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Top 7 Things to Do in Spain for Seniors

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Fountain Rio Turia in Valencia, Spain

Square of the Virgin Saint Mary, Valencia, Spain

From its world-famous culinary culture to its iconic museums and historical cities, the top seven things to do in Spain for seniors reveal why it is a favorite destination for these travelers.

You can enjoy the luxuries of your lavish accommodations between walking tours of Barcelona’s cultural neighborhoods, while tasting the regional dishes that separate Spain’s northern and southern culinary heritage. You can enjoy fine Spanish wines and wander lush botanical gardens, watch flamenco performances in chic bars, and enjoy the works of Antoni Gaudi.

As a senior citizen, the list of things to do in Spain is endless, from the Catalonian capital to the northern resort towns, southern Moorish palaces to central historical sites.

  1. 1. Explore Multicultural Museums
  2. 2. Discover the Wine-Making Heritage
  3. 3. Wander Lush Gardens and Parks
  4. 4. Taste Northern and Southern Cuisine
  5. 5. Admire Regional Musical Arts
  6. 6. Step Inside Historical Sites
  7. 7. Walk the Cities at Your Pace
  8. Experience the Top Things to Do in Spain for Seniors

1. Explore Multicultural Museums

The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Spanish museums memorialize Europe’s greatest artists and honor the country’s multicultural heritage, with roots in Africa and the greater Mediterranean region.

Senior travelers can explore exhibitions in the Picasso Museum that share insight into the artist's formative years or unearth the Moorish history of Seville in the brushstrokes of religious paintings veiling the walls of the Museum of Fine Arts of that city. The museums are accessible and organized, with informative exhibits inviting senior travelers to unravel the heritage of Spain on relaxing morning or afternoon visits.

Many of the best museums in Spain are in Madrid, including the Prado Museum and Reina Sofia, and you can visit them on Barcelona and Madrid Vacation Packages & Tours.

Best Museums in Spain: Prado Museum • Picasso Museum • Reina Sofia • Museum of Fine Arts of Seville • The City of Arts and Sciences

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2. Discover the Wine-Making Heritage

Vineyard with Davalillo Castle in the background in La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, Spain

Spanish wine-making heritage spans centuries, its origins dating as far back as early Phoenician and Roman communities, which took advantage of the country’s unique growing conditions.

For a long time, La Rioja has been the wine capital of Spain because of its famous red-wine production from tempranillo grapes. Other regions have also grown in popularity, with some estates innovating and others respecting tradition. From Cava, Spain’s answer to Champagne, in the Penedes DOP of Catalonia, to Albariño wine in Galicia, senior travelers can enjoy the many Spanish vintages and blends on vacations during the Best Time to Visit Spain for a Wine Tour.

Food & Wine Tours in Spain can include self-guided visits to famous estates or private wine-cellar experiences, exclusive tours of the vineyards, and wine harvest festivals in the best wine regions.

Best Wine Regions in Spain: La Rioja • Valencia • Catalonia • Galicia • Andalucia

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3. Wander Lush Gardens and Parks

Gardens of the Real Alcazar in Seville, Spain

Gardens of the Real Alcazar in Seville, Spain

Spain’s natural beauty extends from the countryside to lush lawns and landscaped gardens where regional flora flourishes in and around historic palaces, cobblestone pathways, and surrealist mosaics.

The botanical gardens are lovely places for morning and afternoon strolls, encouraging seniors to explore the floral exhibits, romantic flower labyrinths, and Spanish architecture peppering many of the gardens and parks.

From the Palacio de Cristal’s glass and iron facade in the prolific gardens of El Retiro Park to the mosaics of Antoni Gaudi that cover the winding pathways of Park Guell, gardens and parks in Spain are like museums and art galleries.

Best Gardens and Parks in Spain: El Retiro Park • Park Guell • Gardens of the Real Alcazar • Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción • Generalife Gardens

4. Taste Northern and Southern Cuisine

Senior couple enjoying traditional Spanish tapas

Senior couple enjoying traditional Spanish tapas

Spain’s culinary traditions and flavors differ depending on where you find yourself tucking into tapas or savoring a bowl of Gazpacho. Senior travelers can enjoy the nuances from north to south on food tours that reveal each region’s famous delicacies.

