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7 Best Fiji Islands to Visit on Vacation

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Boat on a tropical beach in Fiji.

Boat on a tropical beach in Fiji.

With so many exquisite, unique, and adventure-filled islands to experience, the seven best to visit in Fiji provide the keys to unraveling your travel desires as you explore the captivating South Pacific archipelago.

Spend time exploring outstanding dive sites or magical coral kingdoms, endless white beaches, or the turquoise waters of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. From forest walks to romantic dinners beneath the stars, vibrant history to stunning panoramic sunsets, the islands of Fiji provide endless majesty.

Depending on what you would like to experience when visiting Fiji, let this popular South-Pacific destination whisk you away on the ultimate island adventure.

  1. 1. Mamanuca Islands
  2. 2. Taveuni
  3. 3. Matangi Island
  4. 4. Yasawa Islands
  5. 5. Kadavu Island
  6. 6. Viti Levu
  7. 7. Vanua Levu
  8. Explore the Best Fiji Islands on Vacation

1. Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji.

The Mamanucas Islands are simply stunning and Monuriki stands out as one of the most breathtaking, a popular destination for daytrippers looking for that exclusive outing in paradise.

Step onto an idyllic island of natural beauty, where sand and sea merge to create the ultimate postcard-like scene.

With remote islands offering pristine beaches that contrast dramatically with green mountainsides, unusual crags, and exquisite waterfalls, the Mamanuca Islands are some of the most beautiful in the world no matter when you visit.

2. Taveuni

Scuba Diving in Fiji.

Taveuni Island, Fiji.

Fiji has more to offer visitors than pristine beaches and lazy days spent in tranquil waters, and the activity-filled island of Taveuni brings nature lovers and adventure seekers together in a natural part of heaven.

The landscape presents mountains featuring magnificent waterfalls that flow into a garden paradise, offering hiking and nature trails that run up, over, and around the island. Scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts swim around impressive coral formations marveling at amazing marine life. Those keen to stick to land can embark on bird walks and forest trails.

Catch a glimpse of local villages as you kayak past or try your hand at surfing, as Taveuni is an ideal spot for those eager to give it a go.

3. Matangi Island

Sunset at Matangi Island in Fiji.

Matangi Island, Fiji.

Give new meaning to the words getting away from it all when you step onto Matangi Island, one of Fiji’s most romantic destinations.

Enjoy luxury service on this horseshoe-shaped paradise, its white sands gently disappearing into a calm of blue. Gaze over a refreshing ocean as you watch the sunset and dine in picturesque corners of pristine beach.

Some islands seem as if they were created with romance in mind, and choosing the privacy and exclusivity of Matangi will leave you with the ultimate romantic memories.

4. Yasawa Islands

Kuata island in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Kuata island in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Fiji is alive with marine glory and the water of the Yasawa Islands’ Blue Lagoon Beach boasts some of the most spectacular coral gardens and colors in the world.

A vibrant swirl of sea life whips around reefs and rocks, the inviting water opening swimmers of all ages to an underwater adventure close to shore.

Spend the day wallowing in wonder with the sand below you, sunny skies above, and all around you, aquatic bliss.

5. Kadavu Island

Marine life in Kadavu Island, Fiji.

Kadavu Island, Fiji.

Imagine warm waters, ideal visibility, and a plethora of underwater discoveries, all set on one of the world’s greatest barrier reefs, and you will find yourself scuba diving the Great Astrobabble.

Swim through caverns and around pinnacles, navigate drifts and descend reef walls, all the while keeping an eye out for the delicate coral surrounding you.

Encounter turtles and manta rays, and keep your eyes peeled for fascinating reef sharks as schools of colorful fish swim by. Diving the Great Astrobabble Reef is at the top of any scuba diver’s list and one of the top things to do when visiting Fiji.

6. Viti Levu

Viti Levu, Fiji

Viti Levu, Fiji

Sometimes escaping to an idyllic tropical island really is about relaxing on a white-sand beach and bathing in glistening waters, and Viti Levu offers exactly that.

Fiji’s beaches vary in length and width, offering vast sandy havens, private coves, and endless waters, and bathers seeking to soak up the Fijian sun can find this on beaches such as spectacular Natadola Beach.

A captivating coastline that offers endless pristine beaches for unwinding and inviting waters for swimming or just cooling down, Viti Levu is the ideal destination for those seeking to just sit and stay, or should we say lounge and loll.

7. Vanua Levu

Sailboats at Savusavu Harbor in Vanua Levu Island in Fiji.

Vanua Levu Island, Fiji.

Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu, is the ideal family destination in Fiji, offering a range of activities and adventures for island-goers of all ages.

Young travelers can experience snorkeling and nature walks through forests, with waterfalls seemingly jumping out to greet you. Enjoy running on long beaches and get to know local Fijians through cultural-village visits.

Certain resorts have dedicated kiddies’ clubs and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is certainly one of the best. Let your family create memories in absolute paradise in magical Fiji.

Explore the Best Fiji Islands on Vacation

Luxury bungalow in Fiji.

Luxury bungalow in Fiji.

With so many islands to choose from, it may be a challenge to settle for just one when visiting Fiji. They all exude amazing beauty, some cater more for water activities, while others offer forests, waterfalls, and mountains for adventurous visitors to explore.

Discover islands seemingly created with romance in mind and laze your days away in pristine hideaways. No matter your reason for visiting Fiji, discover more by taking a look at our Fiji travel guide or find more inspiration in our Fiji vacation packages and tours.

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