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Best Time to Visit Greece for Families

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Girl and windmills, Mykonos

Girl and windmills, Mykonos

The best time to visit Greece for a family vacation is typically from late May to early September.

Greece is a gorgeous Mediterranean country known for its charming seaside towns, captivating culture, and mesmerizing landscapes that can dazzle on family vacations during the best times to visit. Crowds come and go with the seasons, as the Iberian climate changes throughout the year.

Although there are popular times to visit, Greece is a year-round destination. The best time to visit with your family will depend on your travel expectations and preferences. The following information will help you plan a Greece trip for the perfect time to bring your family.

  1. Best Time for Great Weather
  2. Best Time for Families with Young Children
  3. Best Time for Families with Teens
  4. Find Your Best Time to Visit Greece

Best Time for Great Weather

Symi island in flowers

Symi Town harbor on Symi island

The best time to bring your family to Greece for great weather is usually between late May and early September, on the cusp of and right through the summer season. During this window you can enjoy Greece’s most ideal weather, including plenty of sunshine and very little rain. It is important to note that July and August are the peak summer months for Greece, so you can expect particularly hot conditions, with temperatures between the 80s and 90s Farenheit daily.

Best Time for Families with Young Children

Family, Mykonos

Family, Mykonos

Families with young children should consider a trip to Greece during the spring and autumn seasons of March through May and September through November. During this time temperatures are more manageable than in summer and outdoor experiences can be comfortably enjoyed by families of all ages. Crowds are also less likely to overwhelm your younger children as the summer folk have not yet arrived.

Best Time for Families with Teens

Lake Drakolimni, Zagori

The best time for families with teens to visit Greece is typically in the spring and early summer months of March through June. During these months you can explore the diverse culture and breathtaking land and seascapes away from the peak summer crowds. This window will also allow you to make the most of your kids’ vacation from school. Another benefit of traveling to Greece with teens during spring is that the weather is more comfortable than the summer heat and less likely to affect the exciting outdoor activities on your vacation.

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Find Your Best Time to Visit Greece

Plaka, the oldest district of Athens

Plaka, the oldest district of Athens

As a year-round Mediterranean destination you and your family can visit Greece at any time of the year, depending on your travel preferences, trip goals, and family interests. You can easily explore the sun-soaked islands during the spring months to avoid the crowds or travel off the beaten path to charming villages during the summer months for total immersion. Discover the best of Greece with sample trips from our Greece Family Vacations. Ready to plan your family adventure? Speak with a Greece travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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