Luxurious Exploration of Lakes and Glaciers in Argentina & Chile Tour

A 9 day trip to Argentina & Chile 
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The splendors of dramatic landscapes and the comforts of contemporary luxury combine for perfect vacationing in Patagonia. Touch the bright blue ice of a glacier with your fingertips. Witness the twin peaks towering over an immaculate indigo lake. Bask in the comforts of a secluded hotel with a panoramic view encompassing the mountain summit and serene coastline of a glassy fiord. Indulge in the luxuries of a five-star accommodation and take in the breathtaking scenery, unique adventure and lavish discoveries on your custom tailored Patagonia lakes and glaciers tour.

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Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Puerto Bories, Santiago 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Luxuries of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city that encompasses the European atmosphere of its Spanish past, along with the South American flair that provides vigor to the beloved tango. The historic neighborhood of San Telmo has a wealth of lavish mansions lining the cobblestone streets. Antique shops and bookstores look out to candlelit walkways. The artistic district of La Boca displays its vibrancy through corrugated-iron houses painted with bright colors. Artists capture the lively atmosphere of the streets in their paint, modeling their captivating pieces after the dancers performing tango on the corner. Your private transfer meets you at Ministro Pistarini International Airport and escorts you to your luxurious hotel filled with contemporary comfort. Consider learning more about your tour experts for Patagonia who strive to make this trip the most memorable one of your life. 

The aroma of grilled meat drifts from a traditional Parrilla, a barbecue type restaurant that specializes in sizzling dishes representative of the cuisine gauchos (the equivalent of a South American cowboy) would have eaten on a ranch. The rich history of the city radiates from Plaza de Mayo. The square encompasses two city blocks and was constructed by the Spanish in the 16th century. Old colonial buildings decorate the borders of the plaza, including the landmark Casa Rosada, the pink Presidential Palace. Locals continue to frequent the quaint Café Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo. The 19th-century café is considered the birthplace of tango.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Capital of the Glaciers  

The morning in Buenos Aires fills with the aroma of fresh cookies and cakes emanating from the countless bakeries around the city. Florencio is a tiny, charming bakery known for its sticky chocolate cakes and caramelized apple tarts. In its small display case, people point to the mouthwatering cheesecake topped with dulce de leche. The sweet and savory corners of the city are always on display, from sultry dance moves to alluring antique markets. After breakfast, your private transfer escorts you to the airport for a brief flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate, the city known as the gateway to Argentina’s Patagonian glaciers.

The alpine architecture accentuates the small town atmosphere. Thick stone edifices encompass timber doorframes. The scent of dark and semi-sweet chocolate wafts across the main street of Libertador, short for Avenida del Libertador General San Martín. The Glaciarium offers insight into a fascinating world of ice, informing visitors about the formation of glaciers. Also, the museum has an ice bar where you can put on a large, furry coat and enter the club known for its frozen theme. The cold temperature inside gives you the unique opportunity to sip a stunning cocktail from a glass made of ice. Your hotel is set on an elegant plain at the foothills of the mountains. You have a remarkable view of Lago Argentino and the soaring peak of Cerro Calafate.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Upon the Glaciers

The sunlight washes over the mountains and highlights the indigo waters of Lago Argentino. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at your hotel and escorts you to the Bajo de las Sombras port. The water is calm beneath the boat. The prairie around the lake leads to the dramatic climb of the nearby mountains. The boat weighs anchor, and you set out across Argentina’s largest freshwater lake, encompassing 545 square miles of surface area. You reach the edge of the ice sheet and arrive at an unexpected and breathtaking view.

Your guide provides you with the necessary gear and instructions before leading you onto the glacier’s surface. You hear the ice crunch beneath your feet. The cool breeze turns to a chill as it rushes upwards from the frozen ground. Your guide leads you through exceptional crevasses that roll over you like an immobile wave. The glacier shines light blue and white beneath the rising craggy mountains surrounding the ice field. From atop the Perito Moreno Glacier, the ice has a rolling, everlasting quality, stretching for approximately three miles wide, from the edge of Lago Argentino to the base of the distant mountain. Upon returning to port, you pass the face of the ice field, only to find that the face rises more than 200 feet above the water’s surface.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 4: Choice of Glaciers in El Calafate

The pristine indoor pool in your hotel mirrors the opulent waters of Lago Argentino. The windswept foothills at the base of Cerro Calafate open up to the panorama of the lake.  After breakfast, your guide leads you to the lake’s shores once more to board a sensational cruise. The boat weighs anchor and passes Boca del Diablo, the narrowest passage of the lake, stretching 2,624 feet. The bright blue color of the persistent glaciers glistens in the sunlight. Icebergs float in the water and offer perspective on the size of the glaciers from which the frozen mass came.

