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14 Best Places to Visit in March

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Salto Grande in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Salto Grande in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

March is a fantastic time of year to travel as you can enjoy the beginnings of spring or watch the season shift to fall when visiting the Southern Hemisphere.

No matter what kind of trip you wish to have, the weather in March can highlight the world’s captivating diversity. Whether looking for secluded coastlines or active elephants, precariously perched temples or welcoming cultures, you can discover exciting destinations from a new perspective.

Find the right destination for your March vacation from this list of our favorites so you can explore, experience, and discover the world according to your preferences.

  1. 1. Bhutan
  2. 2. Brazil
  3. 3. Chile
  4. 4. Italy
  5. 5. Japan
  6. 6. Laos
  7. 7. Maldives
  8. 8. Vietnam
  9. 9. South Africa
  10. 10. Morocco
  11. 11. Spain
  12. 12. Ireland
  13. 13. New Zealand
  14. 14. Cuba
  15. Discover the Best Places to Visit in March

1. Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Monastery, near Paro, Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Temperatures: Low 25°F • High 73°F

Highlights: Culture, temples, villages, museums, hiking

Other recommended travel times: April • December

March is the pinnacle of spring in Bhutan, which brings exceptional weather and a pleasant ambiance as the flowers bloom. The scenery radiates the brilliance of the Himalayas, enhancing hiking opportunities and the elaborate mysteries scattered across the kingdom. Bhutan is like no other country, feeling like a true Shangri-La, from preserved traditions to red rice, tasty chilies, and exceptional scenery.

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2. Brazil

Sunset over Rio de Janeiro, seen from the Sugar Loaf in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Temperatures: Low 74° F • High 85° F

Highlights: Warm weather, wildlife, culture, beaches, scenery, the Amazon

Other recommended travel times: January • August • November

Brazil is endlessly dynamic. After Carnival season, the weather is still warm and the crowds have diminished, making March a fantastic time to lounge on the beaches or venture deep into the Amazon Rainforest.

Brazil is captivating in its grand diversity and exceptional size, featuring white-sand coastlines, rhythmic metropolises, coral-fringed islands, and extraordinary wildlife, with each priceless wonder enhancing the beauty of the culture.

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3. Chile

Lake Pehoé in Torres del Paine National Park in in the Magallanes Region of southern Chile

Lake Pehoé in Torres del Paine National Park in in the Magallanes Region of southern Chile

Temperatures: Low 49°F • High 79°F

Highlights: Scenery, culture, museums, wine, hiking

Other recommended travel times: February • October • November • December

Chile is the embodiment of the planet’s diverse landscapes, with dynamic desert, captivating valleys, dramatic mountains, and fascinating glaciers. March is a wonderful time to travel to Chile due to the great weather and fewer crowds.

The Southern Hemisphere fall shifts into gear, which can make Patagonia a bit brisk. No matter the season, however, Chile can easily surprise and delight you, from the Atacama Desert to the Patagonian Steppe.

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4. Italy

Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Temperatures: Low 41°F • High 61°F

Highlights: Culture, ancient ruins, villages, museums, wine, cuisine, scenery

Other recommended travel times: February • May • June • September • October • December

Italy is filled with endless inspiration and countless possibilities in March. You can experience a perfect spring getaway, with cultural riches beyond comparison and stunning landscapes that stretch from the Alps to the Ionian Sea.

Italian cities are calmer, with fewer crowds, making it much easier to sail to volcanic islands, admire the Sistine Chapel, trace the life of Da Vinci, uncover ancient tombs, or cruise on a gondola down famous narrow canals.

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5. Japan

The Higashiyama district of old town Kyoto during cherry blossom season in Japan

Higashiyama district in Kyoto, Japan

Temperatures: Low 57°F • High 40°F

Highlights: Cherry blossoms, culture, temples, villages, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: May • April • May • October • November

Japan is a timeless destination that contrasts the past with the future. March marks the beginning of spring and brings into season the renowned cherry blossoms all across the country.

Whether you are interested in millennia of history, natural beauty shaped by ancient volcanoes, or eager to explore preserved temples and traditions, March enhances Japan’s splendor as the cities and countryside shimmer with colorful petals.

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6. Laos

Wat Xieng Thong temple in Luang Prabang, Laos

Wat Xieng Thong temple in Luang Prabang, Laos

Temperatures: Low 67°F • High 93°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, scenery, temples, villages

Other recommended travel times: October • November

Laos is often overlooked by visitors for its more popular neighbors, but March offers fabulous weather and highlights the beauty of the country’s frangipani as it blossoms across Laos.

No matter where you visit, it feels like an authentic adventure, from uncovering traces of French colonial architecture to overlooking rice paddies, visiting traditional villages, and trekking through wild scenery steeped in greenery.

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7. Maldives

Beach at Saafu Point on Fuvahmulah island in the Maldives

Fuvahmulah island, Maldives

Temperatures: Low 81°F • High 85°F

Highlights: Warm weather, marine life, culture, beaches, villages

Other recommended travel times: April • December

The Maldives exude beauty, and March offers a unique perspective from which to enjoy the luxurious archipelago. The visibility for diving and snorkeling is excellent, and the spring sees the start of the surf season.

