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Belize Family Vacations

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Discoveries of nature and culture are abundant in Belize. A truly unique country in Central America, Belize hosts spectacular Incan ruins, the second-largest barrier reef in the world, and immaculate beaches for serene relaxation. It spans all types of vacations and presents itself as a perfect destination for all. Create your perfect Belize family vacation here.

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Young boy shows off a starfish he found while snorkeling in Belize

Belize’s diverse and bountiful natural beauty is displayed on your 10-day family adventure to the Ancient Mayan ruins of San Ignacio, the incredible underground caves near Belmopan, and the breathtaking Belize Barrier Reef off the picturesque coast of Placencia. Trek, paddle, zipline, sail, and more to explore the ancient cities, lush rainforests, glistening shorelines, and captivating caves that await on this thrilling family tour.

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Sunset at Hopkins beach in Belize

From the emerald leaves of the jungle canopy to the coral reefs sprawling across the seafloor, Belize offers family-friendly adventure underneath the sea and in the shadow of the tropical mountains. This custom tailored tour of Belize takes your family on an unforgettable journey into unfettered beauty. Your family will watch the wildlife from the comforts of your room in the jungle and listen to subterranean waterfalls echo off of limestone walls. Then, you will travel to the islands where sharks swim within arms reach of your family and sea turtles use their fins to cut through the current. Your family will come closer together by sharing in Belize’s splendor.

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Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
Best of Belize & Guatemala Vacation Tour in Seven Days

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,180

This customized vacation tour shows you the best of Belize and Guatemala in seven days. You will discover that the Mayan civilization did not disappear but rather scattered across the panorama, taking you from the beaches of Belize to the highlands of Guatemala, following in the footsteps of a heritage that stirred mystique, archeological brilliance, and artistic imagination. Mayan history is alluring, and the culture remains strong along the landscape of Central America. The jungle opens up to stone temples towering above the canopy; men and women wear striking garments decorated with captivating colors. Ornaments decorate hidden caves where narrow rivers once guided shamans.

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Waterfall in Belize.
Exploring the Jungles of Belize & Guatemala Vacation

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,635

The jungle canopy blocks out the sky as magnificent caves hold treasures of Mayan artifacts and hidden waterfalls. Your vacation is customized to immerse you in the spectacular natural features and ancient sites of Belize and Guatemala, providing breathtaking excursions and exhilarating cultural significance. Stalactites and stalagmites turn a cavern into a cathedral; magnificent pyramids highlight the ingenuity and grandeur of past civilizations. Protected jaguars and leaping spider monkeys embody the spirited wildlife concealed in the trees. Belize and Guatemala will take your breath away with its elegant splendor.

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Placencia beach in Belize
Central America Family Odyssey

20 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,895

From colonial Antigua to the Caribbean Sea, Maya cities to volcanic valleys, and Pacific beaches, this 3-week odyssey celebrates all the magic of Central America. Handcrafted for your family, this itinerary is filled with destinations and activities to excite every age along with seven quiet beach days. Imagine wildlife safari, volcano walks, mysterious ruins, cobbled plazas, river journeys, and superb accommodation all with your family in mind. Three countries in three weeks will be an adventure your family will never forget as you take in the best of Central America.

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Antigua Guatemala at sunrise
History, Mystery & Splendors of Guatemala and Belize Vacation

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,090

Explore the history, mystery and the splendors of Guatemala and Belize on this custom vacation. Temples made of limestone rise hundreds of feet into the sky as caves sink hundreds of feet into the Caribbean Sea. The marvels of Guatemala and Belize encompass historical manmade sites and the natural splendor of Mother Nature. Animated fish swim against the backdrop of coral in a stunning sea garden; hand-woven tunics match the hues of the barrier reef and resemble the wildflowers that grow around an azure lake. Volcanic peaks frame colonial cities, and the mystique adds to the majesty during your custom tailored tour of Guatemala’s highlands and Belize’s seaside opulence.

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Mother and daughter snorkeling
A Perfect Family Vacation in Belize

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,635

Wisk the family away for an exciting experience, discovering marine life swimming along the Barrier Reef and jaguars hiding in the Maya Mountains on this exhilarating Belize vacation. Your tour is custom tailored to family adventure on the Placencia Peninsula, accounting for activities both exhilarating and educational. Listen to howler monkeys roar in the morning. Watch lagoon shores for crocodiles. Kayak on the ocean to white sand islands. Mayan temples tower above the treetops and villages uphold traditions blending their heritage. From the moment you arrive in Belize, you will create experiences the family never forgets.

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Ancient stone Mayan pre-columbian civilization pyramid with carved face in the forest, Lamanai archeological site, Orange Walk District, Belize
Belize for All Ages: Family with Seniors Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,635

Celebrate natural wonders and historic splendor during your luxurious 8-day family Belize tour. Create lasting memories with your family during fascinating excursions in search of jaguars, hiding in the rainforest underbrush, or finding black howler monkeys among trees. The charms of Belize will enchant and inspire your family, from its azure Caribbean waters to the emerald leaves of the tropical jungle and hidden Mayan cities.

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