You venture through the Canal Spegazzini to view Glacier Spegazzini. The breeze is gentle but cold. The water is tranquil near the frozen landscape. The glacier walls undulate between 260 to more than 440 feet above the lake. The ice field rises out of the water and spreads over the craggy mountain peak. It looks as if a flood was frozen before it could reach the lake. You can see snow burst from the glacier’s edges before you hear the crack. A large piece of ice separates from the glacier and splashes into the water, causing waves and ripples in the lake. 

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, guided tour, accommodation

Day 5: Indulging in the Scenery

In the morning, you look out over Lake Argentino and recall the movement of the water when the chunk of glacier fell, creating another iceberg in a lake of melting ice. After your meal, a private representative of your next luxury hotel accommodation meets you in the lobby after breakfast. You venture out on a scenic drive across Patagonia, venturing over the Andes Mountains into Chile. You reach Puerto Natales to find a small town founded in 1911 by European settlers. The city stands as the entryway to the Torres del Paine National Park. The streets are filled with vibrant microbreweries, charming winery shops, and a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere contained by the magnificent delta to the west and the towering Andes to the east.

The relaxed atmosphere encompasses the easy pace of the region, where every moment is surrounded by natural majesty. You continue onward to your next accommodation, fashioned from an early 20th-century cold-storage plant. The original brickwork continues to decorate the interior. A funicular provides a unique connection between the hotel entrance and the reception area. The rooms are comfortable and equally elegant, decorated with Edwardian ornamentation. Your luxurious view overlooks the windswept shore of Last Hope Sound.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, transfer, accommodation

Day 6: Inclusive Wonderment

In the morning, the landscape of Patagonia shines through your panoramic window, giving you an exclusive view of the plain, lake, sea, and mountains. At breakfast, you find the enticing aroma of freshly pressed coffee overtaking the familiar fragrance of yerba mate tea. The day is yours to bask in the splendor of Patagonia by participating in the various guided tours and possible explorations provided. Enjoy a half-day cycling excursion around Laguna Sofia or trek to the base of Torres del Paine inside the Torres del Paine National Park.

One of the luxuries the hotel offers is a chance to explore the remarkable Patagonian Fiords. The enchanting landscape continues along the waters of Last Hope Sound. The water has a glossy indigo glow. You come close to the dark silt and textured walls of the mountains climbing out of the water. The wind-weary grass spreads across the rolling hills. In the distance, snow covers the mountaintops overlooking the sound. The receding ice of Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers twist along the undulating craggy hills. The dramatic landscape represents the pure beauty and raw power of Patagonia.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, guided tour, accommodation

Day 7: Chosen Adventure

Watch through the windows as the mountains call to you and the water invites you. The day is once again yours to choose whichever adventure best suits your desire for the day. You could search the high altitude plains for Andean condors or horseback ride to Milodon Cave, where the remains of a giant sloth were found in the late 19th century. The Towers of Paine are twin granite pillars that rise almost vertically more than 6,561 feet above the Patagonian steppe.

Torres del Paine National Park was created in 1959 and protects bands of azure lakes, expansive emerald forests, roaring rivers with wooden bridges, and pristine glaciers. The cool breeze blows through the trees. You can hear rushing water emanating from numerous rivers around the park. Your guide leads you on a trail winding up the mountainside, taking you to Paso John Gardner. The pass offers a remarkable view of Grey Glacier and the snowy peaks on the opposite side of the glowing ice field. Paso John Gardner is located in an atmosphere of 3,937 feet. The path traces the edges of the serene waters of Grey Lake.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, guided tour, accommodation

Day 8: Patagonian Enchantment to Santiago Charm

You wake up to the remarkable view of Patagonia. The landscape continues to entice you. A refreshing cup of coffee or freshly brewed yerba mate tea is a familiar luxury in the comforts of your room overlooking the scenic lake. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the entrance of your hotel and escorts you to Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport in Punta Arenas for your flight to Santiago, Chile. The capital city of Chile is bright and energetic.

The cosmopolitan streets have a distinct culture with neighborhoods exuding a unique character. Street vendors sell homemade empanadas and fried potatoes in the eastern district of Peñalolen. Young artists roam the streets of the adjacent neighborhoods of Bellas Artes and Lastarria, home to designer boutiques and trendy cafes. The bohemian district of Bellavista street art and restored historic mansions stand side-by-side. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and escorts you to the luxuries of your comfortable hotel located near the heart of the fabulous city.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 9: Sweeping Santiago

The city comes to life in the morning with business people venturing into boisterous cafes in the downtown district in search of a local specialty known as “coffee with legs.” The waters of the Mapocho River border the gardens of Quinta Normal Park. After breakfast, your private transfer greets you at the hotel and leads you around the city to visit the celebrated vibrant markets. The Parque Arauco Shopping Center is the largest mall in Chile and boasts a large outdoor boulevard lined with delicious restaurants and boutique shops. Live music gives an undeniable ambiance to the center. Locals sip Pisco Sour or enjoy a strong coffee. You witness and participate in the real life of locals. After your exploration of the city’s magnificent markets, your private transfer escorts you to Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer 



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