Whether you are eager to indulge in magnificent white-sand beaches, dive into crystal-clear waters to find stunning coral walls, or relax in pristine luxury, the Maldives in March has it all.

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8. Vietnam

Rice terraces in the rural district of Mu Cang Chai in the Yen Bai province of Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai in the Yen Bai province of Vietnam

Temperatures: Low 76°F • High 93°F

Highlights: Warm weather, ancient ruins, culture, beaches, cuisine, villages

Other recommended travel times: January • April • November

Compelling, exotic, dazzling, and distinctive define Vietnam, with March providing sensational weather for all types of experiences.

The fewer crowds and continued dry season ambiance make visiting the rice terraces a revealing part of the preserved culture, while the south features dynamic bays.

The warm beaches and megacities provide unique contrasts to the hill-tribe villages, with March capturing the spirit of Vietnam’s superb history, culture, culinary prowess, and natural charm.

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9. South Africa

African buffalos seen on game drive in Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Temperatures: Low 57°F • High 81°F

Highlights: Warm weather, water sports, wildlife, culture, beaches, scenery

Other recommended travel times: January • February • May • June • August • September

South Africa is the epitome of superb. March helps bring in the fall, but carries over the Southern Hemisphere’s warm summer weather to showcase the country’s marvelous variety.

The safari destinations glow with active wildlife, while the coast retains a charm that stems from white-sand beaches and possible passing whales. From inspiring gorges to expansive deserts, golden savanna to classic coastline, South Africa immerses you in scenic and cultural wonder.

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10. Morocco

Camel caravan across the Sahara in Morocco

Sahara Desert in Morocco

Temperatures: Low 49°F • High 72°F

Highlights: Sahara Desert, culture, beaches, scenery

Other recommended travel times: September • October • November

Morocco is an eye-opening sample of exotic tradition and treasured culture. March plunges you into the timeless cities and epic sand dunes, remote mountaintops and fairytale fortresses.

Spring brings pleasantly warm weather with smaller crowds, while remaining cool across the mountains. The enchanting and mystical past meets the warm hospitality and fast pace of the present.

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11. Spain

Olvera skyline at sunset with olive trees in Andalusia, Spain

Olvera, Spain

Temperatures: Low 45°F • High 63°F

Highlights: Scenery, trekking, culture, ancient ruins, museums, wine

Other recommended travel times: January • May • June • September • October

The cold weather eases, the cities open to the sun, and spring makes its mark as March returns the simple pleasures of the Mediterranean.

With spirit and sophistication ever-present across the country, Spain can surprise you with its diversity as you uncover sun-baked vineyards and golden plains, culinary feasts and artistic grandeur.

From flamenco to whitewashed walls, you can count on Spain in March to have fewer people, golden sunlight, and access to epic heritage.

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12. Ireland

Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, Ireland

Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, Ireland

Temperatures: Low 41°F • High 51°F

Highlights: Culture, scenery, ancient ruins, museums, Irish music

Other recommended travel times: April • May

Ireland is ancient and soulful. March focuses on the poetic beauty of the Emerald Isle as spring softens the winter cold and returns the awe-inspiring beauty to the landscape.

From dramatic cliffs to spacious valleys, legendary songs to welcoming heritage, Ireland will take your breath away as you step into the picturesque.

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13. New Zealand

Pathway in the Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Temperatures: Low 59°F • High 72°F

Highlights: Warm weather, wildlife, culture, beaches, water sports, hiking, scenery

Other recommended travel times: February • June • July • August • December

Cinematic on a grand scale, yet incredibly hospitable, New Zealand remains warm in the north and cool in the south as March ushers in autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Staggering natural wonders and wildlife sweep across the main islands.

Whether you are looking for epic glaciers or sparkling coves, snowcapped mountains or remarkable fiords, fascinating heritage or active whales, New Zealand is a haven for outdoor adventures and cultural charms.

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14. Cuba

Holguin beach in Cuba

Holguin beach in Cuba

Temperatures: Low 64°F • High 82°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, scenery

Other recommended travel times: April • November

Cuba is a timeworn pearl of undefinable majesty. March captures the essence of the island’s beauty with clear skies, warm beaches, and low humidity that gives way to endless fun and easy exploration.

Natural beauty spreads from the powdery white-sand beaches to jungle-clad mountains. You can walk through living history, find magnificent diving opportunities, explore geological marvels, or embrace the colonial beauty of a country awakening to creative enterprises in spring.

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Discover the Best Places to Visit in March

Mdumbi beach on the Eastern Cape Wild Coast region of South Africa

Mdumbi beach in the Eastern Cape Wild Coast Region, South Africa

March is a wonderful month in which to travel, with the seasons changing around the world and so much to enjoy. Whether you are looking for an African safari or a wine tour, March is a great time to enjoy a trip tailored to your preferences.

Find more insights on select destinations with our guide to the best places to travel by month.

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