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A Spain and Portugal vacation allows you to discover shared Iberian traditions as well as what makes these countries unique. Enjoy colonial architecture mixed with medieval remnants and hidden gems of contemporary culture hidden in between. From the complex Basque region to the rolling hills of Lisbon, your Spain and Portugal tour in December will offer many surprises and comforts.

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Family-Friendly Tour to Spain and Portugal in December

Family-Friendly Tour to Spain and Portugal in December...

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,675

On this 7-day tour of Spain and Portugal, your family is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. From the festive Christmas markets of Madrid to the melancholy Fado of Lisbon, the Iberian Peninsula is a unique and wonderful destination to visit in December. Attend a soccer match in the Spanish capital, traverse through the whimsical architecture of Park Guell, and sample some of Portugal’s most iconic fare, such as pastel de nata.


Spain and Portugal for Seniors: 7-Day December Tour

Spain and Portugal for Seniors: 7-Day December Tour...

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,675

On this 7-day tour, explore Spain and Portugal in complete luxury. From the charming town of Sintra to the gleaming lights of Madrid’s Christmas market, fall in love with Spain and Portugal during the mild winter months. Attend a flamenco performance in Seville, immerse yourself in the traditional sounds of Fado in Lisbon, and discover the intricate beauty of Seville’s Alcazar.


Culture in December: Winter Spain and Portugal History Tour

Culture in December: Winter Spain and Portugal History...

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,395

On this 10-day tour of Spain and Portugal, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history that abounds in this fantastic region. From the mild and pleasant Mediterranean weather of Portugal to the festive Christmas markets throughout Spain, you are sure to be enchanted by the Iberian Peninsula in December. Attend a traditional Fado show as it floats through the air when you attend a live performance in Lisbon, wander through the lush Generalife Gardens in Granada, and explore the historically significant city of Salamanca.


Off the Beaten Path in Spain & Portugal: Marvelous December Tour

Off the Beaten Path in Spain & Portugal: Marvelous...

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,915

With this 8-day tour of Spain and Portugal, experience a magical December vacation without the crowds of tourists. From the intricate beauty of Granada’s marvelous Alhambra to the unique canals that run through Aveiro, the Iberian Peninsula is full of off-the-beaten-path treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Indulge in a tapas crawl through Madrid, uncover the secrets of Granada’s Alhambra, glide through Portugal’s version of Venice, and visit the wonderful town of Aveiro.


Lovers’ Getaway to Spain and Portugal

Lovers’ Getaway to Spain and Portugal

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

Spain and Portugal embody the romance of lovers, providing a passionate and unforgettable customizable tour embracing history, culture, and excursions tailored for couples. Fairytale castles cling to precipitous hillsides. The melodies of Fado create a romantic soundtrack to an evening in Lisbon. The aroma of the Mediterranean Sea blends with the seductive scent of chocolate in Barcelona. From secluded medieval streets hiding the works of Picasso to the grand galleries of Madrid’s Royal Palace, you will indulge in the dreamy ambiance and desirous charms of Spain and Portugal.


Authentic Experiences of Portugal & Spain Tour through Music, Dance and Cuisine

Authentic Experiences of Portugal & Spain Tour...

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,635

Immerse yourself in the authentic culture and heritage found in Portugal and Spain on your customizable tour. Images of Portugal’s seafaring past decorate monuments and historical palaces in Lisbon while the jewels of Moorish architecture cover the preserved halls and galleries of the Alhambra in Granada. Roman ruins rise out of the cobbled streets of Évora as the aroma of zesty orange trees drifts through the narrow lanes of Seville. Whether basking in the soothing sounds of Fado or indulging in the flavors of homemade paella, you will relish Portugal and Spain’s authentic spirit.


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