New Zealand & Fiji Adventure Tour

Queenstown, New Zealand mountain range at sunset.
A 15 day trip to Fiji & New Zealand 
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New Zealand’s North Island shines with cobalt waters and immaculate islands. The South Island rolls with pristine snowcapped peaks and marvelous vistas. The Fiji Islands sit in the Pacific Ocean with kaleidoscopic coral reefs and lush rainforest. On your hand-tailored adventure tour of New Zealand and Fiji you will feel Auckland’s cool breeze through your hair as you sail along the harbor. You will watch the panorama grow larger around the immaculate shores of Lake Wakatipu. You will jump into a refreshing natural pool in the tropical jungle and find the commonality between the islands is unadulterated majesty.

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Places Visited 

New Zealand - Auckland, Rotorua, Bay of Islands, Wellington, Queenstown, Doubtful Sound, Dunedin

Fiji - Nadi, Denarau Island, Viti Levu 

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Watching the Sails

Auckland, New Zealand stands at the edge of the water with countless marinas brimming with boats. The city is known as the City of Sails; as the plane lands you can look out over the Hauraki Gulf and see the endless boats casting their sails, catching the wind and gliding across the glistening cobalt Pacific. The city rises and falls with the hillsides, bordered on land by emerald forests; on the water fertile volcanic islands amble upwards. Your private transfer awaits your arrival at the airport and escorts you to your comfortable hotel located in the heart of New Zealand’s largest city.

The volcanic cone of One Tree Hill offers an unrivaled 360 panorama of the city standing atop the 600-foot tall summit. The Stardome Observatory glimpses into the night sky with a remarkable planetarium at its side. Sky Tower rises over the rest of the city as a beacon, glowing with purple light in the evening. The coastal breeze carries a fresh sea scent throughout the day. The sails are taken down when the boats anchor in the marinas. At night, the city takes on a different but equally enthusiastic energy, echoing with laughter down Queen Street and Quay Street near the harbor.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Exploring the Sailing Waters

The morning stretches over the city spreading across the Pacific water and the islands. After breakfast, you make your way to the harbor and board a boat along the pristine waters. The ocean mists into the air and embraces your cheeks as the wind blows through your hair. The shoreline quickly drifts away but never moves too far from view. You pass Bean Rock Lighthouse, built in 1871.

It stands as the only wooden cottage lighthouse remaining in New Zealand and runs on solar power. The natural majesty in and around the City of Sails emanates from the water and the land. You edge the shores of Rangitoto Island, a landmass over three miles wide and known as the most recently active volcano in the Auckland volcanic field. The cone is visible from the city but on the water you can see the detail of the summit’s 850-foot height.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 3: Different Styles of Island Living

The distant sound of a foghorn filters through the dawn.  By sunrise, the boats are back out on the water catching the wind and sailing on the horizon. The day is yours to discover Auckland at your leisure, whether by visiting Sky Tower, hiking one of the many islands off of the city’s coast, or strolling through the lavish neighborhood of Newmarket. For a unique view of North Island, you can meet your guide in the lobby of the hotel and venture northbound to the celebrated Bay of Islands. 150 islands, untouched by human hands, perforate the bay’s turquoise water.

Historically the Maori settles these island groupings first, calling them Pewhairangi, before migrating further south. The area is also home to the Waitangi Treaty of 1840, where European settlers and Maori tribes signed the famous peace treaty. Lush hills rise out of the water and roll along the coastline to the horizon. The iridescent water is tranquil against the landscape. Dolphins tend to leap behind passing boats and play in the fast wakes. Constructed in 1832, the Treaty House remains preserved in its original state. A 115-foot war canoe stands near the cove, constructed for the centennial celebration. The cultural performance punctuates the history with the traditional harmonious songs of the Maori adding to the ambiance.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 4: Capital by the Sea

After breakfast, you have a quick transfer to the airport followed by a brief flight to New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. The city boasts a big reputation but maintains a small town charm. Mountains encircle the cityscape edging the streets closer to the sparkling bay. Golden sands lean into the craggy shores along the south coast. The ocean air is never far away and sweeps through the downtown mixing with aromas of fresh coffee and pastries. The cable car passes through downtown and rustles up the bordering mountains.

Settle into your hotel before venturing into the city on a guided tour. The Museum of Wellington is filled with interactive exhibitions that document the social and cultural nautical history. The early Victorian architecture façade adds to the city’s electric charm. The Maori legends are told in dramatic style, using hologram actors to add detail to each rendition of the myths. The building was constructed in the late 19th century and maintains a level of its authenticity, holding the history of the contemporary city close. As the afternoon comes to a close, the aroma of freshly battered and fried fish and chips becomes more prevalent and enticing.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 5: Free Wellington

The day is yours to enjoy the pleasures of Wellington at your leisure. Discover the thrills of the Seal Coast Safari Adventure with a 4x4 experience around the rugged coastline or visit some of the island nation’s endangered species with a visit to Zealandia. After breakfast, you choose to take in some of the artistic renderings of New Zealand with a visit to Weta Workshop. The tour takes you through the workspace that brought the world the special effects and artistic representations of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies.

