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Top 7 Things to Do in Chile

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Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Chile can take you to the mountain peaks cracking the sky or the edge of glacial lakes with peaceful reflective waters while you find the best things to do during your Chile trip.

The diverse landscapes, from the desert sands to the winding glaciers, have shaped the country’s culture, with each new region only enhancing the grandeur of the cities and the shifting traditions of the culture. With remote desert, secluded pampas, glamorous winelands, and cosmopolitan cities, you can experience the lifestyle and adventure of your choice when in Chile.

From mouthwatering wines to unparalleled scenic hikes, the following information is a guide to help you discover the essential things to do in Chile for your perfect trip.

  1. 1. Embrace the Majesty of the Natural World
  2. 2. Indulge in Sensation of Stargazing
  3. 3. Connect with Cultural Diversity and History
  4. 4. Explore the Enticing Scenery at your Pace
  5. 5. Revel in the Divine Flavors and History of Wine
  6. 6. Search for Wilderness and Wildlife Slopes and Ambiance
  7. 7. Experience the Excitement of Frozen Landscapes
  8. More Travel Information & Tips

1. Embrace the Majesty of the Natural World

Cochamo Valley,Chile

Cochamo Valley,Chile

Chile is an exceptional destination for natural beauty, where the grandeur, drama, and thrills of the landscape can transport you to an entirely different world when hiking. With some of the most isolated corners on the planet, you can venture from the towering Andes to the desert plateau, touch the Pacific Ocean or wander around glassy glacial lakes. Whether looking for a multi-day trek or a hike that could last a few hours, the marvels of Chile will immerse you in the enticing thrills of the natural world.

Best Places to Visit for Hiking: Torres del Paine National Park | Cochamo Valley | Valle de la Luna | Cerro Castillo | Isla Navarino

2. Indulge in Sensation of Stargazing

Milky Way, Atacama, Chile

Milky Way, Atacama, Chile

The geography of Chile has given the remote corners of the country some of the world’s best views of the night sky. The vast expanse of the galaxy can humble you as you explore rarely visited towns or popular wine regions, desert landscapes or Patagonian mountains, with each new destination providing a new perspective of the stars, starlight, and misty swirls of the Milky Way. Whether lounging in a luxury lodge beside a renowned astronomer or trekking across the open plains with a local guide, the sky is the limit when stargazing in Chile.

Best Places to Visit for Stargazing: Elqui Valley |  Illapel | San Pedro de Atacama | Arica | Torres del Paine National Park

3. Connect with Cultural Diversity and History

Stone figures of Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

Whether peering into expansive landscapes, exploring the connection between island life and national history, or exploring the diverse wilderness from the desert to Cape Horn, Chile embraces its past and invites visitors to experience its cultural heritage. From museums to art galleries, world-renowned statues to the traditions of weaving, you won’t only view Chile’s past, but participate in contemporary culture that continues to connect with local heritage.

Best Places to Visit for Cultural Heritage: Easter Island | Atacama Desert | Santiago | Valparaiso | Pirque

4. Explore the Enticing Scenery at your Pace

Moon Valley, Atacama, Chile

Moon Valley, Atacama, Chile

From day trips to multi-day excursions, vineyards to mountain roads, cycling in Chile transports you across a diverse topography that can challenge and reward your every move. Explore the rugged mountain trails along the Andes. Venture along salt flats or subpolar forest. Whether looking for condors or traveling between wineries, the winding pathways will introduce you to, then immerse you in, exceptional nature that can transform your entire perspective of the remote world.

Best Places to Visit for Cycling: Pan De Azucar National Park | Casablanca Valley | Colchagua Valley | Laguna de Laja National Park | Puyehue National Park

5. Revel in the Divine Flavors and History of Wine

 Colchagua Valley, Chile

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Wine-tasting in Chile accentuates the diverse topography of the landscape by instilling the various vineyards across the country with the characteristics of the sea, mountains, desert, and glacial lakes. With a history dating back to the 16th century, the wine regions in Chile have embraced history and the distinctive qualities of local soils and climates to create a celebrated variety of flavor. Whether eager to sample the wine or indulge in the cuisine that has been shaped by the evolution of the vineyards, wine has become a reason to visit Chile.

Best Places to Visit for Wine: Maipo Valley | Limari Valley | Colchagua Valley | Aconcagua Valley | Casablanca Valley

6. Search for Wilderness and Wildlife Slopes and Ambiance

Tierra del Fuego,Chile

Tierra del Fuego,Chile

From the extreme desert north to the depths of the southern cold, the wildlife in Chile can captivate you with a look into every nook and cranny of the secluded landscape. The wilderness captures the untamed beauty and enchanting ambiance of greater Chile, with wildlife that embodies the feeling of adaptation in some of the world’s most extreme conditions. From flamingos to vicunas, condors to Magellanic penguins, blue whales to the only colony of king penguins in the Americas, Chile is a destination that defines the mystery and majesty of the natural world.

Best Places to Visit for Wildlife: Chiloe | Atacama Desert | Tierra del Fuego | Easter Island

7. Experience the Excitement of Frozen Landscapes

Glacier Trekkers in Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia, Chile

Most visitors to Chile do not immediately think of skiing or snowboarding when picturing possible adventures, but the thrilling sports have become increasingly popular along the country’s back-country trails and fascinating slopes. Whether looking for manicured runs or eager to glide down a glacier on a heli-skiing excursion, skiing and snowboarding have become a great way to experience the mystical beauty of Chile, from the Andes to Patagonia. Remote trails, guided glacier access, and luxury resorts combine to make an exceptional and often overlooked destination for winter sports.

Best Places to Visit for Skiing and Snowboarding: Portillo | Santiago | Valle Nevado | Nevados de Chillan | Pucon

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Chile embodies the beauty of the natural world, with a slender but diverse collection of regions that possess eclectic things to do. Whether you want a seductive couple’s escape beneath the desert stars or a family-friendly trekking excursion to view the Paine Massif, Chile feels endlessly exciting, with plenty of destinations you can visit. for any type of traveler. Our Chile Tours & Vacations can give you more inspiration for your perfect trip. Speak with a Chile travel specialist free to start planning your trip by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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