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6 Best Places to Visit in Glasgow

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Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow University in Scotland

Galsgow, Scotland

Widely known as the world’s friendliest city, these six best places to visit in Glasgow will show you charm, history, and heritage to provide you with a taste of what the city has to offer.

From whisky-making to shipbuilding, this urban gem creates the perfect balance between modern and historic, chic and distinctive, to provide visitors of all ages with unforgettable experiences that connect Glasgow to greater Scotland, yet demonstrate its individuality.

Whether looking for local flair or cosmopolitan connections, the things to do in Glasgow unveil remarkable insights into the present and past as you uncover the city as you prefer.

  1. 1. The Style Mile
  2. 2. Glasgow Cathedral
  3. 3. George Square
  4. 4. Riverside Museum and Tall Ship
  5. 5. Necropolis
  6. 6. Kelvingrove Museum
  7. Explore the Best Places to Visit in Glasgow

1. The Style Mile

The Style Mile, Buchanan Street, in Glasgow, Scotland

The Style Mile in Glasgow, Scotland

High-end stores, pedestrian walkways, and a bustling ambiance are part of the popular Style Mile in Glasgow. The variety of merchants is exciting and the entertainment captivating, with kilt-clad musicians sharing their gifts with visitors, while street performers draw curious audiences.

Step inside a popular restaurant and rest a while or stroll the Golden Z, named for the shape the shopping streets create on a map. Discover parts of Merchant City, in which to admire charming architecture, or visit museums and art galleries in the streets of Argyle, Trongate, and Sauchiehall to get to know a little more about Glaswegian life.

2. Glasgow Cathedral

Interior of Glasgow Cathedaral

Glasgow Cathedral in Glasgow,

Classic and regal in design, you will be captivated from the moment you set eyes on the elegant Glasgow Cathedral. The 12th-century medieval masterpiece is the oldest building in the city, as well as Scotland’s best example of a complete cathedral.

Its Gothic architecture and ornate details are impressive inside and out, with dramatic arches and breathtaking stained-glass windows. Walk around the crypt to enjoy the serene atmosphere created by the cathedral. Explore the grounds, admire the structure from all angles, and acknowledge its perfection.

3. George Square

George Square in Glasgow, Scotland

George Square in Glasgow, Scotland

Spend time in the center of Glasgow at George Square, named after King George III and home to the beautiful building that houses Glasgow’s City Council. Join locals in relaxing on the grass and enjoy local cuisine in one of the many restaurants and pubs nearby.

A column measuring 80 feet stands proudly in the square, a statue of Sir Walter Scott on top, with other figures of historical importance honored and remembered in memorials located in the famous plaza. As Glasgow’s only large open space, the venue is used for celebrations and as a place for locals to stroll.

4. Riverside Museum and Tall Ship

Riverside Museum and Tall Ship in Glasgow, Scotland

Riverside Museum and Tall Ship in Glasgow, Scotland

With over 3,000 transport artifacts and objects on display, the Riverside Museum is a truly unique experience. From skateboards to strollers, classic cars to train carriages, the Riverside Museum captivates visitors with various forms of transportation depicted over the ages.

For an interactive experience, climb aboard a tram or old-fashioned bus, or take a walk through Glasgow’s streets to admire the history of all things motorized. Step outside and marvel at the magnificent Clyde-built sailing ship that is the United Kingdom’s only floating vessel of its kind.

5. Necropolis

Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland

Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland

This Victorian cemetery is situated on a hill just east of the Glasgow Cathedral. Some burial stones bear the names of those laid to rest, while other sites are without stones at all.

This Victorian cemetery, designed in the image of the Pere-Lachaise in Paris, boasts magnificent architecture, sculptures, and a unique garden in honor of those who have passed.

You can listen to the intriguing stories of the more than 50,000 people buried in the Necropolis, which adds to the dramatic scenery. Lush grass contrasts perfectly with the beige- and gray-colored epitaphs in a mystical corner of the city.

6. Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

With 22 themed art galleries that display intriguing objects varying from art to armor, the Kelvingrove Museum brings history to the modern day in a building that was designed as an art piece. The Spanish-Baroque architecture comprises a Gothic ambiance, represented by the spires and complemented by red sandstone, fresh gardens, and lush grass.

The famous Salvador Dali Christ of St John the Cross offers an impressive first impression overhead in the west court. The ceilings are high, the arches dramatic, and display cabinets open to views of different parts of the world for a fascinating overall experience.

Explore the Best Places to Visit in Glasgow

View from Bells Bridge, including the SSE Hydro, Finnieston Crane and Glasgow Eye Bridge

The River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland

Discover the many facets this friendly city has to offer as you step inside cathedrals and museums, and take some time out to rest in squares and parks. Old meets new in an interesting way in Glasgow, with restaurants, stores, and galleries sharing a rich history and culture, while helping you keep a finger on the modern-day pulse.

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