The interior is arranged in an almost overwhelming fashion, overflowing with wondrous images. Take a behind-the-scenes look at films such as Avatar, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and of course, Lord of the Rings. Chainmail lines the walls. A life-sized Gollum crouches near a desk. Framed portraits and mirrors hang from the ceiling. In the one corner you can see busts of Orcs. A dwarf king rides his war hog into battle. In the movies the details of each character are stunning, but up close the reality of each distinct image is almost unreal. 

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 6: Into the Alps

Your private transfer, arranged by one of Zicasso's New Zealand tour operators, takes you to the airport in the morning for your flight out of Wellington and away from the North Island. The quick flight soon has you landing at Queenstown International Airport, located in the stunning Southern Alps. Your private transfer escorts you into the magnificent alpine city known as the Adventure Capital of the World. The Remarkables Mountain Range punctuates the horizon overlooking the pristine waters of Lake Wakatipu. Along the other horizon is Bob’s Peak where gondolas run up to the summit from the base of the mountain in the city. The aroma of fresh water blends into the piney scent of Douglas firs and beech trees. The city looks more like a town out of the Swiss Alps but maintains a friendly, rambunctious energy sweeping through the streets.  

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 7: Tip Top Peak

The morning light barely reaches over the Remarkables Mountains before the city comes to life. No matter the season, people fill the city eager to venture upwards atop mountains whether to rush down on snowboards or glide down with a hang glider. You cradle a warm mug of freshly brewed coffee and stare out at the serene water of Lake Wakatipu before venturing out for a morning gondola ride. The Skyline station is five minutes from central Queenstown.

Each car offers a 220-degree panorama of the stunning scenery around the cityscape. The mountain reaches a height of 5,735 feet above sea level. The beech trees create a unique dividing line between the rugged snowcapped summit and the lush forest carpeting the lower foothills. As the gondola moves slowly up the slope, you can look back at the town and see how Lake Wakatipu reflects the Cecil Peak, a mountain at the Wakatipu Basin standing 6,527 feet tall. 

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 8: No Doubt in the Sound

The daylight sneaks upwards past the Cecil Peak and casts a glinting light over the lake. With the day at your leisure, you choose to venture southbound to witness the unparalleled natural majesty of Doubtful Sound, one of New Zealand’s largest fiords. Ancient glaciers gradually melting over time carved the landscape. You step aboard a boat at Pearl Harbour in Manapouri and journey across the unique blend of rugged and serene scenery before even reaching the sound. The wilderness is vast and untouched. Rainforest twists into hidden inlets. Rugged peaks tower over tranquil glacial waters. You board a boat for a deeper exploration of the sound.

Utter stillness becomes the soundtrack to the morning only disturbed by the occasional splash of a fur seal. The air is cool against your cheeks. The crisp aroma of the cold water mixes with the verdant trees. Brown Falls tumbles over 2,000 feet beginning at Lake Browne, a mountainous pool that spills over into the sound below. The longer you spend traversing the meandering waterways, the more likely you will see curious bottlenose dolphins investigating the ship. They arch out of the water and splash back down, spritzing you with their endless youthfulness.  

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 9: Darting Passed

The morning is crisp with mountain air. Lush trees line the cityscape and rise into the surrounding foothills. With another day at your leisure, you could take part in a relaxing massage or stroll around Queenstown in search of a comfortable restaurant to linger in for lunch. For a more adventurous exploration of the landscape, your guide meets you at the hotel and escorts you to the Dart River for a jetboat safari. The speedboat skims the surface of the river at various speeds offering an in-depth discovery of the alpine scenery, along with a fast paced ride.

The water shimmers a glacial blue. The encircling mountains are capped with snow or showing rugged gray stones, depending on the season. Mt. Aspiring National Park contains ancient beech forest rushing up to the riverbanks. Moss grows around the underbrush creating a lush layer of greenery, imitating the canopy. You guide points out specific locations used in both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies. The riverbank shifts between pebbled to forested, lined with boulders to mountainous. When the hills slope into the waters, the view opens to a panorama of undulating mountaintops.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 10: Natural South Island

Take the time to relax in the morning. The active city brims with locals and visitors alike, strolling along the main street just off the lakeshores. In the afternoon, you are taken to the train station where you board your train car bound for Dunedin. The city maintains a proud connection to its Scottish heritage dating back to the mid 19th century. The train ride takes you alongside the Schist tors, large standing rocks that add a distinctive texture to the Otago landscape. The train offers a tremendous view of the landscape outside stretching for miles.

