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7 Wine Regions in Argentina and Which Wines to Taste

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Vineyards and Andes mountains in Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina’s seven wine regions offer distinctive flavors and unique landscapes you can experience during your trip.

With a variety of tastes that satisfy the demand for local and international markets, the wonders of the wines spread across desert regions and mountain slopes, crossing the Patagonian border or edging high altitudes near Bolivia. Each sip can capture an exciting new experience as Argentina grows its reputation around the world.

From adopted grapes to ubiquitous varietals, climate to scenery, the wine-growing regions of Argentina are not just about creating flavor profiles, but also capturing the essence of the landscape and the culture of the country, as you can discover during your tour.


  1. 1. Mendoza
  2. 2. Catamarca
  3. 3. Salta
  4. 4. Rio Negro
  5. 5. San Juan
  6. 6. Neuquen
  7. 7. La Rioja
  8. Want to Sample Argentina Wines During Your Trip?

1. Mendoza

Winery and vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, the heart of the nation’s wine country, embodies the deep connection between culture, wine, and food in Argentina.

Responsible for approximately 80 percent of the country’s overall wine production, the region celebrates its vineyards as they thrive in surprising desert-like conditions and high-altitude areas to create wines known for their robust flavors and elegant bursts of acidity.

With long hours of sunshine and diverse conditions, you can often find hints of coffee, bitter chocolate, plum, and blackberry flavors as you sample wines from top international cellars and local favorites.

Popular Wines from Mendoza: Cabernet Sauvignon | Torrentes | Chardonnay | Malbec | Merlot

2. Catamarca

Cabernet Sauvignon grape

Catamarca, Argentina

Located in the northwestern part of Argentina, Catamarca represents the future of wines. As the peaks of the Andes mountains loom large over the vineyards, acres of grapes thrive along the Abaucan River to combine low-latitude and high-altitude viticultural techniques, accentuated by sun-filled days and cool nights.

The remote position in the desert-like landscape and mountainous climate creates a unique experience and distinctive flavor profiles that remain relatively new compared to other wine-growing regions across the country, often resulting in aromas of red fruits, plums, tobacco, leather, or even mint.

Popular Wines from Catamarca: Syrah | Malbec | Bonarda | Cabernet Sauvignon | Torrontes

3. Salta

Vineyards in Salta, Argentina

Salta, Argentina

The Andean landscape accentuates the marvels of the wines in Salta, where vineyards edge the borders of Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia amidst the soaring mountain summits. With one of the highest-altitude vineyards in the world, Salta’s signature is cultivating wines with intense flavors, balanced acidity, and supple tannins.

From full-bodied whites to fruity reds, you can find enticing aromas and vibrant colors that satisfy both casual wine drinkers and enthusiasts. Typical aromatics often include currants, figs, and menthol.

Popular Wines from Salta: Malbec | Tannat | Cabernet Sauvignon | Torrontes | Chardonnay

4. Rio Negro

Pouring Sauvignon Blanc

Rio Negro, Argentina

Patagonia is best known for its rugged mountains, expansive plains, and shimmering glacial fields, but the adventure also extends to the vineyards in Rio Negro. The impressive, lush valley is a newer wine-growing region in Argentina and acts as a bridge between the characteristics of the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

The stretch of valley brimming with vineyards can feel like an oasis among the untamed Patagonian plateau, where you can find balance and elegance among aromas of brine, citrus, cinnamon, or black fruit.

Popular Wines from Rio Negro: Pinot Noir | Merlot | Cabernet Franc | Malbec | Sémillon | Sauvignon Blanc

5. San Juan

Chardonnay grape in season

San Juan, Argentina

San Juan is the second-largest wine region in Argentina and embraces its placement beneath the towering Andes Mountains. With mountainous surroundings and a cool climate, vineyards yield high-quality harvests that blend New-World elements with the traditions of Old-World winemaking.

Wines produced in San Juan are often described as exquisite as the vines embrace the natural irrigation from the rivers amidst the dry continental weather, accompanied by warm winds that help create the three main sub-regions. From aromas of forest berries to aniseed, cherries to citrus, the wines of San Juan create a distinctive experience.

Popular Wines from San Juan: Syrah | Malbec | Bonarda | Cabernet Franc | Tannat | Chardonnay | Sauvignon Blanc | Viognier

6. Neuquen

Sommelier pouring Malbec wine into a decanter

Neuquen, Argentina

Neuquen sits along the northern edge of Patagonia. Here, grape growers and winemakers utilize the distinctive climate to create many wines unlike anywhere else in the country, blending a pioneering spirit with a disruptive attitude.

One of the youngest wine regions in Argentina, vineyards are exposed to the climate of the Andes to the west and the bordering waters of Rio Negro to the south, with lower elevation than most wine areas in the region.

The climatic differences provide delightful variations in the wines’ complexities, with desert nights and warm days encouraging luscious acidity and balance.

Popular Wines from Neuquen: Malbec | Pinot Noir | Chardonnay | Sauvignon Blanc

7. La Rioja

Wine tasting in Argentina

La Rioja, Argentina

The foothills of the Andes Mountains provide the perfect location for the La Rioja wine region, where rugged soil, little rainfall, and the proximity to the equator emphasize the quality of the wines produced across select vineyards.

With wine traditions in the region dating back to the 16th century, past custom has informed contemporary values and you may find aromas of raspberries, aniseed, green peppers, or notes of chocolate and coffee.

From rich reds to crisp whites, the wines of La Rioja can reveal the endless possibilities of wine in Argentina.

Popular Wines from La Rioja: Cabernet Sauvignon | Malbec | Syrah | Bonarda | Torrontes

Want to Sample Argentina Wines During Your Trip?

Vineyards at sunrise in Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

The thrills of Argentina arise from the landscape and the culture that stem from the vibrant life established around wine and food. Finding the right combination of flavors, layered with appropriate textures, creates a lasting impression that’s accentuated by the marvels of the high-altitude plains or sweeping desert landscapes.

Find inspiration for your customizable wine experience with Zicasso’s sample Argentina Wine Tours. For more information or to craft the perfect trip, speak to an Argentina travel specialist free by filling out a Trip Request or call our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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