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Greece in March: Where to Go, What to Do, the Weather & More

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Early spring in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

March represents the first month of spring in Greece, with the great weather and fewer crowds making it an excellent time to explore a number of famous destinations and experience several top things to do.

You may take advantage of the glamorous Mykonos beaches when the crowds have yet to flood the islands and explore the history and culture of Thessaloniki as the flowers begin to bloom. With temperatures that are comfortable for island exploring, you can soak up the scenes of Santorini as the Mediterranean sun shows itself in spring, and bask in the beauty of Crete and more on island-hopping tours in March.

In this guide, we share what you need to know about traveling to Greece in March, including the weather you can expect, where to go, and what to do.

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Weather in Greece in March

Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Average Temperatures in Athens, Greece: 60°F High • 45°F Low

Marking the beginning of spring, the weather in Greece in March is comfortable. Most days are sunny and warm, while you can still expect to experience cool, overcast times. Northern Greece is cooler than Athens and the Greek islands in March, which is great for hiking trips and outdoor adventures. Islands are also popular places to visit in March and you can enjoy the crystal-clear skies and warm weather on Athens, Santorini, and Crete vacations, for example.

Where to Go in Greece in March

Chania, Crete

Chania, Crete

Athens • Best Place for Sightseeing

In March, Athens is far quieter than during peak travel season and visitors can embrace the myths and history of ancient Greece without worrying about the crowds. You may stand beneath the imposing pillars of the Acropolis, relax at the gourmet cafés of Thissio Square, peruse the many museums and art galleries, or watch a traditional performance in an open-air theater.

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Mykonos • Best Place for Great Weather

The spring sunshine will start to glimmer across Greece in March, setting the perfect climate for an adventure to Mykonos. Typically the most popular isle among those in Greece, Mykonos is far quieter in March and the sunny spring weather is ideal for days spent sunbathing on glistening beaches and snorkeling around the colorful coral reefs.

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Thessaloniki • Best Place for Families with Children

The port city of Thessaloniki is an enchanting destination for family tours in Greece, as the rich culture and local atmosphere emanate from charming neighborhoods in March. Fine food is served at gourmet restaurants overlooking the water, Byzantine landmarks riddle the ancient landscape that encompasses Thessaloniki, and the breathtaking Drenia Islands are a short cruise from the port.

Santorini • Best Place to Avoid the Crowds

Santorini makes it onto this list as the best place in Greece to visit in March to avoid crowds, as the island is one of the most popular during the summer season. Santorini remains quiet and authentic during early spring, with locals embracing their sun-kissed island before the crowds arrive. You too can absorb the peaceful atmosphere, with sweeping scenic views of Santorini’s flourishing vineyards and azure Aegean seascape.

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Crete • Best Place for Couples or Honeymooners

Couples visiting in March on Greece honeymoon packages will relish the charms of Crete’s culture, cuisine, and views of beautiful marine-blue waters without a care in the world. The lack of crowds and endearing local atmosphere create a remarkably intimate ambiance for couples to bask in the breathtaking Greek island during the beginning of spring.

What to Do in Greece in March

Hippocrates Square in Old Town Rhodes, Greece

Hippocrates Square in Old Town Rhodes, Greece

Explore Santorini’s Oia, Pyrgos, and Fira

The Santorini caldera is a spellbinding destination and the island boasts a collection of endearing villages that stand on the craggy cliffs towering above the Aegean Sea. You may visit the white-washed town of Oia and capture iconic photographs of the blue-roofed buildings before you continue to the Pyrgos hilltop village to view the geothermal vineyards and bask in the brilliant Mediterranean atmosphere of Fira.

Stand in the Panathenaic Stadium

During your adventure in Athens, you will explore the Acropolis Museum and Parthenon, two ancient landmarks that typically feature on Greece tours in March. Afterward, your journey through time will extend to the impressive stands of the Panathenaic Stadium. The Olympic amphitheater is a phenomenal piece of ancient architecture, inviting you to explore the local mythology, one of the top experiences to have in Athens.

Cross the Samaria Gorge

The Greek beaches are the most notable attraction during spring. However, the Greek wilderness is as impressive and often a far more peaceful place to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. The Samaria Gorge near the coastal city of Chania is a remarkable destination that lies at the end of a brisk hike through the forests and across the mountains of Crete. In March, light fills the enormous chasm and the stream sparkles as birds soar overhead.

Visit the Chios Mastic Museum

Chios is a charming Greek island in the Aegean. It is home to vast mastic tree groves from which the sought-after resin is harvested, processed, and distributed worldwide. You will learn more about the production of mastic gum as you visit the Chios Mastic Museum. The tour is set within the mastic landscape and invites you to view the museum's magnificent artworks, history, and modern architecture.

Wander Around Rhodes Old Town

The medieval old town of Rhodes is a treasure trove of ancient Greek artifacts, architecture, and artwork. Long cobblestone streets intersect the towering castle battlements and flowers blossom on the windowsills of historic homes. The Archeological Museum of Rhodes, Palace of the Grand Masters, and Street of the Knights will share what it must have been like to be a part of Ancient Greek civilization.

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Plan Your Trip to Greece in March

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

The Cycladic cliffs of Santorini share panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the medieval streets of Rhodes navigate centuries of history, and the breathtaking landscapes of Crete provide a flawless backdrop for travel photography on Greece tours & vacations in March.

You may explore these best places to visit and experience the top things to do when the weather is great, finding more inspiration for your trip in our Greece travel guide.

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