The weather has stripped away the softer outer layers of rock and polishing the craggy interiors. The tors are often aligned, lining the barren and ridged terrain. The ribbed mountains give way to lush orchards and vineyards spreading to the foothills before reaching to seventh largest city in New Zealand. The various landscapes outside the city offer insight into the blend of friendly cultures that inhabit the city. Otago University has a Victorian tower, adding an elegant nudge to the skyline dating back to the university’s founding in 1869.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 11: A Taste of Central Otago

You couldn’t help but notice the various types of landscape across the Central Otago region the previous day. Today you decide to look deeper into the effects of the landscape on the flavors of the region with a wine tour. Your guide meets you at the hotel and takes you to the sprawling vines of the Alexandra basin, known particularly for its Pinot Noir. Each wine has a complex flavor with delightful aromatic qualities.

When you arrive at Three Miners Vineyard, you find the rugged landscape somewhat tamed by the vineyard and the rustic winery creating a splendid ambiance. After the tour, you enter the tasting room where you can have your first taste of the wine. The aroma has earthy and spiced notes blending well with ripe fruit. You can taste red berries and feel a warmth run through your fingers. At the edge of the vineyard, you can see a glassy blue lake glistening beneath the distant hillside.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 12: South Island to Tropical Island

The morning drapes across Dunedin’s surrounding greenery. The clock tower from the university ticks away the dawn hours. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and takes you to the airport for your flight to Nadi International Airport, Fiji. The Southern Alps peek above the clouds but eventually vanish. Soon the sky opens up to expansive turquoise waters below. You spot the emerald rainforest gleaming in the sunlight and draping over the mountains of Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu. Once at the airport your private transfer takes you to your tremendous resort accommodation on Denarau Island. Each room offers a classic view overlooking the water and the hotel’s private beach. Coconut and sugar cane scent the air. The breeze rustles the tall swaying palms. Cabanas provide shade alongside the lavish pool. You have traveled from alpine wonderland to tropical island paradise.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 13: Inside the Island

The alpine chill has melted away, replaced by tropical sun and the sound of the ocean sweeping against the sand. You wake up to an array of tropical fruits welcoming the morning, from blissfully juicy mango to succulent and sweet rambutan. Your guide meets you in the lobby and takes you to the banks of the Sigatoka River. The waters run for 74 miles beginning on the west side of Mount Victoria. You step aboard a motorized longboat constructed from firm bamboo to begin your scenic cruise up river. The foothills reach out from the riverbanks, draped in verdant tropical rainforest.

The aroma of ferns and hibiscus emanate from the shores. Between the trees, you spot a waterfall rumbling down the sloping hillside. When you reach the mouth of the Naihehe Cave, you come to the entrance of a cavern more than 561 feet long. The tropical air turns cool inside the cave. The walls are soft and wet. Your guide tells you the history of the cave and the fleshy dietary preferences of the previous inhabitants. Your guide maintains a wide smile, happily explaining every detail about the island, the cave, the river, and answering any questions you have. The island spirit is alive and well, emanating from the land itself, lush and happy.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 14: Giant’s Steps

Wake up to the natural aroma of fresh coconut and the briny scent of the ocean wafting through the open window. After breakfast, you travel to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, home to over 2,000 varieties of Asian orchids once belonging to the actor Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame. The garden rises around the foothills and spreads into the basin of the surrounding hills. The canopy is dense, opening sporadically to a view of the rolling mountainside. The aroma of sweet blossoming flowers blends well with the fern leaves.

Orchid petals shine white and purple with an equally radiant center. The walkway takes you alongside a picturesque lily pond, draped in large circular leaves and the occasional bloomed white lily with thin, layered white petals. Banana bunches grow in the canopy and cling to the branches. Birds pick at the creamy fruit and perch on the bunch. The beauty of the garden makes you think of Eden, a lush paradise situated near an indigo ocean.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 15: Beyond the Sleepy Paradise

Linger in bed a little longer this morning listening to the soothing sound the water makes as it brushes against the beach. It has become a familiar wake up call that you aren’t ready to leave yet. After breakfast, you are supposed to meet your private transfer and make your way to the airport for your flight home. However, you could always extend your stay in Fiji, taking in the secluded island getaways, indulging in an overwater bungalow, or exploring the stunning reefs near the Garden Island. You have discovered the marvelous differences between the islands of New Zealand and the tropical Fijian paradise and can truly say that they captivated you differently but equally.  

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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