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A Bali honeymoon package embodies the romance of a tropical escape while sharing the passion of an ancient culture. With seaside temples, elaborate traditions, and opportunities to embrace the coastal views or venture into the jungle terrain, every couple can embrace the charismatic ambiance of Bali. Whether surfing or enjoying a candlelit dinner, climbing a volcano or relaxing on a white-sand beach, use our sample itineraries to find the right inspiration to make your dream Bali honeymoon a reality.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Honeymoon couple at sunset on the rock in Bali, Indonesia
A Perfect Bali Honeymoon

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,075

Bali is an island fit for the gods and the perfect destination for an enchanting honeymoon. Your customizable tour offers a blend of romance and exploration in the beauty of the landscape, the history of the culture, and the splendor of sharing a breathtaking experience with your loved one. Indulge in the Indian Ocean’s warm sapphire waters. Watch the colors of sunset stretch behind a preserved 10th-century Hindu temple. Traverse rice paddy terraces and experience the wind flowing through your hair on a private catamaran. From mountain majesty to seaside relaxation, you will find romance and luxury in Bali.

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Silhouette of couple enjoying romantic sunset in Bali
Romantic Getaway to Bali

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,245

Bali is known as a destination that is shrouded in mythical stories and legends. The "Land of the Gods,” this is where folklore and legends come alive, as evident today as when they were first told. On this Bali vacation, see the Ramayana (a Hindu epic) before you are enamored by the fire dances and shadow plays; hear the tales of Bali’s royal past whispered from the spectacular temples, grand monuments, and ancient sacred sites. Be enchanted by its landscape; dine by the cliffs, by the sea and in the terraced rice fields. View the majestic volcano and its crater lake, coast along its cliffs and discover secluded bays. Then, traverse on its terraced rice fields, cross the sea with dolphins and catch the sunset. Your journey will leave you with memorable moments and smiles as Barong the mythical lion guards your door each night, and Garuda the mighty and mystical eagle protects you from above throughout your stay.

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Indonesian-style seafood with grilled fish prawns and clams

Bali blends a variety of spices and ingredients for a complex and perfectly balanced customized culinary tour. From the chic ambiance of a contemporary seaside restaurant to the bustling atmosphere of a night market filled with locals, follow the trails to delicious cuisine and marvelous culture, breathtaking scenery, and historical temples. Bask in the spiced aroma of anise and linger in the comforting scent of the sea breeze, and then dig your toes into the sand while biting into freshly grilled prawns. In Bali, you can take the time to savor each bite and discover true flavor.

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Experience real bliss as you plunge into the azure waters on the white sandy beaches.
One Week Bali Vacation: Seven Days of Adventure & Bliss

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,075

Bali is a sweet adventure wrapped in unforgettable landscapes, white sand beaches, and majestic legends you need to experience to believe. Discover blossoming orchids and reflective lakes encompassing ancient calderas. Find enchanting panoramas of rice paddy fields framed by rolling forest-clad mountains. Coral reefs match the colors of the tropical fruit and fishermen in traditional boats set out onto the ocean in search of a perfect catch. Your custom tailored Bali tour introduces you to the charming culture and enchanting landscape of Bali, accentuated by fascinating temples and embellished with ancient mystique.

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Woman lounging in an infinity pool at a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia
A Perfect Bali Vacation Package

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,075

Bali will awaken your senses to the wonders of the landscape, the beauty of culture, and the welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean on your 8-day custom Bali vacation. Your journey encompasses the excitement of exploration and the comforts of luxury accommodations. Powdery white sand clings to your skin along the beach while rice paddy fields glow emerald beneath the tropical sun. Intricate stone carvings adorn cave walls and shrines connoting demons and deities. From coral reefs to mountaintop temples, breathtaking waterfalls to elegant cuisine, the splendor of Bali will open your eyes to unforgettable experiences.

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One of the coastal shrines at sunset, Bali, Indonesia
Bali Honeymoon

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,335

Desire drips from the ambiance of Bali as sweet and luscious as fresh wild mango. Your customizable tour will embody the pleasures of a tropical paradise and the seclusion of a personalized island getaway. Indigo water shimmers with iridescent coral reefs as beautiful ancient temples hide amongst the jungle terraces. Sunsets layer the sky with striking hues embellished with majestic spires of beachside shrines. Whether celebrating an enchanting honeymoon or enjoying the passion of an anniversary, you can indulge in the seductive flavors, waters, and landscapes of romance in Bali.

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Beautiful golden sand beach with colorful flowers in Bali
Best of Bali & Lombok Vacation

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,115

The picturesque dreams of tropical island paradise become a reality during your tailored vacation, which encompasses the best of Bali and Lombok. The air contains hints of coconut and ocean aromas. Lavish orchids grow out of the ponds decorating historic Hindu temples. Sea turtles glide in the indigo waters of the Indian Ocean. Palm trees soar into the sky and shade pristine white sand beaches. From an untouched village at the edge of a volcanic peak to the tranquil charms of a resort situated on a secluded island, you can embrace the wonders of land and sea, culture and comfort.

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