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Best Time to Visit Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The best time to visit Brazil is generally between January and March and again from September to October. Depending on your preferred goals, activities, and experiences, the best months to visit Brazil may change, but overall, these times can immerse you in the ecosystems, cultures, and endless discoveries.

From exploring the world’s largest wetlands to venturing deep into the Amazon Rainforest, visiting renowned beaches dressed in gold sands to embracing the rhythm of daily life, Brazil is a destination that can take your breath away, no matter the time of year.

The best time to visit can reveal the depth of wonders across Brazil as you discover how each month is less about the weather and more about finding the opportunity for your best experience.

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  2. Best Time for Sightseeing
  3. Best Time for Wildlife
  4. Best Time for Birding
  5. Best Time for Beaches
  6. Best Time for Families with Children
  7. Best Time for Couples or Honeymooners
  8. Dry Season Activities
  9. Rainy Season Activities
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Best Time by Travel Season

Cherry blossoms in Curitiba Botanic Gardens in Brazil

Curitiba Botanic Gardens in Brazil

High Season: December • January • February • March

The high travel season in Brazil is from December to March, which is also the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. The combination of domestic and international travelers creates large crowds in popular destinations like Rio de Janeiro and coastal getaways like Fortaleza.

Brazil is a huge country, so the weather varies depending on the geographical location, but central Brazil’s temperatures remain consistently warm throughout the year for beachgoers. It is considered the wet season, but the rain often arrives in the afternoon for a short time, offering relief from the summer heat.

Shoulder Season: September • October

September and October are shoulder season in Brazil and part of the Southern Hemisphere’s spring. The temperatures are comfortable across the country, with little precipitation, making it easy to enjoy the cities, jungles, and coastline. With schools back in session around the world, the shoulder season in Brazil also has fewer domestic and international crowds, making it easier for you to enjoy the sites at your pace.

Low Season: May • June • August

May, June, and August are Brazil’s winter months and represent low travel season in the country. The temperatures average highs of 77 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 66, but locals often find these too cold for the beaches. In July, many Brazilians travel during the school vacation, but in May, June, or August, you can find exciting times to explore the broader cultural, historical, and scenic corners of Brazil, from the Pantanal to Brasília and more.

Best Time for Sightseeing

Rio de Janeiro at sunset in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Best Months: June • July • August • September • October

Brazil can be considered a year-round destination, but June to October provide the best possibility to explore the diversity of ecosystems across the country, from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Equator.

The weather is more consistent across climates and regions to give you access to remote wildernesses, like the Pantanal and Amazon, or enjoy the urban ambiance of renowned cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. For most areas of Brazil, the beaches are still pleasant, the wildlife is active, and the crowds are smaller to demonstrate the country’s allure.

Best Time for Wildlife

Cayman and butterfly in Pantanal, Brazil.

Pantanal, Brazil.

Best Months: May • June • July • August • September

The best time to visit Brazil for wildlife is from May to September, as the wonders of the wilderness erupt with life and color outside of the rainy season. While many regions that host wildlife experience some rainfall on any given day, the rain in the dry season is softer and less frequent, resulting in marvelous viewing experiences.

From finding waterholes in the wetlands where reptiles, birds, and mammals congregate to witnessing butterflies in the drier sections of the jungle, the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere reflect the vibrancy for which Brazil is known.

Best Time for Birding

Toco Toucans in Brazil


Best Months: July • August • September • October

The best time for birding in Brazil is from July to October, during the dry season.

With over 1,830 species and new species discovered every year, Brazil is a dream destination for bird watching, and the drier months offer prime possibilities to witness colorful plumage in the rainforest or the active hunters of the Pantanal.

Find vivacious macaws, witness the diverse parrot population, or listen to the whirring call of the white-bearded manakin. From greater rheas to the toco toucan, the diversity of avifauna in Brazil emerges best from July to October.

Best Time for Beaches

Beach in lhéus Bahia in Brazil

lhéus Bahia, Brazil.

Best Months: December • January • February

The Southern Hemisphere’s summer from December to February is the best time to visit Brazil for a beach vacation. Summer across Brazil can reach high temperatures, accompanied by humidity, making the beach a perfect place to relax and enjoy the tropical ambiance or vibrant atmosphere of your surroundings.

Whether you find a remote archipelago or embrace the crowds at one of the country's most popular coastlines, you can find the perfect beach getaway on the hot summer days between December and February.

Best Time for Families with Children

Family on a horseback ride in Pantanal, Brazil.

Pantanal, Brazil.

Best Months: September • October

The best time for a family trip to Brazil is in September and October, when you have the opportunity to discover the breadth of culture, wildlife, and landscape it offers.

A perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, and education can give you the best family-friendly experience during the shoulder travel season, as you travel to beaches with calm waters, wander over sand dunes, witness how wildlife interacts in cooler hours of the day, or find the powerful thunder of Iguazú Falls.

From the Amazon to Rio, São Paulo to the Pantanal, September to October can give your family the perfect comfortable weather in which to explore.

Best Time for Couples or Honeymooners

Couple in Rio de Janeiro at sunset.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Best Months: September • October

The best time for couples to visit Brazil is in September and October, between the cooler days of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter and the encroaching heat of the region’s summer.

By traveling outside hot, humid summer, yet when the days are warming after the winter, you can find the perfect weather to explore popular cities in comfort and plunge into the crystal-clear waters that lap at pristine beaches.

Enjoy a secluded archipelago or dance to the rhythms of Rio when you visit for an unforgettable couple’s getaway from September to October.

Dry Season Activities

Couple kayaking in Paraty in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Best Months: June • July • September • October

The dry season in Brazil is from June to October, during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months. While southern cities may have cooler temperatures, it rarely ever gets cold across the country as the north enjoys a tropical climate affected by the Equator. When visiting during the dry season, you can still expect light, sporadic showers in places like the rainforest, which only accentuate the natural beauty and untamed charms of the region. Explore the coastline, colonial towns, bustling metropolises, or tropical escapes at your pace and preference.

Activities: Kayaking • Cave tubing • Trekking • Horseback riding • Birding

Rainy Season Activities

Recife beach in Pernambuco, Brazil.

Pernambuco, Brazil.

Best Months: December • January • February • March

The rainy season in Brazil is from December to March, during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. Across the country, the summer brings hot and humid days perfect for lounging on fabulous beaches. Rainfall increases in remote regions like the Amazon and Pantanal, making it more difficult to travel to remote corners of these popular destinations, while the wonders of Iguazú emerge with more power and cities across the nation share a collective passion for summer fun.

Activities: Spa • Scuba • Caving • Museums • Wildlife tour • Beaches

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Hyacinth Macaws in Brazil.


Whether eager to follow the trails of the Amazon in search of colorful birdlife or interested in searching for jaguars in the Pantanal, exploring Rio de Janeiro or lounging on the powdery golden sands of a remote beach, Brazil can be filled with adventure or an exciting immersion into relaxation, making it a truly year-round destination.

You can speak with a Brazil travel specialist to personalize your preferences after finding inspiration in our Brazil tours and vacations or Brazil travel guide.

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