In southern Spain, tapas are iconic, and tapas bars fill with travelers and locals sharing laughter around tables as they tuck into bite-size dishes. Meanwhile, northern Spanish pintxos bars hum with hungry guests indulging in the regional spin on traditional tapas.

From pairing authentic Valencian paella with macabeo from the region to sipping cocktails and biting into tapas or pintxos along the coastline, senior travelers can experience the Top 5 Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain from north to south.

Best Places for Food in Spain: Basque Country • Malaga • Valencia • Catalonia • Galicia

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5. Admire Regional Musical Arts

Flamenco dancer at the Plaza de España in Seville

Flamenco dancer at the Plaza de España in Seville

Spain has a long musical and dance history, bringing Latin American and western influences together. At every festival, many restaurants and tapas bars in the cities and along the coast, and in theaters across the country, music and dance accompany the festive spirit and vibrant atmosphere.

Flamenco is one of the most famous musical dance traditions in Spain. Many agree that the art of flamenco began in Andalucia, with traditions tracing back centuries in southern Spain, and you can best experience the dance on Tours & Vacations of Southern Spain. Flamenco, though popular, is among many musical arts in Spain.

Senior travelers can explore the range of Spanish dance and music on evenings at ballroom theaters where paso doble performers entertain or on Catalan streets where sardana dancers invite everyone to join in the fun.

Best Music & Dance Styles in Spain: Flamenco • Sardana • Paso Doble • Muiñeira • Sevillana

6. Step Inside Historical Sites

View of Abbey of Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain

Abbey of Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain

Spanish history brings together cultures of Africa and the Mediterranean, with historic sites representing the diverse blend of influences and displaying traditions of the past.

Senior travelers can tour the palaces, cathedrals, and town squares that stand as beacons of old-world Spain and spotlight the varying cultural connections to its regional history. For example, Antoni Gaudi’s surrealist sites in Barcelona showcase Catalonia’s contemporary visions, even as far back as 1882, while the Alhambra fortress preserves Spain’s historic Islamic roots.

Almost all Barcelona Itineraries & Vacation Packages include a tour of Antoni Gaudi’s architectural works of art and tours of Spain can bring seniors to famous landmarks like the Alhambra palace or the Mezquita.

Best Historic Sites in Spain: La Sagrada Familia • The Alhambra • The Mezquita • Royal Alcázar of Seville • Abbey of Montserrat

7. Walk the Cities at Your Pace

The Cathedral of Madrid in Spain at sunset

The Cathedral of Madrid at sunset, Spain

Spain’s cities are stunning places to explore on foot and seniors can discover Spanish secrets down cobblestone boulevards or let the aromas of Spanish seafood guide them to a hidden restaurant gem.

Walking tours of Barcelona can show you Antoni Gaudi’s distinctive architecture from all angles and strolls through Seville, one of the 15 Most Walkable Cities in the World, can guide you along the edge of a sparkling canal to the gilded halls of the Royal Alcazar of Seville.

Few Spanish cities are difficult to walk around as there is something on every corner to discover between short transfers from one neighborhood to another. If you get tired, reliable transportation is available to help you navigate the cities effortlessly.

Best Cities for Walking in Spain: Seville • Barcelona • Toledo • Granada • Madrid

Experience the Top Things to Do in Spain for Seniors

Cobbled stone street in Valencia, Spain

Cobbled stone street in Valencia, Spain

Discover the differences between tapas and pintxos on food tours from north to south, walk famous cities to iconic landmarks, and explore Spanish history at famous museums on Spain Tours & Vacations for Seniors. Experience the top things to do in Spain for seniors as you spend your travels in and around the 9 Best Places to Visit in Spain for Seniors.

As you consider your senior trip to Spain, find more expert advice and travel tips in our Spain Travel Guide.

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