Tayrona National Park in northern Colombia.
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Two Week Colombia Itineraries

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Colombia is a marvel of contrasts with sun-soaked desert and glossy Caribbean coasts, lush Amazonian jungles, and Andean peaks dusted with snow. Quiet colonial villages contrast with metropolitan cities, while pre-Columbian architecture boasts ancient drama. From wondrous trails that wind through the mountains to tropical reefs that beckon world-class scuba divers, a two-week Colombia itinerary can inspire your next trip.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service

Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Pueblito Paia in Medellín, Colombia
Tailored 2-Week Luxury Colombia Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,365

Escape from the worries of the world to Colombia on this customized 14-days adventure. Discover why Colombia is one of the world’s most beloved destinations and explore its breathtaking environments below the staggering Andes Mountains. Unravel the origins of its fascinating history and culture and find refuge on the pearl-white banks of Colombia’s tropical Caribbean shores.

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Colorful historic colonial architecture in Cartagena, Colombia
Best of Colombia Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,455

Let the culture of Colombia embrace you, and the contrasts of the country reveal themselves during your custom-tailored exploration of colonial charms and high-rise luxuries, beautiful emerald jungles and white sand beaches. Contemporary murals represent the pulse of today’s culture draped across walls that span the centuries. Iridescent hummingbirds enjoy the nectar of tropical fruit and cable cars traverse the skyline above the network of city streets. From the countryside to urban museums, cultural heritage to mystic lake shores, the splendor of Colombia’s diversity will delight and captivate you.

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Fruit vendor, symbol of Cartagena, Colombia
Iconic Experiences of Colombia Tour: Coffee, Culture & Nature

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,090

Colombia is a country of forest wonders and sea pearls while also topped with snow-capped volcanic peaks and the summits of the Andes Mountains. Breathe in the layered aromas of freshly brewed coffee under a master brewer’s guidance and then stand amidst the radiant figures painted by iconic Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Wander through tunnels in an antique fortress and then taste exotic flavors in fruits that you have likely never seen. Your customizable tour will immerse you in Colombia’s culture and traditions, from the world famous coffee plantations to the colonial heritage, you engage in the contemporary lifestyle and the emerging culture.

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Historic center in Cartagena, Colombia
Highlights of Ecuador & Colombia Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,545

The equator circumvents the globe, with Ecuador and Colombia straddling the dividing line. From rainforest to the jungle, golden coastline to Andean peaks, each has one foot in both hemispheres and cultures that reflect their history as well as a lively contemporary lifestyle.  You will relish the view of cobblestone streets framed by colonial homes, and then your footsteps will echo off of walls in the subterranean tunnels of a Spanish seaside fortress. Traverse the Andean plains to view soaring condors and find clues to ancient traditions found in the golden artifacts indigenous peoples left behind. Your 10-day tour will take you through Ecuador and Colombia where the diverse landscapes have shaped unique cultures to bring an unforgettable journey along the equatorial line.

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Colorful farmhouse in the Colombian Coffee Triangle
History, Culture & Cuisine Tour of Colombia

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,545

Step beyond the preconceptions that you may have about Colombia to discover a country of vibrant colors and welcoming people. A country that is ornamented with coffee plants growing on terraced mountains and decorated with the largest Spanish fortress in the Americas, the coast is bejeweled with glistening salt crystals that blend into cave walls that support a subterranean cathedral. Your custom tailored tour will immerse you in Colombia’s true splendor, from the fusion of cultures embodied in the exceptional cuisine to the elaborate artwork hung in museum galleries and draping historical walls. Experience Colombia’s spirit and it will inspire you as it emanates from its community renaissance.

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Santa Teresa Square, Cartagena, Colombia
Past & Present of Colombia Tour: Colonial Charm to Modern Luxuries

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,545

From the rustic walls in Cartagena that overlook the Caribbean Sea to the emerald forest canopies as viewed from the heights of Medellin’s crisscrossing gondolas, your custom-tailored tour will immerse you in the stimulating colonial charm and contemporary renaissance of Colombia. Wander the breadth of a coffee plantation for a better understanding of cultivation, and then linger beneath the inspiring heights of wax palms that soar over the Cocora Valley. Witness the bright colors and unique character of Fernando Botero’s artwork as whether on rural walkways or urban streets, colonial history is threaded throughout Colombia, offering context to its past and present cultures.

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