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7 Best Things to Do in Brazil

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Blue and yellow Macaws in  Brazil


The top seven things to do in Brazil embody the splendor of the wilderness and the captivating culture that flourishes in the metropolises across the country, and you can experience it all during your Brazil trip.

Find exclusive sightings of jaguar and hyacinth macaw or stand beneath the wide-spread arms of a soaring statue to embrace the view of Rio de Janeiro. Bask in the soothing quiet of a secluded beach or celebrate the world’s natural beauty at a captivating waterfall. From charm to majesty, Brazil demonstrates the connection between natural splendor and vibrant culture.

No matter the kinds of experiences you wish to have during your Brazil trip, from a couple’s getaway to a family exploration, you can discover how to plan your perfect Brazil vacation with these pointers.

  1. 1. Relax on Perfect Sands
  2. 2. Experience the Power of Stunning Cascades
  3. 3. Discover the Endless Wonders of Wildlife
  4. 4. Embrace the Splendor of Vibrant Birdlife
  5. 5. Witness the Charm and Inspiration of Captivating Art
  6. 6. Explore the Majesty of Protected Landscapes
  7. 7. Wander the Beauty of Urban Expanses
  8. Experience the Top Things to Do in Brazil

1. Relax on Perfect Sands

Aerial view of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The beaches of Brazil are a treasure that allow you to lounge in the sun along the edge of a famous city or explore a secluded pocket of untouched sands that overlook clear azure waters. Lounge on the golden coastline to soak up the sun or venture along winding trails for the perfect views of the bejeweled shores. With over 4,500 miles of coastline shaped by the South Atlantic, you can experience the best beaches and the best beach experiences on your Brazil trip.

Best Beaches to Visit: Porto da Barra • Praia do Sancho • Copacabana • Ipanema • Praia do Espelho

2. Experience the Power of Stunning Cascades

Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

While the beaches may be the most famous characteristic of Brazil, the waterfalls can capture your imagination with breathtaking power and secluded wonder. The raw power can create effortless beauty and an exotic atmosphere as you travel along the Amazon River, explore the rainforest, and uncover the magnitude of waterfalls that decorate the landscape. From voluminous collections of cascades to terraced curtains of white water, the various falls around Brazil are worthy of legend, bringing fascination and joy to those who visit.

Best Places to View Waterfalls: Iguaçu • Cachoeira das Almas • Tabuleiro • Buracão • Salto São Francisco

3. Discover the Endless Wonders of Wildlife

Capybara and bird at sunset in Pantanal, Brazil

Pantanal, Brazil

The diversity of nature comes to life in Brazil and thrives in the country’s various ecosystems, in which you can discover jaguars, search for piranha, or witness the beauty of grazing deer in their natural habitat. From boulders to wetlands, rivers to waterfalls, Brazil’s bountiful wilderness reveals its shimmering gems in the form of wildlife sightings. Embrace the beauty of your surroundings as you get in touch with nature while looking for anteaters or wolves, black howler monkeys or tapir, caiman or river dolphins for an enticing perspective of the variety of environments.

Best Places to View Wildlife: Pantanal • Chapada dos Veadeiros • Anavilhanas • Chapada dos Guimarães

4. Embrace the Splendor of Vibrant Birdlife

Tucan in Pantanal, Brazil

Pantanal, Brazil

The wonderful world of birds in Brazil spreads across regional and environmental borders to create some of the richest avifauna experiences in the world. With over 220 endemic species, the wealth of birdlife across the country has become part of the culture, from the rainforest to the shores of Rio de Janeiro. Whether wading through the wetlands or traversing the protected trails connected to the Amazon River, you are sure to find the splendors of avifauna, plumage, calls, and dances as you explore.

Best Places for Birding: Pantanal • Cristalino Reserve • Rio Roosevelt • Rio Negro Paradise • Emas National Park

5. Witness the Charm and Inspiration of Captivating Art

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s art culture is ultimately rewarding and can take you from open-air galleries to regal exhibition spaces to find domestic works spanning more than two centuries. From impressive contemporary artists to iconic features of the Brazilian landscape, the best places to find art in Brazil exemplify architectural experimentation, artistic discovery, and the belief that the beauty and thrill of art can be shaped and found in any medium, whether on display in a gallery or crowning a mountaintop.

Best Places for Art: Christ the Redeemer • São Paulo Museum of Art • Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói • Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo • Oscar Niemeyer Museum

6. Explore the Majesty of Protected Landscapes

Mato Grosso Waterfall in Chapadas dos Guimaraes National Park, Brazil

Guimaraes National Park, Brazil

The national parks of Brazil can capture the spirit of the country in the way they reflect beauty in abundance. With vast grasslands, surprising deserts, dense rainforests, and sprawling wetlands, you are spoiled for choice when uncovering ways to explore the marvels of nature. Take in breathtaking views along a stretch of rocky peaks or wander the arid white sands to shimmering freshwater pools. Witness roaring waterfalls or raft beneath flat-topped canyons. The national parks of Brazil allow you to experience adventure accentuated by the timeless opulence of untouched nature.

Best National Parks to Visit: Lençóis Maranhenses • Pantanal • Anavilhanas • Jaú • Itatiaia

7. Wander the Beauty of Urban Expanses

Colonial streets in Paraty, Brazil

Paraty in Brazil

Each city in Brazil reflects another layer of history and culture that can take you from a bustling beachside metropolis to the charm of colonial streets. Each new urban landscape shares a different personality that combines to make Brazil’s unique charm. From grand cathedrals to Afro-Brazilian rhythms, powerful spices to alluring beaches, modernist architecture to jungle adventures, when exploring the cities of Brazil, you can always expect the unexpected and enjoy the chance to discover new experiences.

Best Cities to Tour: Rio de Janeiro • São Paulo • Brasília • Paraty • Olinda • Recife

Experience the Top Things to Do in Brazil

Praia do Forte in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Salvador de Bahia in Brazil

Your perfect Brazil trip could feature wildlife discoveries in the remote wilderness or focus on the comforts of the crystalline blue waters of a hidden bay, immerse you in the festive ambiance of a celebrating city or uncover new and exciting ways to create a thrilling adventure.

No matter the kinds of experiences you prefer, our Brazil tours and vacations give you access to a country that can satisfy any kind of traveler. After exploring our Brazil travel guide, speak with a travel specialist to help plan your perfect trip.

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