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Top 8 Things to Do in Croatia

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Kayaking the Adriatic Sea around the Walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is a country of experiences that run rich and deep, and the following highlights the top things to do on your vacation in the country.

As you listen to crashing waves or savor the aroma of grilling seafood, the endless collection of artistic treasures, grand panoramas, island getaways, and historic towns brings an infinite array of possibilities. Croatia feels surprising in its breadth, dazzling in its beauty, yet familiar in its heritage.

As you consider your travel plans, learn more about what to do in Croatia, from the popular tourist attractions to the adventurous experiences that await you.

  1. 1. Discover the Layered History on Cultural Tours
  2. 2. Uncover Unique Flavors on Culinary Escapades
  3. 3. Taste New and Famous Wines
  4. 4. Cycle Along the Winding Routes
  5. 5. Embrace the Old and New at Iconic Museums
  6. 6. Stroll the Cities to Embrace the Urban Lifestyle
  7. 7. Try Your Hand at Making Croatian Dishes
  8. 8. Hike the Diverse Landscape
  9. Experience the Top Things to Do in Croatia

1. Discover the Layered History on Cultural Tours

Roman amphitheater ruins in Pula, Croatia

Croatia boasts a fascinating heritage as the region was settled by Ancient Greeks, conquered by colonial Romans, occupied by Venetians, and defended against Ottomans, a history worth uncovering on cultural tours of the best places to visit.

Music, dance, art, and architecture share elements of the Bronze Age and Renaissance, and feature ancient beauty and regal design. Whether wandering the Diocletian’s Palace or medieval city walls, Croatia’s heritage remains alive and tangible, with intertwining layers of history, blended languages, and preserved treasures, from the hinterlands to the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

Best Places for Cultural Tours: Split • Dubrovnik • Porec • Pula • Trogir • Ston

2. Uncover Unique Flavors on Culinary Escapades

Busara with scampi and seafood, Istria, Croatia

Croatia’s cuisine is famous among food lovers interested in and intrigued by regional flavors, inviting travelers to savor the distinct culinary highlights on food tours of the cities and towns.

Cafes and restaurants highlight the diverse traditional dishes made with luxurious ingredients. From fresh seafood to decadent truffles, each dish reveals the depth of heritage connected to the topography, town, or city.

The food of Croatia captures the essence of the country, with a focus on seasonality and freshness. From the forests to the mountains, the plains to the sea, explore the connections between many influential cultures.

Best Places for Food Tours: Zagreb • Slavonia • Istria • Kvarner • Cres

3. Taste New and Famous Wines

Vineyards in central Istria, Croatia

Croatian wine has incredible historic quality with different flavors cultivated around the country, and tours of the wine regions and vineyards can reveal the unique qualities of the local vintages.

The dynamic climate and diverse landscape impact the vines' quality, whether from the Adriatic breeze or the shade covering rugged hills, inviting you to discover the distinct qualities of local wines during the best time to visit for tasting.

With 64 distinct grape types and over 800 local wineries, Croatia has a long history of perfecting its wine production, with a combination of flavors, textures, and aromas that are enticing.

Best Wine Regions to Visit: Slavonia • Kutjevo • Plesivica • Primosten • Istria

4. Cycle Along the Winding Routes

Cyclist along the Dalmatian coast, Croatia

Unspoiled countryside and stunning national parks help make Croatia a fantastic destination for cycling.

Gently rolling hills, rural roads, well-maintained streets, and over 310 miles of mapped cycling routes in a single region alone bring amazing rides. Immerse yourself in hilltop towns with views of shimmering harbors, sweeping vines, and hidden restaurants perfect for a rest stop.

Cycling routes can take you through the hills, along the coastline, or around celebrated islands, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy breathtaking scenery, no matter your skill level.

Best Places for Cycling: Zadar Loop • Fransko Jazero Loop • Hvar Island • Istria • Konavle • Korcula Island

5. Embrace the Old and New at Iconic Museums

The Art Pavilion at Dusk in Zagreb, Croatia

Museums in Croatia move you beyond stately institutions to showcase the nation's diverse heritage, history, and culture, from archeological collections to the Habsburg era, contemporary art to a modern artistic perspective focusing on broken relationships.

The museums in Croatia peel back the cultural layers to reveal the quirky and delightful, the surprising and the serious, exploring the ideas of what a museum has been and could be, no matter what the gallery displays.

Best Places for Museum Tours: Zagreb • Split • Dubrovnik • Zadar

6. Stroll the Cities to Embrace the Urban Lifestyle

Zadar, Croatia

Croatia’s magnificent landscape has influenced each of its cities, and each destination brings a glimmer of the past, while modern life goes on.

The way a city is shaped can reveal its personality and how you can interact with the landscape. For example, Dubrovnik’s city walls are remarkably different from Zadar’s marbled promenade, revealing two different points in the country’s history.

Each city possesses iconic beauty that captures Croatia's contrasting but connected spirit, one that joins the mountains to the islands.

Best Cities to Visit: Split • Dubrovnik • Zagreb • Zadar • Rovinj

7. Try Your Hand at Making Croatian Dishes

Coastal restaurant on Brac Island, Croatia

Croatia is tucked between Eastern and Western Europe, with a unique culinary heritage that you can only truly grasp when preparing traditional Croatian dishes in a cooking class.

Discover what separates the regional cuisine on a family vacation with your kids, during which you can create your own classic culinary treats. Or let the flavors seduce you as you savor a romantic couple’s tour, complete with fine dining served with your own specialties.

Best Places for a Cooking Class: Zadar • Zagreb • Split • Trogir • Rovinj

8. Hike the Diverse Landscape

Hiking Zbevnica ridge between the villages of Brest and Vodice in Croatia

Croatia is a powerhouse for hiking, with over 1,000 miles of coastline and fantastic mountain peaks creating a unique maze of trails.

Dry grasslands, lush forests, sparkling rivers, and rugged terrain only highlight the natural splendor, intensified by thundering waterfalls and crashing waves.

Hiking in Croatia can be as dramatic as a multi-day trek through the hinterlands to a simple hour’s walk along the shoreline for a fantastic immersion into Croatia’s natural beauty and cultural significance.

Best Places for Hiking: Paklenica National Park •  Odyssey’s Cave • Biokovo Mountain • Peljesac Peninsula • Ucka Mountain

Experience the Top Things to Do in Croatia

Waterfalls of the Krka river in Krka National Park, Croatia

Croatia is an immersion into a Mediterranean fantasy for any type of traveler, whether looking for a romantic wine-tasting excursion or a family-friendly sailing adventure. From delicious truffles to medieval city walls, the country gives you endless history and culture on our Croatia tours.

To learn more about Croatia and discover tips to help you plan your trip, explore the expert insights in our Croatia travel guide.

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