greece together.

Highlights: Kalogria Beach • Simos • Mavrovouni • Voidokilia

7. Explore the Enchanting Landscape

Amazing view over Ridomo Gorge with Prophet Helias church in Greece

Ridomo Gorge, Greece

Discovering the remarkable landscapes of the Peloponnese demonstrates the art of nature as you find exceptional and unique relationships between the shifting scenery and local communities and civilizations.

From fossilized forests and crystal-clear waters to flavorful olive groves, caves that whisper rumors of the gods, and a rugged coastline lined with quiet fishing villages, the landscape possesses legendary beauty that tells stories of the past and present, whether on the mainland or continuing to stunning family-friendly islands.

Highlights: Ridomo Gorge • Kalamata • Petrified Palm Forest • Caves of Diros

8. Bask in Historic and Storybook Towns

Village in Monemvasia, Greece

Monemvasia, Greece

The charismatic towns across the Peloponnese take you beyond the obvious and immerse your family in timeless beauty, endless charm, and panoramas that sweep across rugged hills or turquoise waters. Find a medieval castle on a remote island or witness a selection of fishing villages connected by a small road.

Explore an ethereal collection of medieval homes perched on a hilltop or find a quiet plaza paved with cobblestones. Listen to the legend of Hercules, learn more about the rumors of Hades, and find elements of Venetian design as you uncover the layered wonders of the towns across the Peloponnese.

Highlights: Monemvasia • Areopolis • Neo Oitylo • Vathia • Lagia • Gerolimenas

Experience the Top Things to Do in the Peloponnese

View of Nafplio City in Greece

Nafplio City, Greece

The Peloponnese is known as the land of legends and will immerse your family in the wonders of Greece, from ancient history to enchanting natural beauty. Whether finding medieval castles or wandering along the cobbled lanes of coastal towns, searching for signs of the mythological to discovering the land of Odysseus, your entire family will feel the allure of the Peloponnese peninsula.

For inspiration on how you can experience your preferred family-friendly trip, see Zicasso’s Greece family vacations & tours. You can also find more inspiration for your vacation with our Greece family travel guide to better personalize your experience.

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